Disappointed with my BA 1 Week Later - Mississauga, ON

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I had a BA with Dr. Lista in Mississauga just over...

I had a BA with Dr. Lista in Mississauga just over a week ago and am so disappointed with the experience and results. I have been devastated and crying since Day 2. I'm curious to know if anyone else has had a similar experience.

My overall disappointment comes from the fact that my implants look so very small. Now, I understand it's only been about 1 week and my breasts are going to change shape, but everyone tells me they will not get any bigger; they'll just drop and get softer (but stay the same volume).

I'm 5'10", 155lbs and started out as a 34A. After a TON of deliberation, I chose (with little help or input from anyone else) 371cc silicone gel implants because I thought they looked like a good size when I tried on the sizers during consultation, because other A cup women online said they became a large C and sometimes a small D cup with this size of implant, and because a friend who got this same size gel implant (also starting as an A cup) came out as a D cup.

I am so shocked at how small my breasts look after this surgery. The size is very far off what I expected. I think I look like a B cup (haven't actually tried a bra yet since it's too early) and my friend who also got gel 371cc's can't even fathom how mine can be the same size as hers. I don't know how this is possible. Before my surgery, I was wearing padded bras to make me look like a B cup and now I don't look any different (I wanted to be bigger than what the padded bras made me)!! I can't believe I spent $9000 on these!

Did I misunderstand something about the sizing?? Does anyone else feel this way?

Looking back, I realize that I should have talked MUCH more with the surgeon about sizing. But during my consultations (I had 2, pre-op), he said it would be the coordinator who would take me through the sizing, not him. I assumed this is what every patient did. The coordinator, although very kind, didn't offer up any suggestions or opinions on the sizers as I tried them on. She kept very neutral, just saying, "it's up to you!" so I felt like I really needed to just figure this out myself -- hence the searching for similar cases online and talking to friends. Again, looking back, I wish someone at the clinic would have suggested I try the sizers with clothes on, since that makes a big difference. It's hard to tell how you'll look day to day by just looking at a sizer in a sports bra (which even the coordinator admitted isn't the best representation of how you'll look in the end). And I wish Dr. Lista would have had a conversation with me about what size I wanted to be and how he could get me there.

Today I went for my 1 week follow-up appointment and the nurse told me that Dr. Lista won't meet with me until the 1 month follow-up appointment. I expressed my concerns to her, but she just said, "you need to take it up with him." She did mention, though, that if I want a revision, Dr. Lista won't do anything for a year.

So let's see what happens in a month when I see him again. All I can say for now is that I am SO upset with these implants. I can't believe I spent all this money to be unhappy with how I look.

4 Weeks Post Op... still unhappy

So thought I'd provide a quick update since tomorrow is exactly 4 weeks since my surgery (and since some people have asked for an update!).

I'm still quite unhappy with my results. I hate how small I still look, especially in clothes. I'm bummed every single morning I wake up (and still cry the odd time -- so, so much money for such a minimal change). I know my new breast size is more than I had before, but it's just not what I wanted or expected. Again, I really thought I was paying for implants that would make me look much fuller.

What also makes me feel crappy is the fact that when I've now told some friends and family that I've had this done, EVERY single one of them said, "Really?! I couldn't even tell!" So obviously I'm no bigger than the cheap padded bras I used to wear. *sigh*

As I see in my photos, I look no different than 1 week post-op, except that my breasts have dropped slightly. But they look the exact same size to me. I suppose I STILL need to be patient, though, since there's more D&F to go.

Technically I'm allowed to start wearing a bra this weekend, but I really don't feel like putting one on. I'm afraid to find out what size I officially am... I know it's going to upset me. A few people have told me, "Just wait until you put a bra on. You'll look so much bigger!" but I don't believe it will make that much difference (unless it's a padded or push-up bra). So that, too, is why I'm afraid to try a bra on. I don't want to face the reality that it might not make a difference in how I look.

Ugh... I am just so insanely jealous when I hear women talking about how happy they are with their BA and how they love their new look...

More Photos, 4 Weeks Post Op

Can't figure out why I can't add more photos to my last post (why no edit function??)...
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I had three interactions with Dr. Lista before my BA. During consultations he answered my questions well each time, but I felt that he only offered up limited information himself until I probed further (for example, he never told me the shape or texture of the implant he was recommending and why, until I went back for a second consultation and specifically asked). So basically, to me it seemed that if you didn't know the right questions to ask, you'd be lacking knowledge which would help you make a better decision (and given that I've never had a BA before, I didn't know everything that I needed to ask!). Overall, along with my BA results, I am quite disappointed with the whole experience at this clinic. Also, the wait times at the clinic on surgery day are ridiculous. I was asked to come into the clinic for 12:15pm, with my surgery scheduled for 1:30pm. I sat in the waiting room, shaking with nerves for over an hour and a half when finally I was called in at 1:50pm. The surgery didn't happen until 3:00pm. The only really positive part of the experience was dealing with the coordinators. Tara was super responsive to my emails and was very accommodating, which was appreciated.

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