39 Yo, 5'6" 155 Lbs 2 Kids 440 Cc low profile Over the Muscle - Mississauga, ON

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Tomorrow is my surgery day after a 2.5 month wait....

Tomorrow is my surgery day after a 2.5 month wait. I have been wanting a BA since I was 18. I had hoped to experience larger breasts during pregnancy but all I got were large torpedoes that were hardly sexy!

I went to two different Drs for a consult and ended up choosing Dr Lista because he was personable, staff was friendly, and did not make me feel uncomfortable (unlike the other dr I saw).

It's go time

I can't believe the day has finally come. I've been so busy that I have not had a lot of time to think about it in the past 3 weeks. I hope I made the right choice on sizing!!


Surgery went well today. It was very straightforward. I arrived at the clinic at 8:45 am and left at about 1:15 pm. I'm pretty happy with the level of pain i am in (maybe a 6/10) but maybe that is reduced due to the pain pump. I did not have tubes which kind of surprised me but forgot to ask why.

I was expecting a call from my surgeon but he did not call today, which was a bit disappointing as I had some minor questions but nothing that can't wait til my appointment tmrw.

As for my new breasts... I got 440 cc over the muscle. I am a broad shouldered woman and by no means am not petite but wouldn't consider myself over weight. I went with the mid range size because I totally feared looking top heavy and didn't want to have a hard time with clothes (as I already do with some button up and zippered dresses). When I look down at my breasts, I don't see a ton of projection. It almost looks flat. But when I look at it from the side, it's a bit better. I don't know how I feel yet about them but am so glad it's over and done with!!!

Pre op ????

Just came back from my preop and the nurse said I was looking great. She eased my fears of my breasts looking flat as they will eventually drop and move into place. Also the swelling is pushing breasts apart hence the wide gap. Patience, which I have very little of, will need to be practiced heavily over the next 6 days!!

Day 4 post op

I had over the muscle implants and am supposed to be experiencing a less painful recovery. This may be true as I stopped painkillers on day 2 but the tightness in my chest is sometimes unbearable! I guess going up 3 -4 cup sizes would do that.

Tried to go for a drive yesterday but the bumps and turns were nauseating. I felt very nauseous yesterday almost all day so I took the meds given to me. Today is better.

I'm going back to work in 2.5 days. I really hope the tightness goes down.

Day 5

I so desperately want to sleep on my side!!!

Things are changing every day. My breasts are feeling like I am breastfeeding complete with the sore and tight spots and the feeling of let down. So odd!!

1 week update

Over the weekend I did some additional research on my implants. Turns out, I have inspira low profile implants, cohesive gel 440 Ccs. I thought I was getting moderate profile. I'm not disappointed as I now understand that I probably needed low profile as they have a wider base and I have a wider chest. It makes total sense and based on other reviews, also gives the most natural look. I did not want big fakies...just not my style! So I'm happy with how it ended up. Although, I'm not going to lie, I kind of wish I went to 480 cc like my surgeon suggested but was afraid I'd hate them. Oh well they are still a million x better than what they used to be! Today was my one week check up. Really uneventful. Laurie, my nurse, was sweet and totally comforting as I really do not like to look at my breasts as they have been very uncomfortable and tight. They also look very high and flat. She said once we start massage they will drop down and have more shape. One more week to go before that starts. I cannot wait. Started work today and it was not easy. I work in a huge office with tons of walking. I felt like I was constantly rounding my shoulders over. Not a nice look! I'm exhausted today. I could have used one more day at home. Came home and tried On some outfits. They are improving and am liking them more every day. Here are some pics.

Pics 1 week

Day 10 - nipples so sensitive

Nipple hypersensitivity is real. And unbelievably uncomfortable!!! I can't take it. Even just cool air from an ac causes me to yelp In pain! I've tried lightly rubbingthe nipple area to desensitize them but I can barely take the pain. It's so strange and wish it would just go away!! Still feel super tight in the chest but it lightens up daily. The feeling of engorged breasts is also odd. I feel like they have pins and needles...all day. I had No idea My nerves were so sensitive!

18 day update

Not much to report except the skin and nipples sensitivity is off the charts. It's unbearable at times! It's makes me not want to touch my breasts and makes them feel like they are really more of a nuisance!! When will this go away??!!

3 weeks tmrw

I'm not going to lie. The boob greed is real!!
I wanted a very natural look that would not make me too busty. I didn't want to have a hard time with clothes as I alread feel very broad chested and can stand to lose like 15 lbs (at almaor 40 it's tough!) Anyways, based on my measurements the calculations suggested as low at 275 all the way to something like 800.

My doc suggested 480. I went w 440. The sizers made me look big but not the exaggerated look.

I feel I should have listened :( argh!!!

I'm hoping they will drop and add more projection as I feel they do not have the round bottom yet. Nurse said not to worry as it will drop and round out.

4 months update

I really LOVE my breasts. It's been so exciting and fun to wear clothes differently. I've been working out a lot more mostly because I don't want to waste these girls by having to hide behind far clothes. No way!

anyways I recently started to feel some strange sensations in both breasts but def more in my right. My nipple are tender and I often feel a tightness sensation however my breasts don't feel tighter. I have increased massage but still feels wierd. Any idea what this is ?

Some more pics

Here's some body shots to show proportion.

6 months update

I'm so in love with my breasts. I am now a 36DD from a 38A and couldn't be happier!
My scars are not as light as I wish they were being Asian they are dark. I've been using the strips but it's not helping so I am hoping it will just lighten up with time. Any suggestions??
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