Breast Reduction Post Surgery Problems - Mississauga, ON

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Well, I didn't find this site until after my...

well, I didn't find this site until after my surgery. I wish I had known about it beforehand but better late than never I guess!!
I started posting under someone's else's review not knowing otherwise, so some of you already know about me.

I am 65 years old and wondered whether I was too old to do this now after putting it off for years. To be honest......I love to travel and when I worked I didn't want to use my vacation time for recovery!!! So when I retired this was my gift to myself I had my surgery on June 19th, the whole thing , from seeing my GP for a referral to getting an appointment with a PS to getting the okay from OHIP to pay for it to my surgery day took eight weeks. So I didn't have much time to fret too much about it.

My problem now is that I am not healing very well, so many different people at the hospital asked me beforehand if I was a fast healer....I said as far as I know I am, if I get a cut on my finger it's started healing by the next day!!!........what I wanted to say was "how the bloody hell do I know I have never timed myself"

As of today I am at the four week mark and I have to have three holes in my wounds packed every other day and when I woke up this morning one part of my left breast was so sore, when I took my dressing off there is an open sore on my areola, the nurse at the clinic didn't know why it had suddenly appeared and today was very painful getting my wounds dressed. I saw my GP yesterday and among other things she gave me a different antibiotic and took two swabs off my left breast ( which is the worst one). I see my PS again on Friday.

I would love to hear from anyone else who has had similar problems. I do not regret having the surgery, my right boob seems to be healing now and I love the size of it.

Saturday July 28th I am feeling so much better,...

Saturday July 28th
I am feeling so much better, just because I went to see my PS yesterday and he at last agreed to let the nurses pack 3 holes with the silver product they have. I started this morning and I will go alternate days for packing. I asked him to take a look because he had never really looked at it before, he also took a swab of the one hole. I go back to see him in ten days.
He told me that it will take four weeks and then I will be back to normal (6 weeks post op on Tues). So here's looking forward to four weeks from now......

61/2 weeks and before I went to the home care...

61/2 weeks and before I went to the home care (CCAC) this morning I took my dressings off to shower and the silver tape that they pack with came right out with the dressing. The nurse at home care confirmed my suspicions..............the holes must be healing inside and pushing the tape out.......hooray, hope we're both right. Hubby who always inspects carefully with the nurse said everything is looking better. I go to see the surgeon again on Tuesday and I will let you know what he says.
On the way home I stopped and bought some Mederma (sp) for the scars. I want to start using it as soon as I have healed.

Went to see my PS today and I am healing at long...

Went to see my PS today and I am healing at long last, they took some measurements and the holes are NOT as deep as they were. He thinks that in two weeks when I see him again, I will be all healed......Yaaaayyyy
To celebrate I bought myself some sexy low cut pj's, which hubby loves. Still cannot try on bras but it wont be long now. :):):)

Hi,....Well, I am still not healed yet. For some...

Hi,....Well, I am still not healed yet. For some reason after my last visit to my PS and he told me that everything would be healed in two weeks, my healing stopped and the holes started getting deeper again. They are the deepest they have been right now...3cm and 31/2cm. I am determined to not let it get to me, I have no pain at all but I have a couple of hard lumps on my leftie, the one the holes are on. I do have an open sore underneath my right breast but it is just surface and the nurse dresses it.
I am sitting out on my deck (in the shade) topless hoping the air will help and I go back to see my PS on Monday.
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