5'6" 128lbs Bwd 12.5cm 345cc Mod Profile Round Transaxillary - Mississauga, ON

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6 days away from my BA in Mississauga with Dr...

6 days away from my BA in Mississauga with Dr Lista. I live about three a
Hours away from the clinic so I am staying with a friend for my first week post op

Any tips to do before hand and to have on hand?

My current bra size is 34B and am hoping that 345cc is enough for a nice full breast I'm not going for size, I'm going for shape

Thank you in advance for any help!


I had my BA done yesterday and the new girls look excellent!
I'm going to upload pics tomorrow and write a more detailed post about how it all went

Stay tuned!

Day 3!

Ok so it's day #3. My breast are high and hard! I'm very tender and sore but that's about it. I haven't experienced any nausea since surgery... Except for today. Today my girlfriend, who is a personal support worker, washed my hair and my incision site. I think from seeing my incision it made my stomach upset. I'm fine now. My incisions look great though!

I am going to post a few pics now. I'll take a few good ones later this week.

The day after surgery

I'm so over it!

This week has been quite tough for me. I've been managing my pain with taking the meds on time, but I'm just over it. My breast are so stretched out that it hurts. My skin is screaming! I just woke up and noticed a small abrasion on my left nipple, which can only be from stretching. I just want it to be healed already!!!!
As mentioned previously I have not had any nausea, which has been nice. The medications prescribed have been treating me well. My pain medication routine was 1 perc every 5-6 hours and 2 percs for bed. Now I'm 1 perc in the morning, Tylenol every 6 hours and 2 percs at bed. The mornings have been the worst for pain, so I will stick to this system for a few more days.
Sleeping has been surprisingly decent. The two pain meds definitely help. I figured I would have a really hard time as I can not sleep on my back, but Ive done well so far!
Tmi, but I have yet to have a BM... so my stomach is a bit off, but I'm hoping for some movement today.

I think that's all for now.

Feeling better as each day passes

Today is day 6 post op. I've officially stopped taking the oxy's as of yesterday morning. (Day 5 post op). I feel that Tylenol extra strength works just as well at this point. I hate taking any medications so I was eager to stop taking the oxy's anyway. I definitely used what I needed and am thankful to have had them. The first 4 days they were definitely needed!

My 2nd follow up appointment is on Wednesday. Its a 3 hour drive so I'm not looking forward to that.

I'm just desperate at this point to ditch the compression band. It feels like it's going to slice me in half. I have it off now to wash it and shower and I am dreading having to put it back on.

Time can not pass fast enough. I wish I was 4 weeks post op already. Ah well.

1 week post op!

It's been a week! I've pooped!!! Haha
I'm definitely feeling better today. I know I'll take some Tylenol before I go to bed as my nipples feel like they're going to fall off and my left breast is a bit sore. My back is also starting to bother me from sleeping on my back. Otherwise all seems well.

Anyone else ready to burn the band? It's so tight!!!! I can't wait to stop wearing it.

After reading other experiences I feel like I'm doing pretty well... Knock on wood.

Here is a pic I took this morning. My breast are shiny as I put coconut oil on them and my nipples Are super stretched out. I can't wait for the swelling to go down.

Hard boobs :(

I woke up this morning and Both of my breasts feel tight. It's freaking me out. Anyone else experience this? I have a follow up appointment tomorrow that can't come soon enough.

Day 10

I must say that day 9 was my turning point from, " what have I done?" To, " ahhhhh, boobies!"

I think mostly it has been due to the swelling and tightness etc... This whole experience has been pretty emotional for me. From pain, to discomfort, lack of sleep and having these foreign objects sitting on my chest and holding me back from my normal life. Yesterday was the first day where it all lifted enough for me to relax and start feeling like these new additions are apart of me and will fit in just fine.

I must also add that yesterday was my 2 follow up. I know that seeing my nurse, (who is amazing may I add), really helped the mental struggle that I have been going through. She said my incisions, mobility, swelling and recovery in general is going along very well. What a relief!!!! Over the past 8 days I've just been questioning everything and worrying that something is wrong etc. I'm fine, all is normal and to be expected and now I can breathe!!

I had to start massaging yesterday and let me tell you, it's not fun. 5 minutes, 10 times a day will be a struggle, but I've been going through my phone and finding songs that last at least 5 minutes and have thrown them in a boogie massaging play list. Lol. So far it has helped.

I also get to start massaging my incision area 3 times a day with arnica. I'm running out after this post to get that. I'll update on how that is in a few days.

I think that's all for now.

I'm uploading a picture to show before and after in a lululemon flow y bra. Size 6. No padding. Just for comparison.

24 days post op!

Well, it's been quite a while since my last post so I thought I should give a bit of an update.

I have been sleeping on my side since about day 18. Ahhhhh. It's been great. I haven't don't anything fancy in terms on pillow arrangement. I just use a big pillow to "hug". It keeps me straight on my side so I don't lean over too far on my chest.

I am only wearing my strap at night. As annoying as that is, I feel like it's completely necessary... My right breast is sitting higher than my left.

my scars are coming along nicely. I purchased Scarfade and am applying that twice a day. I haven't been able to shave my pits properly yet, so I will spare you all the gross photo. Once I have a successful shave I will post a pic. I feel like they look good and will heal nicely.

I can't wait until I can finally wear a bra!! I have not been able to wear once at all. Just the strap. At week 4 I can finally support these ladies. I crave it so bad!!! When I go out somewhere where I need to take my parka off I do wear a tee Bralette. It offers zero support but it contains them enough so I don't feel as if I'm flopping around all over the place.

I still have bruising around my pits, under the breast fold and above my right breast where I had the pain pump inserted. But it seems to be clearing nicely as well. I had a pretty significant amount of bruising to start with so I figured it would be a while before it was completely gone.

I've been spending 10mins a day laying on my stomach on the floor, and every morning before I get out of bed I roll onto my stomach to give an extra stretch. I am also still doing my massages. It feels good to do them now, unlike when i first started.

All in all I'm happy with how it's all going. I don't have another follow up until March 1.

Hang in there everyone!

Incisions at 4 weeks post op

I have been using scarfade. This was the first time that I shaved since surgery. It was scary, but I did a decent job. Haha
I am pleased with how they look.

Coming along

I am now 5 weeks post op and feeling good.
As mentioned previously, I have been side sleeping since day 18 and have been sleeping on my stomach here and there for a short bursts. I can't make it longer than 2 hours on my stomach as its not very comfortable, but it's doable.
My breasts feel great. My right breast is still higher than the left... Massage massage massage.
I don't have to wear the strap anymore, but I have continued with it at night to help the right breast.
I'm able to wear bras now! I bought a few at Victoria's Secret last week.... And they already don't fit the same. I think I jumped the gun on that. Ah well. Let's see where I end up. When I was measured last, I was 34c.

My nipples are still highly sensitive. And my left breast (under) is still numb, but is slowly coming back to life.

All in all, things are well. I see my PS in 2 weeks and will update then, or if something changes or is worth sharing in the mean time. Here are a few pics.

8 weeks post op

Well Monday was the 8 week mark!
I saw my PS last Tuesday and all is well. He is happy with his work and so am I.
I can sleep on my back, stomach and sides....no problems there. My nipple sensitivity is dealing down now....still not 100% but it's tolerable. The numbness that I have is subsiding....although still apparent on both breasts.
The pain that I had in my left breast has miraculously gone away... Funny how it all starts to come together.
My goal now is to get some of my muscle strength in my chest back. I haven't stepped into my gym yet...although I have been doing some home work outs lately.

I want to mention one thing that I noticed on RealSelf. Pre-Op was full of excitement and interaction with other ladies also excited about getting new breast..... But post-op has been quite depressing as I go through the RS newsfeed.
Most woman who are recovering nicely, simply aren't posting! (Myself included) I want to hear from all the ladies who are doing well! For a while, I had to stop signing in to RealSelf as I working myself up over symptoms and conditions that I didn't have. I was almost anticipating the worst due to others reviews.... " I'm going to get that", " that's going to happen to me". It was overwhelming.

So here is my contribution to balancing out the statistics.

I am happy with my purchase, happy with my PS( as well as his staff and facility) and happy with how my recovery has gone so far.

Will post an update next week with how my scars are coming along. ( they look great so far)

Here is a pic that I took this morning. I love how natural they look.

10weeks (appx)

I keep saying that I will post an update, but haven't found the time until now. I'm just over 10 weeks post op and am doing pretty darn well.

The redness of my scars looks a lot more exaggerated than in real life. They're flat and healing nicely. I've noticed that I still have bruising in my armpits and under my breasts where I had major bruising after surgery. Nothing that concerns me, I'm just slow with the recovery process.

I feel great, and I feel that they look great as well. Completely natural and that was the look I was going for. I'm happy :)

I'm just now starting to lift heavy items and I must admit that it feels weird to have them move around in there... I hope I get used to it as time goes by. It's not painful or anything, just something that I am not used to.

I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can get some sun and finally show these girls off! They've been tucked in hoodies and jackets all winter! I need to free them! Haha

I still have numbness under each breast and my nipple sensitivity is about the same as my last update.

The Victoria's Secret bra is lightly lined, has an underwire but no push up to it at all. It's a 34D :) :) :). I wore it today for the first time. I bought it a month ago but it felt too weird to wear so I've just been going with sports bras since surgery. I was happy to take it off today, but it wasn't annoying to wear.

I feel like this is a boring update but I'm committing to posting updates for you :)
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