Causes Fat Atrophy and Skin Sagging- Nightmare Procedure - Mississauga, ON

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I had the Ultherapy procedure done in December....

I had the Ultherapy procedure done in December. The procedure was recommended to me by a surgeon who told me that it would help to reduce the buccal fat in my lower cheeks. He said one of the little known effects of Ultherapy is its ability to dissolve some fat (depending on which layers of the skin are treated). I had this procedure done and it has been the worst decision of my life. The Ultherapy caused a loss of fat and a flattening of my upper and midcheeks. My cheeks are so flat that it looks like I don't have any cheekbone definition, however my bottom cheeks are still full. The middle of my cheeks seem to be falling and I have a deep fold in my nasolabial area. Overall, the procedure has had a horrendous effect on my appearance. I feel like I look aged and drawn and my cheeks look concaved. I would advise anyone considering this to not do it

Results not better after 7 months

Seven months post Ultheraphy I have noticed an even more noticeable decrease in volume under my eyes and the area around my nose. The area of my cheeks where most of the Ultheraphy was focused on seems bigger. I'm not sure f the visual effect of a decrease in volume in the upper face or if the Ultheraphy had done something to make augment the tissue. The practitioner who did th procedure advised me that after the Ultheraphy I would need to get fillers put in my cheeks, under the eyes and in my nasolabial area. I went to a very well know cosmetic surgeon in Toronto (Dr William Middleton) who place Esthelis filler under under my eyes. The doctor felt that I needed filler only in a small area underneath my tear ducts as opposed to all the way under my eyes or in the cheek bone area. The fillers ended up pulling a lot of water, especially around the nasolabial folds and around the sides of my mouth. They did not provide any type of an esthetic improvement. Right now the area around the sides of my mouth seems augmented while rest of my cheeks look flat concaved and shallow. Overall, my whole face seems fuller at the same time that the contiur of my cheeks has flattened out
Dr. Poon

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