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Hi All! Thanks for reading my "story." I am...

Hi All! Thanks for reading my "story."
I am having surgery on July 25, 2013 with Dr. Lista, just outside of Toronto, Ontario. I researched my BA online for several months, read many stories and confided in one dear friend and my husband before making that leap to book the consultation. I have come a long way since then! I have chosen only to tell a few people and know that others will figure it out but I am feeling like it is not something I must share with everyone I know. I think I am better at this now that I am 40, as I did not have that level of self confidence years ago and that is partly why I have waited for so long to go down this road. This is the time, I can feel it.
I have attended the clinic for my initial consultation and once more to confirm my size. I first met with the doctor in May 2013 and here I am, less than one week away!
I am approximately129 lbs, 5'6 and a slim build. I have always been small chested and things went downhill (physically) after having my children, small became ridiculously small and a bit deflated. I thought I was a 34 A/AA until last week when I was fitted at La Senza and they said I have always been a 32 A, so who told me 34? Who knows, no one likely!! I am now looking at increasing my size to a 32 C - that is my goal anyway. I am having 375 allergen implants, under the muscle and through the arm pit folds as I have a high chest shelf and this is what the doctor suggested. He suggested a range of sizes and I tried the sizers on to be certain. I chose a size in the middle range of what he said would suit my body. I have to be honest, I feel HUGE in those sizers but the staff and my husband assure me that it will not look as obvious when they are implanted and I chose within the range that will look fitting for my size. I still am nervous but feel better after having returned to the clinic and re-trying those sizers on again to be sure - I picked the exact same size, so I think I am good!
I have received tons of information from my doctor and my patient coordinator, Brittany, has been completely amazing. The communication is really quite good and I feel like I have had all of my questions and concerns thoroughly answered and very promptly as well.
Next week, my husband and I will travel to Mississauga and stay over the night before the surgery, which is booked at 10 am the following day. I booked an all suites room with a separate bedroom so that my husband will be able to watch television and fix food in the kitchen area without disturbing me as I am recovering in the bedroom after surgery. The only downside is that the hotel is about 20 minutes away, but it seems to be the best suited for what I was looking for, so really, I am good with that drive.
I am interested in any tips to manage my recovery, or in planning for the surgery in this last week. I have taken tips from this site and feel somewhat prepared. I bought tank tops in just about every colour so when I go back to work I can wear something under my tops, since I was told I am to go braless for a few weeks post op - wow.
I have bought shirts that have a poufy front and elastic waist or detailing with ruffles to hide my swollen chest when I return to work on August 13, 2013. I hope it is not too obvious, and it has been 92 degrees here, so I am also hoping that I don't have to use the scarves (I have also purchased) or I am going to toast!!
I have bought pj\s with front buttons, and have my arm pillow thing ready for when I return home on July 26th. I do not have a recliner, so I am figuring out how the arm pillow thingy and random pillows and blankets will work. I am thinking I will set myself up downstairs, with those items, in front of the t.v, and on the futon.
Well, that is the gist of it for now. I love reading the stories and supportive comments on each post, so feel free to chat here as well. I am planning to add pictures later, but just have been so busy getting work in order to have time to go and have this surgery, and that is one of the things that I have not gotten around to yet. Stay tuned!!!

Five days to go!!

I am getting my house in order and thinking about packing now. Monday and Tuesday will be nuts with work since I will be off so long so I know I need to get it all set before the end of the weekend. I think I will set up my "recovery couch" today too!!!

My before 32 a cup

I am so nervous posting this!! I am going to anyway because of the brave women who did the same and gave me the opportunity to see that there are other people who have the same body type.

The sun will come out, Tomorrow...........the countdown is almost to zero!

I'm in the final hours before my BA. I was given the green light to shave tomorrow, which sounds stupid but I was told not to shave any body hair for two weeks pre-op. My appreciate is 7 am.
My recovery bed is set up at home, loads of pillows, my peas are in the freezer, my heating pad, hair ties, books and remotes are on the side table, I have apple sauce, Ritz crackers and gingerale.
I am totally nervous for tomorrow but just want this over so I can be on my way to heal!
I will update after to let you know how things go. Thank you all for your warm wishes and to HeasitatedMe and those contemplating survey I hope those updates help you like the others helped me!!
Catch you on the other side!!


Spell check! Appreciate is supposed to be appointment. Survey should be surgery. Sorry....

Today went great! Here is how the day of my surgery went....

Hello everyone!!
I am going to update this with point form for now, I am currently comfortable in bed with pillows and just had a dose of medicine so for now I am good but there's a lot to share....
I Washed last night and this morning with the antiseptic wash they provided me. It made my face sore and tight, as I have sensitive skin and they told me not to use any lotions or serums after the wash was used from hair to foot!
Arrived at 7 am - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Mississaugua, On
Met with OR Nurse who was bright and so welcoming, she took my dh's cell number and asked if he had any questions before she and I went upstairs to the office on the OR floor
Nurse took my vitals and asked if I knew what I was getting done - 371 silicone gel gummy bear implants with an underarm incision. I passed the test, lol
She had me put on my pajama pants, socks, and slippers with the medical gown tied in the back.
She had me get comfortable on a chair with heated blankets and with my house coat on.
She then endeared me to her forever when she said she did not note my age at first and was shocked when she saw I was 40. She said she thought for sure I was in my 20s. Wow, I LOVE that woman, lol!!!!!!
I was then given a celebrex, oxycodone, and a pill for nausea
I sat in that room watching a small television, which really did chill my nerves a bit
The anesthesiologist then came in and sat with me and asked all about my medical history. He was very engaging with me and kind.
Dr Lista came in next - all smiles, with such a positive energy and so bright. He asked me how I was and reviewed the size and plan for today. We discussed my fear of being too big and of my breast asymmetry. Too big - He said he would use a smaller implant if it did not suit my body when in surgery, however, he felt I chose the perfect size for what I wanted to achieve
Asymmetry - Dr.Lista said we would use the same sized implants in each breast as they were not that different in size and we were going for sisters, not twins!
He then asked if I would mind having a medical student join us, I said it would be fine so he asked her to come into the exam room
He then marked me , explaining all of the decisions made (type, size, placement, how he hides the scars, etc.) and how he was going to achieve the best results - as an educator, I loved this part and it did wonders for my nerves hearing his intelligent explanations and his confidence
He took photos and asked me to relax in the warm chair.
My nurse came back and we walked to the OR, I laid down on the bed and had my legs wrapped into these wraps for circulation (loved those, mini massages )
Another nurse took my blood pressure and the anesthesiologist inserted my IV and then....????
My surgery was at 8 am, we may have started shortly after and I woke up in recovery sometime around 9:30 or 10. I did not have any tube in my mouth (there was one during surgery) and I slowly came aware of the room and the busy nursing staff zipping about.
I felt very minimal pain, more of a tightness and no nausea
The nurses told me the surgery went well and he went with the 371 ccs
I stayed in recovery for about another hour, maybe a bit longer, not sure
I was given oxycodone and crackers
I was wearing my pajama top now and a pain pump attached to my breasts that had two little pouches of the draining fluid (yuck)
They gave me another bag of fluid by intervenus before they wheeled me out (I had a potty break and it was not too hard to navigate on my own)
My husband drove us back to the Homewood Suites (more on that experience later, my new favorite hotel, unmatched for accommodating me during this time)
I went right to bed but have not slept much at first. I did snooze from 430-9 tonight though. I am amazed about the pain being so minimal at this point. Tightness, sore on the right more than the left and dizzy but all in all, manageable. When the pain pump comes off tomorrow morning I hope that is still the case!
I have been taking all of my meds and not icing, as per the written instructions. My husband drains the pouches every two hours or so, he is so awesome!
I am going to sleep soon again and I will try to update more later.
Thanks for your prayers and supportive words! I'm so happy at this stage and, oh ya, I freaking Love my perfect breasts, what a genius Dr Lista is, worth every penny!!!!!!

I will upload my photo from today when I am back home. Basically, a bit swollen, bruised coming from my underarms and at the inside of the bottom of each breast but I already know the size is perfect and my husband agrees. Happy and relieved at this stage!!

One more point...

I have a strap as well that goes around the top of my chest, snug under my arm pits.

One day post op, still smiling

As promised, a few words about the Hilton Homewood Suites, in Toronto by the airport, my new favourite hotel!! I picked this hotel because it had a separate kitchen, and living room, with a television for my husband to watch as I recovered in the king sized bedroom, with another tv, next to the three piece bathroom. It was spacious, clean and modern. The booking included both dinner and breakfast each day of our stay and the food was delicious! The dinner we ate the night of our arrival was pepper steak stir fry with wild rice. It came with salad, a roll and chicken gumbo soup. There was also non alcoholic drinks included. last night, my husband had personal deep dish pizza, the caesar salad buffet and chicken noodle soup. He brought a container of soup up for me, and a plate of french fries and both were yummy!! The staff made sure my hubby had something to take up to me and said to call them if i wanted anything else.
Yesterday, when we left to go to the clinic for my surgery, my husband asked if we could have our room made up close to first as i would return after surgery and he wanted me to just return and rest. The woman took our room # and said she woul ensure our room was at the top of the cleaning list when the cleaning staff arrived at eight. When we returned at about 10:30, the room was all set.
About two hours later, a guest services staff came to the door and gave my husband a care package for me from the hotel! How sweet and thoughtful. It had strawberry scented kleenex, purell, a box of tylenol and a can of chicken noodle soup. I couldn't believe it!
Well, we checked out this am and went for my first post op with the nurse at the PS clinic. She removed the pain pump which did not hurt, but the drainage tubes in my arm pits did burn as they were removed. I am glad that is out. She checked my symmetry, perfect, and the incisions are good as well. She said i am to wear the band all of the time, except when in the wash, which i do each day when i take it off to shower. i am not to ice at all. I am to rest and only get up to shower, eat and go to the bathroom until I go back next Thursday, then we will begin exercises.
I am pretty bruised today, around my incisions, and all around both breasts. i have tightness and swelling and the odd swooshy sound at the top of my breasts when i move, weird. I remain hopped up on oxys and am tired but not in major discomfort. We traveled home and it is good to see my family and return to my bed.
Sorry for this long post, I cannot believe how much I appreciate this venue to share and journal this experience. I wish you all well!!!!

one day post op

The pain pump is off, they feel very sore and hard and burn a bit. Better days ahead, I am sure of it

day two post op picture

Sad Sunday, could use a pep talk......

So my lofty plan of going off the oxys day two post op was not to be. I woke up at 6 am in major pain and took the full dose again. Thank Goodness it is starting to work. Back to sleep and hopefully this gets better from here. nuts!!
The band is sore, but I am committed to following each and every direction to a "t" so it stays on this week when it is not in the wash each day.
My smile for the morning - my son is camped out next to my bed (actually his bed, made into Mom's recovery room!), a nest of pillows. I asked him if he wanted to go slip into Dad's bed and he said he didn't, what a sweetheart!! He is nine.
I am now seeing double but in no pain so I am going to get some rest. Hope my friends out there on RS are healing well and having an amazing day!!!

Three days post op, new photo

Healing better now....

Well, after having a lot of pain earlier today and getting some further rest, I am happy to report that I was able to wait the six hours before taking further pain meds., and took one oxy, one extra strength Tylenol and my Arnica. The Picture I took today makes my chest look on the small side but I think it's the way they are still sitting, high and a bit swollen. I tried on a bikini top and I was just amazed, it fits and looks so nice! I am really excited and a bit emotional at this point. I am fine with my former suits fitting, as long as I have some chest to fill it, I will be happy. I'm Getting uncomfortable with my bloated body, I am hopeful that things get moving, if you catch my drift!
To those having surgery this week, best of luck!!! Happy healing to those post op and a big thanks to the people who continue to come back to this Site to reassure people who are interested in this surgery and for those of us who have had it and are now recovering! Xox

For Figure Girl...pre op body picture for perspective

Not the best picture bit trying to maintain some anonymity!! When my bloated tummy goes down, I will do a body post with my new chest!!

Day Four, no more narcotics so I hope things get moving!!!!!

I slept until 9 am this morning, wow! I was in quite a bit of pain, right side mostly and decided to take my Tylenol instead of oxys and take more if needed in half an hour. I am pleased to report that the two 500mg of Tylenol is making the pain manageable, which is good because today is the day that I AM going to poop, no matter what I have to ingest to get it done!!! Thanks for the suggestions to get things moving. I am asking my mom to pick up some milk of magnesium today and I don't know if we have the slow tea, but she can check for that too. I just hope I don't have to resort to an enema, that could be tricky as I am still not all that coordinated with my range of motion post op!
Its just me and the kids today and they have been wonderful. I have had the opportunity to rest and heal, which is great.
Happy healing everyone!

When do I call about concerns with my incision?

I'm getting a bit concerned about my right incision (under arm). It is really red and does not seem to be healing as quickly. I have been following my doctor 's advice and washing the area four times each day and using the polysporine but it really hurts, more than the left. How can I judge if it is infected??

Day four post op

Day 6, feeling more "normal " and might wear street clothes today.....ummm but love my cozy pj's so....

Posting pictures then will update......

My day six update!

Hi my friends who "get" this from around the world!! I am really excited now to report that I am starting to feel better and more like myself today. Yesterday was a bit rough and I think my Mom figured out why, after the swelling starts to go down, you feel just how tender you are. She also reminded me about a study about red head/fair skinned women having higher sensitivity when breastfeeding and that would be applicable now as well, not to suggest that I have any more pain than the olive and darker skinned beauties here but for some reason that reminder helped me when I needed it. Does anyone have increased nipple sensitivity on day 5/6? For some unknown reason I thought I would bypass that with the incision site I have but no luck : (
I am still reading so many stories on here and just get so encouraged by the women who weigh in and comment to each other for no other reason than to be sweet, and it is really amazing. I'm sure that I will continue to learn from all of you and appreciate you for coming along on my journey and allowing me to be a part of yours. Have a wonderful day and happy healing friends xo

Incision pictures, ewww but might help someone who is having this done

Better late than never.....

I just went on the allergen website and figured out what type of projection I have. It is a style 15, which told me nothing, but I now see that translates into a moderate projection, 371 smooth cohesive gel implant. I do not know why I had to figure that out but I feel better for knowing now, lol!
And now for some humour.... at dinner, (of course at dinner, he is a boy!) my son asked us if we had heard of the movie Constipated. We said no, he said, with a straight face, oh that's because it hasn't come out yet! EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

My life of post op leisure is officially OVER!!!!

First the good news, I had my post op today, all is healing great, no sign of infection and I am on the road to recovery. Then the bad news, I have to vigorously and aggressively massage the bejesus out of my breasts ten times a day! I have done these torture exercises twice since my appointment and I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes! Holy $!?$ that is pain!!!! Please, for the love of all things holy, has anyone had these directions and followed them with success? I am going to follow the directions, I just am really hoping that this gets less painful each day so any assurances would be so appreciated. If this is not the case, I would appreciate helpful hints....I have already warmed up the Arnica gel before my massage, but have been directed not to use ice or ibuprofen, so I don't have any other bright ideas....
Oh and more great news, I have the strap day and night for one more week.....
I think I can, I think I can.......chin up and focus on the end result, natural, soft, normal shaped breasts........till tomorrow loves xo

7 day photo

8 days, photo taken following "massage"

Updated picture, day 11

day 15, doing great!

Had my two week Po appt yesterday and had my stitches removed. My left is healing beautifully, the right looks thick and red so I am not happy there yet but the nurse assured me that it will heal in time. I was given (paid for) a scar fade cream to start applying twice daily for the next six months to fade the incision scars. I cannot use silicone sheets due to the incision site. The scar cream was $46 but I did not know if I could get the same at the nutrition house in town so I decided to buy it at the dr's office.
I have to keep massaging ten times a day (no longer hurts and now I see movement so I am happy) and I only have to wear the strap at night. I have to try to sleep on my stomach which did not work last night so I will keep trying that one.....and I have to lay on a hard surface each day as well, I guess it strengthens the chest muscles.
I am not cleared for physical activity yet, booo! I had been riding my bike and was told to cut it out, I am not allowed to do anything that raises my heart rate and I will be cleared for this if all is good when I see the Dr next on Sept 3!
I have not taken any medicine with the exception of the arnica granules for the last few days and do not have pain. When I massage the scar tissues it is tender, but the arnica gel is helping there.
I am back to work earlier than expected and no one really noticed but some who knew I had surgery asked what it was for so I just said "Cysts " and feel guilty for lying but really, why are they asking what I had done?! I'm pretty sure I would not be as bold.
Well life has been busy since getting back to my schedule but I am managing with early nights.
Best wishes to my BA friends healing xo

Three weeks post op!!

Three weeks, woot woot!!

Time flies after you get back to business! I have been incredibly busy and I have not had much time to update my review. I am amazed at how well this recoup process is going, with the exception of the scar tissue pain(massaging to get rid of it, so slow!) and this no working out for three more weeks business. I have two major events coming up that I cannot dance at, what the heck?!?
Anyway, I am noticing the look of my breast to be improving daily. They are starting to drop nicely and right now they look just like they did when my milk came in, so hopefully the changes continue to be positive from here.
My left incision is fading fast, the right is sluggish coming along but I wish it looked as good as the other.
Not much more to report. I hope you all are well and happy healing xo.

Here are pix I posted before but removed to add modesty stickers....for perspective.

Day four and six post op

Day six did not load,here it is!

holy inappropriate!!

Today I tried on a few of my bikinis without padding. Ya, that is something!!! I'm going to have to file those and buy new, yippee!!!!!! I don't feel too big or anything but it is evident that I have large cleavage in those particular bikini tops. Perhaps that is because those cups are REALLY small. Bye bye small sized bikini tops!!

One month post op picture

One month post op

Well, I am happy to report that I am atone month post op and feeling almost back to normal. My breasts are still sort of high, swelling is not totally gone and I continue to have soreness and bruising where I am working on the scar tissue. I find it interesting that the bikini top I tried on at three days post op had fit well and now it is far too risqué for me to wear as I now how more chest showing. Weird how the dropping and swelling going down makes the breasts bigger (not a ton so don't panic)!
I am still happy with the size I chose and becoming more comfortable in my body. I have been a bit self conscious about my incisions under my arms and so wearing things with at least cap sleeves which is a pain, it is pretty hot lately!
I am done wearing the strap at night after tonight, so that is good. Still no bra until I get the okay from the doctor and I do not see him until Sept 4. I have been wearing nipple flowers that hurt at the end of the day when they come off, ouch!
Not too much else to report. I am anxious to get back to working out but am being patient. One day at a time!
Hope you are all doing well and happy healing xo

Looking for insght for those with under arm (transaxillary) site incisions...

Does anyone else feel like there are fluid filled bubbles that you are massaging under the arm pit and at the top of the implant (more to the side)?? I am supposed to use soft tissue massage and have been dutifully, and it seems that it is breaking up on the right side and I think that is why it is dropping...but the left side remains stubborn and feels like bubbles that feel like cysts...hmm...I see my doctor next week but thought I would put this out there for my lovely ladies too weigh in. Any thoughts??

Five weeks post op

left side still stuck....

I feel great, scars are fading fast and I like how my chest looks. My left Breast still is tighter than my right and I wish it was as dropped but I will try to be patient!

I bought a new swimsuit today and my husband 's eyes just about popped out of his head. Yes!!

I hope all of you are doing great. Happy healing xo

Mondors Cord?

When you think you know what the heck to expect and then find out, nope, I have no clue....okay, that sadly is where I sit!!
I have this very tight rope like area on the outside of my left Breast and I thought it was scar tissue that I was supposed to be massaging the bejesus out of. I just read someone's post who spoke of something called, "mondor's cord." I looked it up and I think I had better stop massaging and ask my doctor tomorrow when I go in for my post op. I was beginning to think this was Cc but am hoping that it is this mondor's cord thing because that sounds like an irritant that will go away. Has anyone else had this issue? Where did you have it and what did you do the resolve it? I look forward to learning more. Happy healing friends xo

new bathing suit, five weeks, incisions too

My left incision is doing better but right is healing on track too. Armpit incisions.


photos -just shy of six weeks

six week check up!!

Yesterday I saw my doctor and was given the green light to do ANYTHING I WANT!!!! Everything is healing on schedule and I just have scar tissue that will break down over time. He gave me stretches to do to help loosen them up (hand behind head and stretch back, massage into/under the cord like area).
I went to La senza and was sized - 32 DD!! Yay!!

also can wear a 34b (marilyn monrie bra)

Clothed picture.

marilyn monroe i meant, lol!

See last post.

doing great!!

Here are some new pictures. First, some from a few days ago...

tosay's pictures

Here are a few more, I'm a sports bra from Joe Fresh sized 34 C

tiday, nit tosay, sheesh!?

Well, I am feeling great! My breasts look pretty awesome if I do say so myself, hahaha! This has been quite an amazing experience. Today my husband decided the "sisters"needed real names so he had fun throwing out some interesting ones. I axed the following - Scooby and Shaggy, Thelma and Daphne, Cagney and Lacey, and Frick and Frack. What was he thinking?!? Well we finally agreed on Salt N Peppa, which I forsee will be a fun inside joke for us when we are out for dinner!! I am happy for how this surgery has thrown more flames into our intimacy. I mean, it was always there but it is definitely something that has stepped it up a few notches. So amazing to say this at 40 when we have been married for seventeen years and have children. Ya gotta love that!
I am feeling very active, they feel good when I stretch and am physical. I still massage those ropey like cords to the side/top of both breasts and think it is getting less and less. You cannot see the lumpy things so that makes me happy.
My incisions are fading. I wish they would be gone already but it will take time since I am so fair skinned. I use the scar fade gel twice a day and massage those incisions within an inch of their life because I understand that promotes healing.
I noticed some firework/spark type pains in my breasts off and on the last few days (not to say though) and I understand that it my nerves re generating or attaching or something like that! I put a bit of pressure when this happens and it feels better. Nothing that would require anything more.
Zero pain meds, no longer massaging with arnica, just use bio oil and cocoa butter or whatever I have on hand, and massage in the shower and two other times each day. My husband says they feel more squishy and he is in love with them.
Still no one has seemed to do a double take and only those who k ow check me out. All have said it looks right for my body type and natural, exactly what I wanted. Dr List a rocks!!
I will update again soon xo

picture @ two months

Three month update - posted in comment section, oops!

Three months, wow, where does the time go?? I finally have some downtime to catch up on this blog and check in to see how all of you are doing at every stage of this process! I will update my pictures later today and will give you a rundown of where I am at three months post op here. *breast feel good - firm still so I am not sure if they will get softer through the rest of the year so I will keep updating on that part *scar tissue - healing well, do not massage them anymore which is a huge change. In about the second month post op, I was really aggravated by the scar tissue that connected from the under arm incision to the breast implant site (under skin). I massaged everyday, sometimes up to five times for several minutes each time, to work on the lumpier bits and now, it is not bothering me at all, I think most broke up in there from that working over, and I think that since it has gotten better, both breasts have settled down where they need to sit, which is great really * my incision sites are healing nicely but man am I impatient on that one. I think being so fair skinned it highlights the angry red lines under my armpits. They are pretty flat and not puffy or anything, but I cannot wait until they resemble a faded scar. I switched from the uber-expensive scar gel to Maderma scar gel, saving about $30/tube in the process. They are both silicone scar gels so I hope it is not a big deal. I just cannot afford the other expensive scar fade stuff right now. *paying for this procedure - I am still chopping away at paying the line of credit bill that I took out to get this done. While I am happy I did not make myself save and wait to have it done (would have been likely a few years and really would likely have decided then to forgo it all together, which would be so sad now that I know the positive outcome I received by having the surgery), it is a hefty bill.*people have not noticed at work, still (other than the handful in the know). Work is so stressful right now that people are hardly looking beyond themselves let alone seeing changes to observe on others *buying bras - I love trying on and buying bras! I am pretty much a solid 34 C now and that is a popular size so I am all set. I bought two extreme cleavage bras from Fredrick's and they are perfect for when I want cleavage to go together. My usual, everyday are the La Senza bras that have been wearing and laundering well (hand washed in mild soap, hung to dry). *we went on vacation and I loved the confidence I felt in my swimwear and dresses for dinner, shows. *sometimes I am a bt sore still, not painful sore, just do have the odd feeling of discomfort around the breast and especially on nipple area. no more zingers though. I am more protective of banging the area than ever, as it does feel more sensitive that other areas of my body. *I became a "Real Friend" since my surgery, so thanks to Beth and all of you who do like to read blogs and communicate in this format. It helped me so much both before and after I had the surgery. I hope those of you thinking about surgery get all of your questions answered and to those of you in the other side, happy healing xo

Nine month check up, all is good!!

I saw my doctor yesterday and all has been really good!! Zero issues, feels great and could not be happier with my results. I had a complimentary facial peel that was so wonderful!
I hope you all are doing well xo

One year anniversary and so happy!

Hey girls!!
All is well with my world. I had the surgery one year ago and other than faint lines under my arm pits (not noticeable really unless pointed out) I have zero complaints!
I feel more confident and as though I "filled" the area that for whatever reason was not filled in enough in the first place. Does that even make sense?? To me it does. I just feel like my body is as it should be. I look more feminine and less boy like in clothing and much more proportioned. I am happy that my husband is loving the results and that it is not so dramatic that others notice at all.
I have had a great year and would go through with it all again in a heartbeat!
I hope you are all well and have the courage to share your stories. I know those who came before me helped me tremendously through this forum and I hope my posts have been helpful to someone out there as well.
I will post one year photos soon.
Best wishes xo

I'm back! Revision needed - day 1 postoperative

I had developed capsular contracture in my right breast. I noticed the right side took much longer to heal and was a bit higher than the left. Then, this past August (one year after my BA) , I noticed it was feeling hard and sore. It felt like an oval ball and always sat higher than the left. I called Dr Lista and got an appointment a few days later. He was wonderful as ever. He explained about the degree of issue in the area and recommended he remove the implant and scrape the scar tissue and then insert a fresh implant. This time I had to go under the breast instead of under my arm. This meant no drains this time (yay!) but I will likely have a visual scar since my breast doesn't sit low like some women's breasts do but really I could care less since it is only my husband and I who see them anyway.
I have been very pleased with Dr Lista and his partner, Dr Ahmad who worked with dr L for my surgery yesterday.
I am pretty looped up today so I might add more tomorrow.
For now, I am happy with what I see, time will tell!!

So far, I have been incredibly impressed with Dr. Lista and my care consultant, Brittney.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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