Ulthera/Lipodissolve Updates for Sag - So Far Okay - Mississauga, ON

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(Note: This is the first report on my Ulthera...

(Note: This is the first report on my Ulthera results; I intend to provide more at least every few weeks.)

I'm 42 and am genetically predisposed to very sagging skin, drooping jowls, and a generally soft-fatty (yet thin) lower face. I'm 5'5" and weight 130 lbs. I've been wondering for months which option to go with: either (1) Facetite/Necktite, or (2) Ulthera + lipodissolve. After a lot of research and interal debate, I decided to go with option 2, because it seemed less drastic, a longer history, and lower price tag (or so I hope).

I had the Ulthera procedure done 6 days ago, to my mid-face, lower face, and under the jawline. I received no anaesthetic except for two Tylenols about 20 minutes before the procedure. Wow, when the machine fired the ultrasound anywhere near a bony area (eg., getting closer to the jawbone or cheekbone), it stung very deeply, like tiny hot sparklers. The good news is that the sensation was extremely short-lived (a fraction of a second for each pulse) and didn't linger at all. The doctor said he didn't want to lower the intensity because he wanted me to get the best possible results, which I found quite admirable, considering I was squirming quite a lot and if I were him, I'd have lost patience and lowered the intensity. He remarked during the procedure that he noticed a difference already, and handed me a mirror. Truthfully the sagging skin under my jawline had already retreated (which, I understand, is only temporary). Afterward, my face felt quite hot but not painful.

Following the Ulthera, the doctor treated my nasolabial area (where I have an excess of fatty tissue) and my jowls with lipodissolve. Each area got one injection (he jiggled the syringe in each area so it wasn't all administered within one area), so 4 shots in total. I barely felt a pinch at all.

When I went home, I had some red sore spots where the lipodissolve was administered, and my face and upper neck felt hot and tingly, but totally bearable. My husband said it looked like I had been in the hot sun, but otherwise I looked like regular me.

Of course I've checked myself out a million times since then. The sagging skin along my jawline, and just under it, has receded quite noticeably. I understand this may be a temporary effect, while Ulthera's longer-term collagen stimulation may take several months.

Where I had the lipodissolve shots, I have a vague achy feeling and some hardness if I pressed into the skin, but nothing very noticeable. Something positive seems to be happening in my nasolabial folds, because they don't seem very pronounced. Too early to say whether this is just inflammation puffing things out, or whether it's the lipodissolve + ultherapy already showing results. I definitely see an improvement in my jowl/jawline area, though I've still got the jowls, more or less.

I'll keep you updated on how things unfold over the coming weeks.

So far it's looking good. There was immediate...

So far it's looking good. There was immediate tightening and then further improvements over the next couple of weeks around the jawline and under the chin. Unfortunately, the left side is looking better than the right. I can see it very clearly in the nasolabial/cheek area. I'm really mad at myself for not paying closer attention while the procedure was being done (I was giddy and distracted)--somewhere during the procedure, the doctor said he noticed an immediate improvement and then took out a mirror to show me the "done" side versus the partially-done side. After he showed me and had some chit about that, at some point I asked him if we had done the whole right side, because it seemed to me that after the took out the mirror, he didn't do the inner cheek area. He said it was done, though I was pretty sure he hadn't. I'm SO ANNOYED with myself for not being more focused during the procedure. Now the left side is definitely much more firm than the right. I can easily see more nasolabial shadows and "tear trough" lines on the right than on the left.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure whether the doctor really did miss the area, or I didn't perceive things right. I'm not sure what to do about it; I'm thinking I'll wait a bit and see what happens with the right side. It's a bit worrisome.

Overall, I'm still happy with the results a few weeks into it. Looks better than it did, despite the slight asymmetry.
Dr. J. Poon

Seemed very patient, facility was clean and tidy. I felt I was in competent hands. Nice supportive staff.

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