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Hello everyone! So July 18th is my big day- super...

Hello everyone! So July 18th is my big day- super excited but extremely nervous!

I’m 22 years old and had weight issues my entire life.
In my final year of secondary school I had ballooned to 283lbs.

During my first year at university I decided I wanted to change-- and now going into my final year, I’ve dropped nearly 75lbs! All from changing my diet gradually & doing more exercise! :)

While losing the weight, everything started to hang, which ultimately made me more upset than when i started! I was getting smaller and healthier, but most days I wished I would have just stayed huge.

Because of my size I feel like I've missed out with so much in life, and with losing weight, I thought it would help, but it just made more problems. It's hard to be proud of weight loss when you can grab a hunk of belly and pull the skin 6'' from where it originated! It's hard to be happy with that lost 10lbs when you're now getting infections where flaps hang!

At the beginning of the year I started to have major self-esteem issues. I haven’t bought any new clothing since I started the weight loss journey three years ago. Also, I had convinced myself I was just ugly and broken- which developed into a fear of leaving the house because I thought everyone was laughing at me.

But I realised that it doesn’t have to be all negative! Snapped out of that silly funk and decided it was time to reclaim my life.

Two years ago I had FTM top surgery to remove my breasts as I transitioned to male- I rang up my PS in April and booked a consultation. He was really nice and said he definitely could improve my situation. I totally trust him because he did such a nice job on my chest :)

So now I’m nervous for my upcoming surgery. I’m not expecting miracles (I still have a lot of weight to lose), but right now I think anything would be better than the hangy belly.

Two more days~

Night before the surgery. Still nervous, but I...

Night before the surgery. Still nervous, but I keep reminding myself by this time tomorrow everything will be fine.

A week and a day post op! The first few days...

A week and a day post op!

The first few days were pretty sore- but by day five I was able to get out of my bed without any assistance. By day seven I was able to go down and up the stairs.

Standing up nearly straight, and the pain has pretty much gone. Just a little sore.

The whole bottom of my stomach is numb- and I think that is the worst part right now. Showering makes me panic because i can't feel the water.

The swelling is pretty bad, especially on my right side. It goes pretty straight, but then goes in and balloons around my hips! My left looks and feels pretty nice, albeit a bit swollen.

Going for a post-op visit tomorrow, hoping its all good news!

6 weeks post op & STILL very, very swollen. Pain...

6 weeks post op & STILL very, very swollen. Pain has come back a bit (probably from moving). It's hard to stand without pain and I need to wear constant compression or else I swell up and look pregnant!

Gone back to sleeping on my back with my knees bent, to see if that helps with the pain. Really hope the swelling stops soon- I want to go on holiday (at 12 weeks) and it'd really be awful to need to have to wear my full body compression!
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