Terrible liposuction results-Dr Eric J Wyble- Gulfport, MS.

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I'm 47 years old. I remarried four years ago. My...

I'm 47 years old. I remarried four years ago. My husband didn't have any children, so we decided to have some. I was 44 when my daughter was born. A year later I got pregnant again. My other daughter was born just when I turned 46. Two pregnancies plus breast feeding didn't do any favors to my already saggy breast. At a month old my baby developed a very severe skin condition and allergies. Little sleep, hormonal changes, and stress made my face look very tired and deep lines-deeper than ever before-set in.

When my baby turned one, I decided to give myself a gift. I would get a breast lift and small implants. Also, I would get some fillers for my face. I used to get those whenever I was training for a fitness competition because of lose a lot of volume on my face from the workouts and dieting. So, I did my research and found a doctor that was board certified with more than 25+ years of experience. He's also a well respected member of the community. I went to see him and explained what I wanted. We agree on a mini lift and 275cc implant -a small C cup. He wanted to give me 300cc, but I said no because I didn't want it to interfere with my fitness training. Anyway, at that time I told him that I wanted to get fillers for my face but could ONLY use sculptra because my face absorbed any other fillers-radiesse, restyline , juvederm etc... He told me that he didn't offer sculptra in his practice. He felt it wasn't safe because of the chances of getting granulomas. But, there's something better... fat transfer to the face. He said that would be the best, safest, most economical-in the long run-and long lasting. I was sold! Plus he could do this because I was already going to be under anyway. He said that he would take "a little" from my thighs and flanks. He also told me I could get laser lipo on my abdominal area to tighten the skin. I thought, wonderful!

I went home and did my research on fat transfer to the face and I thought it all sounded good. He said used Dr Sydney Coleman's tools and techniques. I looked at Dr Coleman's website-not reviews-and I thought his work looked great. So the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of fat being transferred to my face. Never once did I think that liposuction was going to be an issue because he was going to take such a small amount that it would be of no consequence...stupid me!

Went into surgery on 10/24/14. The took me to the OR at 9:30. Prior to that they gave me and intravenous sedative. I don't remember much about it other than being marked on the face-not the body. My husband said that they called him at 5:30 PM to tell him I was just coming out of the OR. So, I was in the OR 8 hours! I was fully awake at 7:30PM. I had two nurses and my husband by my side. One of the nurses said that was the longest that anyone had been in the OR since she worked there in 7 years. In fact, they closed the surgical center at 5:30 and I didn't go home until 8:30. What in the world was I doing there so long?!

What I ended up with:
Two different size breast that move/jump whenever I move my shoulders or push to open jar. Oh, I think he gave me 275cc-what I wanted-and 300cc, what he wanted...
Disastrous liposuction to my buttocks, lateral thighs, and back of legs. He carved up the banana rolls, suctioned the actual right buttock. I have a huge crater on the right thigh. I was left with very little fat on that side and back of legs-less than 1/4 of an inch when I pinch the skin. My entire buttocks rests on the back of my legs, but the right one is lower and much worse than my left.
Oh, yes, the fat transfer to my face... The right side took some of the fat. The left is way under filled. There are lumps of soft fat under my eyes. One of the lumps on the right obstructs my vision slightly when I look down. Also, I have hard lumps of fat on both cheeks. You can't see them, but you can feel them. I don't look disfigured, at least not yet, but I don't look better than I did before. I am very concerned about the visible lumps of fat under my eyes. I worry that they might grow and then I have to get them lipo suctioned out.

I never thought that things would turn out as they did, but I'm thankful that they're not worse. I have to make changes in my my life. I know that I will never again get on stage to compete or model my own fitness clothing. I now face the daunting task of trying to figure out how to fix the mess I was left with. I'm 10 weeks out from surgery today and things aren't getting any better, in fact, they're getting worse.

I get very angry sometimes and wonder if my surgeon did this to me on purpose, but in reality, I don't think so. I really think that the surgery was either too long or that something went wrong and he couldn't fix it. Anyway, if you are reading this and plan on having surgery for any of the things I had done, please research more and when you feel you've researched enough, research even more.

Apparently, you can't liposuction doesn't destroy Connective tissue...

My last appointment-borefe today at 5weeks post op. At that time I was still wearing my compression garment 27/7. By that point I had noticed that whenever I flexed my right buttocks, a huge crater would form. I mentioned it to him. He said it was scar tissue to massage it and it would go. Well, I have been massaging like crazy, but, as you can see from the pictures, it is still there.

I had an appointment today. I brought pictures of my breasts and buttocks/thighs at 6 week post op and at 10 weeks post op. By now I am very much aware of most of the things that are wrong with me. I was very nervous and felt sick to my stomach being there. I didn't know how I was going to approach the subject. I really don't like confrontations or making people feel bad.

When the doctor came in to the room ad started asking how I was doing, I broke down and started crying. He looked upset, not angry, he really felt bad. He asked me to show him my buttocks and said that it looked better than before. I started telling him about the thin skin, I felt it was overly lipo suctioned, the loose skin, the saggy fallen buttocks , destruction of connective tissue underneath buttocks, and concerns that I might have skin to muscle adhesions. He said, he didn't see that my buttocks had dropped-even though I kept repeating that it was touching the back of my legs-and that liposuction does NOT destroy connective tissue. He said that we could do thermagge for the lose skin and fat transfer to those areas if need it. But we couldn't do any of those things until I'm completely healed. I agree that I wasn't going to try and fix anything until a full year after surgery, but that I did have an appoint with another ps because I might have to have a buttock lift. He told me not to let anyone talk me into a lift of any kind because I don't need it.

The issue with my breasts is kind of weird. I originally started out with my left being slightly larger than my right. Now, the right breast is larger than my left. If I'm getting the same size implants wouldn't the left breast be slightly larger than my right still? I told him that maybe I got two different size implants-he said no way. Perhaps, the left is under filled-again, no way. Well, there must be a slow leak-yea that must be it! He explained to me that I got 275 size implants filled to 300cc. For some reason that explanation doesn't seem right. My feeling is that they're under filled or I got two different sizes. Perhaps I'm wrong? The implant imaging deformity, well tough luck! It appears that's what happens if you have under the muscle implants. He said it would get better over time. I'm posting pics even if I'm REALLY ashamed of them!

Finally, I feel that he's a good person and that he made a mistake with my surgery but will not admit to it. I think he really felt bad for me and for what he did. He kept saying that he would fix it because he didn't want to see me crying, he wanted to see me happy. I felt very bad for him. I don't like to shame anyone ever. His assistant kept reassuring me that everything was going to be ok because they will fix it "what ever it takes." I really don't know what she meant by that. She was very sweet hugging me and trying to comfort me. I have another appointment with him in a month. I have to say that they have been on top of my post op care and I can't help but to like them.

Liposuction DOES destroy connective tissue, blood vessels , nerves and more!!!

I wish I had been able to edit my earlier review, but since it's not possible to even edit typos here, I had to write this review. My last review gives the impression that liposuction doesn't destroy connective, but it does and it can cause a lot more damage than just connective tissue. People have died after liposuction procedures. Please do your research carefully before going into a liposuction procedure. In this site there are lots of sad stories about people being injured, even permanently, by liposuction.

DR. Eric Wyble-botched Thighs, Banana Rolls & Buttocks…Facial Fat Transfer & Breast Augmentation Also Gone Badly

It has been a while since I visited my profile. When I wrote the review of my surgery, I was very upset, depressed, and naïve. This is a more condensed, less emotional, and less personal review. Originally, I didn’t want to post my surgeons name because I really thought he was a good, caring, person who just happened to make a mistake while performing my surgeries. I hopped that he would do or say something to make things right. So I went to every follow up appointment and he’d always say the same thing, “it doesn’t look that bad,” or “it’s getting better.” As of today, nothing has gotten better.

In regards to the liposuction, I have consulted with several plastic surgeons and they ALL have said they cannot fix the damage caused. They said this because the injuries are too great. He not only liposuction under the buttocks, which created a double gluteal fold and caused it to drop, but he also severely dug up the right thigh, and buttocks making a huge cavity that will need to be filled and reshaped. I was told that I would need several tries at fat grafting to fill in the cavity but with no guarantees it would sick. I was cautioned that in trying to fix those issues, other areas might be compromised. Since I don’t have the money or the fat to fix something that may or may not work, it appears that I will be forever botched.

As far as the facial fat transfer, I continue to have issues with lumps and unevenness. I hope that in time the fat will reabsorb. In the meantime, I have gone back to my dermatologist and she has been using Sculptra in the attempt to even out the left side of my face. I have already spent a few thousand dollars on this. Funny, I was talked into the fat transfer so I would stop using fillers, and now I have to use even more of them.

The breast augmentation continues to give me problems. I have chronic pain in my left breast. They are also uneven sized, both the breasts and areolas. The doctor did say that by six months I wouldn’t have any more pain and they would be the same size. It has been eight months and nothing has changed.

I lay awake at night wondering how can this doctor manage to mess up so many procedures. But mostly I wonder how can they all be fixed. I know that I will never have the finances to fix them all, so where do I start?

This picture didn't show up...

I don't know why the rest of the pictures didn't get posted in my review...I'll try again

Thinking about a surgical buttocks lift..

I was wondering if I could get a little help deciding as to wether I would benefit from a surgical lift. It's very distressing having my buttocks rest on the back of my legs. The feeling is unconforatble and a constant reminder of what doctor Wyble did to me. It's very hot in Mississippi. When I go outside I sweat, and the skin from the butt sticks to the back of the legs. After a while, it burns because the skin rubs together. The feeling is not just physically uncomfortable but also emotionally draining. I'm getting desperate to find a solution for this, but I don't want to make a mistake that might end up making things worse.
Gulfport Plastic Surgeon

I was very thorough when researching this doctor. There was notthing at all bad about him anywhere. He is board certified, has lots of experience, and he's well known in the community. I truly thought I was in good hands...my mistake! I am sorry I ever walked into his place of business. and I'll pay for my stupidity for the rest of my life.

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