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I am a female truck driver, that should explain it...

I am a female truck driver, that should explain it all right?

I have the normal "mommy" issues of a mommy pouch on the lower stomach, and I have flabby inner thighs. I am 5'2" and weigh 149. At one point I weighed 189! Yikes. In my line of work it's easy for one to get lost in the lifestyle of bad food and other unhealthy habits. When I say easy... Most places to get a decent meal are gone and have been replaced with fast food venues. We all know how unhealthy those places can be. Thankfully better options are being presented in some stops. A lot of stops have started offering boiled eggs, fresh fruit cups and veggie cups.

In 2010 I was looking over my vacation pictures and discovered I looked like a cow! Well, I guess I knew for a while my shape was aweful but I chose to wear blinders!

I've played with the notion in the past to have cosmetic procedures but have never aggressively pursued them due to lack of funds, fear of missing too much work and just basic fear of having a procedure period.

In 2011 and into 2012 I started really watching what I ate and fine tuning my eating habits. In 2012 I started a diet program and I have lost 40 pounds. Even with my weight loss I still have this spare tire around my stomach, my theighs have gone to pasture and my breast are, well ugly!

I decided to get serious about having a little cosmetic help. I searched out liposuction in my area and stumbled upon smart and vaster lipo not too far from where I live. I then talked to my husband about what I was considering and he told me to set up a consultation. So last week I went for my consultation and the doctor I seen and his nurse were awesome! They made us feel very comfortable in their environment and with them. I filled out the forms an got a good laugh at the doc. It asked what my occupation was and I entered truck driver. He looked at both of us and wanted to know which was a truck driver, we "both" are! Doc was able to get on our level and talk trucks. I don't talk trucks much, as to me it's just a job that pays decent in these troubled times, my husband on the other hand can talk trucks day and night, even in his sleep. Doc won my husband over! Lol

So here's what doc told me, he said my stomach needs to be done upper and lower and my inner theighs. I have very little to no fat on my back, bra area or my bottom side. All in all I'm not in as bad of shape as what my brain tells me. We decided on doing both stomach areas, and my inner theighs. On the stomach area I will have excess skin cut away. Is a small up charge, but we all agree I have stretched skin that's already hanging from babies and weight loss and it more than likely will not go flat. So my recovery will be a bit longer by removing skin but I will be happier with my end results.

After we left the doctors offices I knew that I DO want this done, I just had to look at our calendar and figure what time will work good for us. In our line of work you have peak times, slow times and slower times. Our slowest time is the first quarter of the year, however I do not want to wait that at long, so I needed to look at a slow time and one that would not conflict with the holidays. At first I actually scheduled for November during my vacation, however my vacation is taking me into foreign countries and the nurse has advised she just isn't sure that would be good for me. I was just thinking of the time off to convolece. I seen her point and have now changed my procedure to my other vacation period in September. I feel like this will also allow me to feel better before the holidays start. Maybe I will even look good enough to get a super knockout new dress to wear!

As far as my breast issue I will battle that in the start of the new year when work is very very slow as I will NOT be allowed to drive for a few weeks after having a lift and up size!

I will post some pictures soon.

How do I add photo's? Update July 29, 2012 I...

How do I add photo's?

Update July 29, 2012

I took some photos but I'm not sure how to add them.

I will be hearing from my ps office this week sometime to set up my appointment to measure for after surgical garments. I can't wait!!!

Update: August 20, 2012 Today I went for my...

Update: August 20, 2012

Today I went for my fitting for my post surgical garments. I ordered two because of the nature of my job. They helped me out on the cost because most people do not require two. That was sweet of them to do.

So today she took my measurements, I tried on a couple of different type garments and I wear a small for phase one and will be in a xs for 2nd phase. She checked my blood pressure, and gave me my antibiotic to hold on to and start the day before surgery. I have 500mg keflex.

She said he may possibly give me a epidural because of how many areas I'm having done and because of my skin removal. I will prob have an IV as well.

I don't have a regular computerso I can't upload pictures. I do everything from my iPad. But I plan to vlog I will update later when I do that. September 14th is my BIG DAY!

September 14th is the big day! I just added my new...

September 14th is the big day! I just added my new vlog to this post. It's aweful! I have not done a video in years. But it's a start!

I am just under 3 weeks until my procedure. I have...

I am just under 3 weeks until my procedure. I have all my supplies ready. When I get home next time, which will be this next weekend I will be 2 weeks out so the plan is to get my house in order. I want my bedroom furniture rearranged and I need to mount my tv. That's something that's been put off far too long so this is as better time than any to get it done. I plan to purchase groceries as well. The dry and frozen stuffwill keep. I will get perishables the weekend before my surgery.

I'm having that excitement blended with nervousness feeling. One of my friends said "that sounds painful" I think that where a little nervousness came from.

I will be starting all my vitamines next weekend. As well as giving up my caffeine. Whew that will be a hard one to give up. I don't drink caffeinated soda, but I do drink caffeinated coffee and I'm addicted to having a energy drink once a day. They do have soe that are caffeine free and I tried one, it was gross, so I will just give it up completely for a while.

Today was my procedure. I arrived at the med spa...

Today was my procedure. I arrived at the med spa at 1230 and was given a some meds to relax me. About an hour later I said bye to my husband who went on his way to check into a hotel, get some food and bring my things in the room. My surgical staff called him every hour to update him!

While he was doing all that I was taken to a restroom to undress, and put on some disposable underwear and a disposable bra. I then put on a towel wrap and entered into the surgical suite where I was marked up and give a shot in each arm. Once that was done I went to the operating table where I had a iv installed and a epidural. After the epidural I was given a cath. Thank goodness for the cath because I had hydrated as I was asked to do and by the end of the surgery I had quite a lot of output.

I dozed on and off during the entire procedure. When I would feel a pinch I would let them know and was given a little more medication in my iv line. All in all I was in there for about 4 hours.

My husband was waiting for me when I was done and was escorted to our car. We are currently in a hotel for the night and I go back in the morning at 10 am to change my padding, wash my garment and then I will go home.

My husband had me Gatorade, water and soup waiting on me. Unfortunately I lost what I had in my stomach. I think it was from all the meds.

I'm leaking a LOT! It is a little blood tinged but not bad. My pads are leaking they are so full. But I've been asked not to change those myself.

Before I was wrapped up I got a sneak peak at my tummy! It was flat and I have a lot of staples where I had skin removed. I couldn't really see my thighs.

I brought with me today.... My meds, my basic toiletries, some towels from home because I am staying in a hotel, a cooler with water and Gatorade, and my husband purchased me some nabs and pudding cups being I lost my soup.

I'm starting to itch so I know the feeling is coming back.

I'm going to rest now. I'll try to update again after I get home.

Today is Sunday, so i am about 2 days post op. I'm...

Today is Sunday, so i am about 2 days post op. I'm really sore! I don't have much bruising, I'm just very sore. I'm sleeping a lot. The pain meds seem to put me to sleep but don't do much for the soreness.

I go back to my doctor on Friday for my first checkup. The leaking has pretty much stopped on my stomach but im still leaking pretty good from my thighs.

I have people here helping me this weekend, but come Monday I'm on my own.

I can't eat much. I just don't feel very hungry.

Well I am 11 days post op. yesterday I had my...

Well I am 11 days post op. yesterday I had my staples removed from the site I had the skin removal. My doctor provided me with my before pictures as well as a full page with 2 pictures of the skin he removed. I am mostly relying on my VLOG to document this so if your reading this you may wish to click on my youtube video and go to my chanell to get the most up to date information.

I am still at home. I sleep a LOT! So we decided it was best for me to remain off work for a few more days and when I return I will be just a little over two weeks post op. I am going to ask that my boss allow me to start out slow and work me back up to a full driving period over a few weeks time. I just think that driving a full 11+ hour shift starting out may be a bit much with the tiredness I experince. It seems that I fatigue quite fast these days and require a little more rest time. ALSO, I am the night shift driver, I drive from 5PM to 5AM and while I have been off I have had no pattern at all to my rest periods. I will be working on that however over the next few days so I can get my pattern as close to normal as I can.

Currently I have steril strips supporting the site where my staples were. I have been asked to wear these for the 5 days following the time she placed them. After those are removed I will start to wear silicone strips that are made for C-sections. I will have to apply two strips whereas someone with a C-section would use one. The reason for this is my scar goes from hip to hip.

I am wearing jeans now. Not for long periods, but for a couple of hours at a time. I have been wearing a size 8 with a belt. Size 10 with a belt in some brands. I have weeded out many pairs of jeans from my closet, and I do not have many more left in there! Sooooo... I will be doing some shopping. Another thing I am having to try on and phase out is shirts. Now that I do not have much of a stomach, many of my shirts just hang. So I will be purging many of those as well.

I really need to get back to work, being at home seems to be very expensive for me. I have discovered shop at home! I normally shop online and from books that arrive in the mail, but I am doing that PLUS watching these TV stations that are selling things! Needless to say I have completed a great portion of my Christmas shopping list! But now I need to go to work and give my credit cards a break. I swear smoke was wafting from them the other night!

Thats all I have for now. Watch my VLOG and watch here for updates. So far I am very satisfied with me results. I see my doctor again in 6 weeks and then not again until 6 months as long as things are still on track.

Well well, I've been having Internet issues. A...

Well well, I've been having Internet issues. A couple of weeks ago a storm came in our area and it took out the satellite that provides our internet. I believe it's fixed now and I have some video to post, however I'm on my mobile now and do not want to eat up my data so I will st those next time I'm home.

So I am 6 weeks post op now. At 5 weeks I did a little shopping. I purchased 3 pairs of jeans in a size 5. They are getting loose already! This tickles me as in January 2012 I was a size 16. I was a size 8-10 depending on manufacturer when I went into surgery in September. I got on the scales today and I have lost 10 pounds since my September surgery date. I have not been trying to loose anymore, I started to but my husband told me to hold off going on a diet because I was still craving fruits and veggies. He felt I needed to heal more before I dieted.

I have stopped wearing my garments. At first my stomach had a lot of muscle spasms. That has gone away. Nothing too bothersome, it just felt weird. I took a low dose muscle relaxer and all was right with the world! I will keep my shape wear. I may need it again! Who knows what I'll do next! And it never hurts for a girl to have a little shape wear in her arsenal of attire anyway!

I'm feeling great!! I just keep shrinking!!! I have an appointment November 5th with a PS about my breast. It's just a consultation to see how I can get the girls back in good standing order and determine if I will need a little prosthetic help to get the round cartoon boobs I would like to have. I do not want more size or less size. They just need lifted and rounded out. This girl is dying to wear those cute tops that you can't wear a bra with!!

I went for a breast consultation today! I'll write...

I went for a breast consultation today! I'll write on that review board!
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