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I heard so much about this surgeon i HAD to go on...

i heard so much about this surgeon i HAD to go on a consultation, i called and waited a few weeks for my consult which i don't mind because i know he is busy however i was traveling from another city to come see him and i actually told the lady when i called about this. I get there on time and my consultation starts 30 minutes late, again i don't mind because i was thinking he was taking more time with some patient and that i didn't mind waiting for a surgeon who was dedicated. We were quite a few women in the waiting room and every 15 minutes it seemed like 2 would get called by a nurse and taken into a room, when it was my turn i went into a room with a very sweet nurse who asked me a few questions and then left me in the room so i would put on the hospital robe and said dr lista would be come see me. I waited a very long time by myself in that room before he came in. When he finally came in we barely talked, he asked a few questions and took a measurement really fast and then told me what kind of implants he thinks i should go without explaining much about himself, the clinic, the procedure or even the implants themselves. I told him i was quite nervous about coming all the way by myself to see him and that my mom wanted me to ask some questions, i had 2 papers full of questions his face switched when i pulled them out he seemed so annoyed and rushed, he answered my questions coldly and was very condescending he made me feel so uncomfortable i put the paper back into my bag after asking three of the questions he then left the room, i was left to wait for a long time again, then the nurse came and made me try a few sizers and when i said there was one i might like more she left again and then she came back with dr lista who just looked at me with the sizers on and said he liked the look and that next time i should bring my mom with me to decide and he left, she then gave the a paper with the price and walked me out. That's it, i barely call this a consult, i wasn't able to actually speak to the doctor, get to know him or even tell him what i wanted or ask questions about the procedure. I got a cold and rude consultation, the doctor very arrogant and fake it was definitely not worth the 7 hour drive but hey it's just another experience right?

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