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My surgery (TT with Muscle repair) will be in 17...

My surgery (TT with Muscle repair) will be in 17 days and I have to say I am quite excited (and nervous all at the same time). I have been reading a lot of blogs and posts from people who have gone through this already and I find it very reassuring. My procedure will not require drainig tubes so that is a big bonus. My family (not including my husband who is very supportive about my decision to have this done) all think I am crazy to have this done, to spend this much money on something like this. My response is usually "I would spend $30,000 on a car why can I not spend $9,600 on myself? I am not doing this procedure in vein, I dont think I am selfish, and I do believe I deserve it. I workout at the gym 5 days per week and try as I may there is no way for me to get my stomach into shape (especially the loose skin, that isnt going anywhere). Am I crazy to put myself first for once?

I went out shopping yesterday with my husband for a few forgivable shirts (the ones with the elastics at the bottom that hang and are very forgiving). Along with a few more pairs of stretch pants and believe it or not a pair of Maternity jeans. I work in an office and will be taking two weeks off however when I go back to work I am expecting to still be swollen therefore I wanted to have some comfy yet appropriate clothing for when I go back to work.

16 days to go

Well I have 16 days to go. Tomorrow is my pre op and blood work appointment, I am wondering what my family doctor is going to say when he hears I am going to have this procedure done....I will keep you posted.

15 days to go

Well I went for my pre-op appt and blood work this morning (wasnt sure if I had to fast for it or not so I decided to be safe and did not eat or drink anything just in case. I wanted my coffee so bad lol. I was suprised, my family doctor didnt really say much to me about the surgery (he is a pretty quiet guy). All of my paperwork is now faxed off to the clinic - wow, 2 weeks from tomorrow!

13 days and counting

My patient coordinator called me today asking for my insurance informaiton, they are getting my medications in order for my surgery. I have had to stop taking my vitamins and Omega 3 suppliments (as of yesterday). I was also informed They don’t want me using any type of hair removal (no waxing, or shaving (it is to prevent infection). This will be hard for me because I shave my legs and underarms every day! Apparently I can shave the morning of procedure though. Has anyone else been asked to do this?

9 days to go

I figured with being in the single digits of days to go I would post an update. I think my husband is getting a bit nervous, he has asked me a few times now if I am sure I want to go through with the procedure. I reply a 100% yes every time. I need to figure out now how I can get more protein into my diet after my surgery, from what I have been reading its a good thing to do. I am not a huge fan of red meat so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I drink protein shakes on a daily basis after my workouts and will do that as well after my surgery, that should help right?

One week to go!

Wow, by this time next week I should be out of surgery and possibally home, with my new stomach. I had a dream about the operation and afterwards last night. My husband seems to be getting more nervous as the days pass. I get asked on a daily basis "are you sure you want to go through with this?" He is too cute. He is going to love my new belly probably as much as I will. I still have yet to post a picture of my before belly but I will do so before surgery, I will need that to look back on to show myself why I decided to do this.

My surgery is this week!

Oh wow, time has gone so fast, my surgery is this Thursday. I am starting to get a little bit nervous now. My 8 year old asked me last night if we could go skating and playing in the snow before I have my surgery because it may be gone before I am better, that kind of made me sad for some reason but I am looking forward to playing in the snow and skating with her :-) My husband has a cold and my 4 year old son has a stomach bug that has him vomiting. I am nervous about catching my hubby's cold or my sons stomach bug with my surgery so close. Here's hoping I get lucky and avoid both. I have to go out today and buy those sexy granny panties (I had atually forgotten about them until I read someones post on here about having to do it. Also have to clean my house from top to bottom, buy some new pillows and clean the fist tanks (the weird last minute things you think about).

46 Hours to go!

Oh My Gosh, only 46 hours to go until my surgery. I still have to clean my house and the fish tanks and buy my new pillows. On the plus side I did purchase the sexy undies yesterday. Put them on outside of my pants to make my kids and husband laugh - they thought it was quite funny. I really do need to get around to taking the before picture of my belly. Tonight for sure. I need to have it to look back on.

16.5 hours to go!

I got my phone call yesterday from the patient coordinator at the clinic asking me my last minute questions and giving me last minute information. My surgery was suposed to be at 8:00 am tomorrow so I made arrangements for my kids to be dropped off at daycare early. Then I found out they changed my surgery time to 7:30, meaning I have to be there at 6:30 now. Luckily a coworker of mine made a good suggestion. Said I should drive in to work (a 15 minute drive away from the clinic), park my car there for the week and he will drive me over to the clinic. My husband will drop my kids off and meet me there. I also have an appointment the next morning after surgery to which my husband can take me to but I have to get a cab home (he has a very important meeting at work).
I cleaned my house from top to bottom last night after we took the kids skating. I only have the fish tanks to clean tonight and then I should be all set. Not really sure how I am going to be able to sleep tonight (I just know for the last time in a while it will be on my belly).

The first of my pictures - before shots

in the waiting room

Hi everyone. Well I am here, in the waiting room waiting to go upstairs. I slept pretty good last night and as of now I don't feel too nervous. That may change when I go upstairs. Well I am off, wish

i survived!!!

Hi again. Thanks for the comments and support. When I started this blog I told myself I would keep updating and I plan on doing that. I had my surgery. The plastic surgeon walked in and said hi baby how are you doing today. He is quite funny and a very nice guy. He marked me up with permanent marker, took pictures, then it was surgery time. They hooked me up to iv and gave me oxygen. Said I would get sleepy and then I was out like a light. Woke up in recovery feeling pretty good to my surprise. Ate a few crackers and had some juice..the nurse Francine was so nice! We got me up, went to the bathroom cause I had to per and then went to a week hair. I was discharged shortly after that because I was doing quite well. Getting in the car is pretty interesting but I did it on my own. On my way home now to rest. I will keep you all posted.

more pictures

1 day after surgery

Well I am happy to report I slept pretty well. Lots of pillows. Managed to sleep in my bed. My husband is being so supportive and helpful. Pain is manageable. More pain today than yesterday. I have to go for my follow up today, not really sure how I will be able to get into my friends van. I will keep you posted.

1 day after surgery, all wrapped up and pain pump attached

my belly in my compression garment

More comfortable now

post op appt went well

Went for my post op and had my bandages and pain pump removed. It all went very well. I didn't have the nerve to look at my new belly yet. Not sure why but I was scared to look. The nurse said I am going to love it. She also said my new belly button was very nice too, to which my husband was kind of shocked
He didn't realize my belly button would be different (i forgot to tell him that). We both decided tomorrow will be the day we see my new belly.

oh holy hell

Well I am not sure where that breakdown came from but it was a good one. Pain came on suddenly, even with me taking my meds on time and taking it easy. My hubby is being so great but I feel so useless. Breathing became difficult and then I had the urge to cough.....I thought my insides were being ripped apart. Going to leave this update at that.

wow where did that come from

I have no clue where that little breakdown came from. I felt like I was in so much pain. I went to the bathroom to pee and couldn't get the compression garment fasten by myself and had to ask my husband for help. I felt pretty useless and helpless at that point. He has made me feel so much better, said he would do anything for me and he reminded me of how much I wanted this. Resting more comfortably now and emotiont crisis has passed :-)

first time seeing my belly

Well this morning I seen my belly for the first time since surgery. I wasn't sure what to expect. I have to admit I love my new belly button. I am so much smaller and I thought I seen some muscle under there. My cut also looks good. I had my shower and it exhausted the neck out of me. I didn't take my medication when I first got up, decided to shower before eating. That probably wasn't the best idea because now I am in pain. This is day 2 post op, should I be trying to move to extra strength Tylenol I stead of my oxycodone now? Still having a lot of pain so I am not quite sure.....

Day 3 post op

First off I have to say I love this site. So much information and it is great hearing other people's stories who went before me and I can get advice from, sharing stories with those who have gone through this at the same time and then giving advice to those who have had their surgery after me. I am happy to report today is a good day so far. I will keep praising my husband, he is amazing. Doing the laundry, bathing the kids and cleaning the house all while taking care of me. Making sure I am taking my meds and making sure I am not trying to do anything. My son who is 4 is pretty cute too, he asked what jobs he could help with. One is getting me water and the other is to hold my hand if I walk anywhere. My daughter who is 8 is helpful as well, she does anything we ask her to so that's also a bonus. I am going to have my first visitors in a few minutes. My sister in law, brother in law and my nephew. Will be good to see them :-). I have a new picture I took today without the garment but I am mot sure if I can post it yet. I look so small in it

1 day post op

Warning, a lot of bruises and not the prettiest looking bellies yet but only day one post op.

1 day post op

Wasn't sure if I should post this or not. 1 day post ok, not the prettiest bellies yet but still early stages.

1 day post op

Wasn't sure if I should post this or not. 1 day post ok, not the prettiest bellies yet but still early stages.

1 day post op

Wasn't sure if I should post this or not. 1 day post ok, not the prettiest bellies yet but still early stages.

3 days post op with staples

Not the prettiest belly yet due to staples and bruising but not to bad for 3 days post op.

staple removal

Well today I had my staples removed and the nurse said I was healing very nicely. I will take a picture later without the staples. Bruising is getting better as well. I actually slept through the night last night (i had been getting up to pee every night since surgery. Actually got dressed today in something other then pjs and even did ny hair and makeup. Felt pretty good. Day 5 is a good day so far.

6 days post op

Well I am happy to report that today has been better then yesterday and even more so then the day before that. As each day passes it seems to get better (knock on wood) I am not as nervous about my belly now (the inside repair that I cannot see). I started massaging it gently yesterday as per the drs request. Anyhow, thats it for now.

8 days post op

Really starting to like my new belly :-)

8 days post op

Yesterday I went for a walk. I had to get out if the house so I decided to walk to the Tim Horton's coffee shop which is next to my house. Took me 8 mins each way but I made it :-) now I know what those little old ladies feel like trying to cross the street with limited time hahaha. Later that day my husband called to say he was running late and would not be able to pick our daughter up from school on time. He has been amazing through all of this and he was feeling so bad. I told him I would go get her. So I put on my jacket and boots, got my 4 year old son ready and out the door we went. Two walks in one day. It was really nice actually, my little boy held my hand the entire way and when I got to the school my daughter was so suprised to see me. She was actually proud that I walked to get her. Actually do was I :-)

9 days post op

I got out of the house again today and went to have my hair cut and my eyebrows done. I almost feel human again. Now I need a pedicure and a massage (if only I could lay on my belly to have one). managed to walk upright for a while today too :-)

1st day back to work

Well tomorrow is my first day back to work. I am hoping it will go good. I am almost walking straight now but plan on spending most of the day at my desk, hopefully that will prevent anyone from asking me where I have been. Wish me luck.

2 weeks post op

Well ladies I made it to 2 weeks post op and every day I feel better and better. I have a picture to post (took this morning) a little later. I went for a massage yesterday during my lunch break at work (might as well use my time seeing as how I cannot go to the gym during lunch yet). I tried to lay on my belly but that was not going to work AT ALL so I had to be on my sides for the massage. Anything is better then nothing. First day back to work went pretty good, I was exhausted by the end of the day though. Same with yesterday. Today I am actually wearing my normal pre op pants and a tighter shirt, my husband liked that quite a bit :-)

17 days post op

I had another follow up appt on Friday and the nurse was impressed. She said i was healing very well and said i could start scar therapy next week :-). She said my results are so good and asked if I would consider letting the clinic use ny before and after pictures on their website. They would take after pictures at 6 weeks post op. I said absolutely! Went out in a date with my hubby last night and it was great, played pool for about 3 hours. Anywhoo I am off again.

bikini shot

bikini shot - pretty excited even with a little swelling and less the 3 weeks post op I think I am liking this new belly for sure.

Scar therapy has started

I started scar therapy yesterday. Will be using Mepiform strips for the next 4 months. It's kind of nice having the covered. I am hoping mepiform works like it says because it was not cheap that's for sure.

One Month Post Op

Yesterday was my 4 weeks post of. Things have been going really great so far. My husband tells me he cant he is so proud of how good I am doing. I am still waiting for swell hell. I am back into my regular clothing, a few pairs of pants are a little loose on me now which is an amazing feeling and my clothes look so much better without the overhanging shelf belly or the puffyness that used to be above my belly button. My PS said it was ok for me to go back to the gym on Monday, taking it easy of course. I will start out with the treadmill (my hubby is worried I will over do it but I am pretty sure I can keep myself from doing too much because I dont want to damange anything). I did go for a 45 minute walk during my lunch two days ago outside and it was fantastic! Well that is it for now.

5 weeks post op

Only one more week to go for wearing my compression garnment. I swear I am burning it lol. Funny thought I think I may also miss it.

6 weeks post op

Wow, where did htose 6 weeks go? 6 weeks Post Op for me today. I left home this morning and left my compression garnment behind. I think I will miss it most when I am sleeping. I am also looking forward to going to the pool with my kids on Sunday - it was something we did as a family before my surgery and I missed that for sure. Maybe I will wear a bikini this time ;-) I am definetly not wearing the tummy control swim suit. I have been feeling really good - not as tired the day after working out anymore. Still only doing the treadmill and eliptical but I am happy to be able to do that. I suprised my 4 year old son two days ago by lifting him to give him a hug. He cuddled into me so tight, it felt amazing. He was so excited I could lift him again and tried to get me to carry him everywhere - I explained to him that Mommy can lift you sometimes but not all of the time yet. Going to post my 6 week photo from the morning, I dont think there is much of a change from last weeks photo though.

6 weeks post op

8 weeks tomorrow

Well I have not been on here in a while. I was supposed to fly to Newfoundland tomorrow to suprise my Mom for a long weekend visit. I was talking to her on March 22 and she didn't sound so good so I told her I was coming home for a visit on April 3rd. My brothers took her to the hospital that night because she was in so much pain (she was told she has rheumatoid arthritis). They were going to keep her in the hospital for the night. My brothers called me the next morning and said I should change my ticket and come home now. I was on the next flight. Made it to Newfoundland on Monday March 24 and when I went to the hospital I broke down seeing her in so much pain. She asked what I was doing there ans I told her I decided to cone home earlier. She told me she loved me. The put her on morphine after that for the pain and we (my brothers and I) were taken to a room and told she only had a few days left. I was shocked and stunned. We were told she had a fast spreading cancer and it was now in her bones (had pretty much been everywhere before it go to the bones). Her Dr was giving her Antasol 30 for the pain when she was home, like WTF. Sadly my Mom passed away 1 week ago today on March 26 surrounded by her family (her children and her brothers and sister).

8 weeks post op

Just posting my 8 week post picture. Feeling so much more like my old self again (with a better belly of course)

9 weeks post op

Wow, 9 weeks have passed and it seems like time went so fast but so slow at the same time. With everything that has happened this past month it seems like forever since I had my surgery. I feel 100% like my old self again. I went for my check up (was suposed to be 6 weeks but ended up being post poned until 8 weeks post op). I was told I could workout with weights again now but still not core workouts. Started going back to my group training again and it felt so good to be back. I will be climbing the CN Tower stairs (1776 stairs in total) on May 1st in support of the WWF. Looking forward to that challenge for sure. My fastest time was 20:19, the year before my time was 20:30. Not sure what my time will be this time, as long as I make it to the top I will be happy hahaha. Well that is all for now, I will post my 9 week post of photo later.

9 weeks post op

11 weeks post op

I will be climbing the CN Tower this evening, 1776 stairs, wish me luck!

14 weeks post op

15 Weeks Post Op

Well I haven't posted an update in a while. I finished the CN Tower climb in 21:43, beating the goal time I had for myself of 23:00 minutes. I have been trying to keep on top of posting my pictures (at least every two weeks) and you may have noticed I am trying to wear the same bra and panties when taking the pictures, hopefully this will help me see the changes as time goes on.
I am fully back at the gym now, doing weights (almost back to the weights I was using before surgery. I get out of breath when doing cardio more than I did before surgery but I am working on that. I have started putting lemons in my water because from what I read it is really good for detoxifying and I have also started dry brushing (especially on my legs and butt). From what I have read it is great for circulation and helps with cellulite. I have only been doing that for about a week and I can see a difference already. I still have days where my belly feels kinda weird, usually after a great workout. I hope everyone is doing good.

15 weeka post op

18 weeks PO

Well I am 18 weeks PO today and I dont really have much of an update. The trainer at the gym I am sure is trying to kill me haha. I went to Canada's Wonderland a few weeks ago and wore my bikini proudly :-) It was a great feeling. Once the weather started getting warmer and I started wearing shorts and skirts again I noticed I had gotten cellulite on my upper legs and but over the winter and while I was off from the gym. I have always had some but my legs looked awful. I googled ways to get rid of it and found out about dry brushing. If you ladies have problems with cellulite I HIGHLY recommend you try this. After only a few days I started to notice a change and after a few weeks wow, big difference. I also started drinking lemon water (I squeeze a fresh lemon into warm water everyday, helps detoxify.

22 weeks post op

I just realized I have not posted a picture in a while - I will do that tomorrow. Still feeling great and still doing scar therapy. Have my 5 month post op check up with Dr. Lista next Friday, wondering what he will say about my recover and how I look. I took out my summer clothing about a month ago and tried it on, expecting it to be a little loose, nope - some of it didnt even fit any more. I was devastated to say the least. I hung my head and went upstairs feeling pretty bad then I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, I look good. A week later I tried on the clothing again and sure enough it all fit - turns out I was swollen when I tried it on the first time. I cant really tell when I am swollen (unless I try on clothing of course) so if any of you reading this go through the trying on clothing and it not fitting dont be discouraged, wait a week and try again.

22 weeks post op

Finally posting an updated picture - 22 weeks post op

Before Surgery Pictures

OH MY GOSH. I went for a follow up appt with my PS on Friday and he was quite impressed with my results so far. He even said he could see ab definition happening and said I was doing a great job. He also told me my belly would get even flatter than it is now, said it takes a year for final results. I told him I was ecstatic with the results as they are now and anything further would be a major bonus. He said he would be taking after pictures of my belly at my 1 year mark which reminded me to ask for the pictures he had taken the day of my surgery. He had the coordinator send them to me and to be honest I was shocked when I seen them. I guess I have gotten used to my new belly and when I seen my old belly again I asked myself why I had not done this for myself earlier.

27 weeks post op

Don't really have much of an update today, just wanted to post a new picture.

27 1/2 weeks

Well I have decided to reactivate my fitnesspal.com account and start tracking my calories. I work out 5 times per week so my fitness is not the reason I am not at my goal weight - which is 120lbs. Currently, when I weighed myself this morning I am 138lbs. My husband and I will be going to Mexico in December and I want to be at my goal weight by then. I know I can do this I just need to keep myself accountable.

43 Weeks PO

Well its been a while so I thought I would add a few pictures - these were taken this morning.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

I have met with my Plastic Surgeon for my initial consult and he was very friendly. His name is Dr. Frank Lista of the Plastic Surgery Clinic. He is of the most experienced tummy tuck surgeons in Ontario, Canada. He is a medical director and he also founded the Mississauga Plastic Surgery Clinic in 1987. He is also one of the Dr. to be pioneering a safer and more comfortable form of abdominoplasty known as a progressive tension abdominoplasty - a technique that eliminates the need for drains. they use this advanced technique to maximize comfort and safety for patients during and after the abdominoplasty procedure. He also will use a pain Relief Pump™ to ease the pain in the first 24 hours after surgery. It is apparently an MP3-sized device is worn in a belt around the waist, with a hair-thin tube connecting it to the surgical site. Its completely automatically and will regularly deliver a long-acting local anesthetic called bupivacaine into the wound. A pain free 24 hours after surgery sounds good to me!

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