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I'm a lean woman with an annoying little belly so...

I'm a lean woman with an annoying little belly so I went to see ps if coolsculpting would fix belly and he checked me out and said my tummy muscles were separated and only tt would fix. So having used him for a very successful BA 7 years ago I signed up. I assume it will be like my BA surgery more or less. You know every day gets abit better and you just go with it. But reading everyone's posts I'm worried. At first I thought "what am I doing? Do I really need this? I have a little belly and when I lose lots of weight it hangs abit. So what. And then I will have a big ugly scar that will go from hip to hip (I have no scars from Ba)". But then I thought about how annoying it is to have to wear tight workout pants so my tummy doesn't jump up and down (it's uncomfy). My pants and shorts are all tight on my waist and lose on my ass. I always feel fat and try not to eat carbs but I'm skinny every where else. My little belly sticks out if I wear a tight shirt. And who cares about the scar? I'm almost 50. Who is gonna see it? So I think I'm fixing a muscle problem so I can live my next 50 years to the fullest. Tight abdominal wall will be good for posture (eventually), good to keep organs in tight and good for exercising and as a bonus clothes will fit better and I can eat like a normal person. This is what I'm telling myself. Now the next thing to worry about: the recovery. My hubby doesn't want me to tell anyone so not sure how to hide the fact that I'm out of commission for 1 week or 2. Is it really true that I won't be able to sit down to pee? Wtf
There has got to be a way. Truck or car for surgery day? Which one will be easier for me? With BA I just used my legs for everything at least with this surgery I think I can lift my arms. Sleeping half sitting up is doable -- I did that with BA. Sorry for long post. Have a lot of questions and concerns to get through.

4 days to go

I'm just getting my house and work organized before tummy tuck in couple of days. I'm not really nervous but probably should be. I have been reading everyone's reviews and comments for advice. I think I will be fine. A little anxious about the scar and my vanity for doing this to remove a small belly from an otherwise good lean body. I'm a string bikini kind of girl and worried I may need a whole new bathing suit style and scarring a not so bad body. Also wondering how I'm gonna feel after .. you know the tightness and if I will feel like I can't breathe. Lots of wonderings that soon will be known. So most importantly I'm just gonna focus on recovering and becoming healthy and strong again.

2 days post op

It hurts to move sometimes and my lower back is so sore. I was supposed to shower today but am scared to take cg off, afraid to see incision, afraid I won't to be able to stand to shower. Having serious chicken shit show. The stitches and staples all hurt and pinch me. I was in tears getting out of bed but I getting better at it. But I get up every hour and putter like I'm supposed to

Swell hell

What the hell do I do about this belly swell. My belly is swollen and hard. It's day 6 post op. I had staples removed and started arnica massage today. Nurse says today is Day 0 of swelling what the hell does that mean? I'm drinking water and ate salad. I'm supposed to start walking more but doesn't activity cause more swelling?

8 days post op - popped stitch?

I stretched a bit and something snapped apart in my upper ab area. I'm holding the spot and scared to move. No pain just something broke. Yikes!

12 days post op

Things are getting better but I can't stand up and back and tummy are so tight that my skin almost hurts. I am busy about doing laundry, dishes and cooking and taking breaks also. I'm afraid to go out in public looking like hunchback but today I will drive my car for first time to pick up daughter after school. I lost weight apparently which is ironic because I'm 4 inches bigger around belly than when I went in. I had about a 4" muscle repair and they only took 500mg (1/2 lb fat) and my loose skin. I am assuming I have lost muscle over this 2 weeks.

4 months post op

I'm feeling good. Still healing. My scale won't budge and I weigh more than I ever have except for pregnancy. I am still swollen but it gets better a teeny bit at time and I can't wait until my skin smooths out.

5 months po

I'm doing good but still self conscious of swelling. I really massage my belly above my bb and down to my scar line pushing at hard spot centre of scar. I keep thinking I'm fat and scale not budging. Fat seems to be going to flanks. I am working out going insanity and started doing p90x instead of chalean extreme. I restarted minor core exercises instead of crunches (I developed a hard lump above bb after doing regular ab workouts). My swelling goes to just above bb. My skin on upper abs is either fat or swollen and sore when I bend to put shoes or socks in. Results look good but I'm still uncomfy at times. Can't wait to be normal. I probably have 7 or so more months of healing. I'm gonna continue working out because I think it's good for me and I have started eating less to see if anything changes. I have never had a weight problem before but I weigh 10lbs more than before surgery and at 6 weeks po I weighed 124lbs and now I'm a whopping 135lbs. Whew what a roller coaster recovery is.
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