35 Year Old PANCAKE Breasts!! Needing a BA. Mississauga, ON

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I was always happy with my breast even though they...

I was always happy with my breast even though they were on the smaller side - they were 34B/C, firm and perky. I loved how they looked.

Two kids later who were breastfed....they are now pancakes. I can fill a 34B Victoria Secret bra, but wear the Bombshell!! Tired of looking at my breasts being flat - they are drained and floppy. So I always joked with my husband about a BA, and then started talking seriously about it for a year. I couldn't stop looking at women's breasts and having serious breast envy! I really just wanted to fill up those empty pockets again, and feel better.

So, I've decided to finally do it, and have it booked for Oct 13. Really excited and nervous. I keep going back and forth with the size that I want, but can't decide. I am slightly asymmetrical, so different sizes for each side. I'm going with Cohesive Gel Round Implants, moderate profile, at L405/R445.

The other size I was thinking about was L360/R405. I felt really good about it, and felt this was "me". I thought I made a decision on this, until I started seeing women with larger breasts, and how good it looked. I was trying to remember when I was breast feeding and how big they were, and I really want to go bigger.

So I think, after 3 consultations, and 30 sleepless nights, I can say I am comfortable with L405/R445. Can't wait for the big day!!!!!

Sizer Pics

I've added some of the sizer pics I have. I think this fits my body frame well, and would look natural...but...I'm worried I chose to big. But then the other sizer I was thinking was too small (50cc difference). I know I made the right decision but I second guess a lot...probably my nerves....7 days left....

Did I make a mistake??

I can't help but think I made a mistake...I chose the bigger one but afraid it's too big...I don't even know they will accept last minute changes!!!

Day 1 day of operation

So everything went well. The op was a little delayed, but all in all, good experience. I started to freak out when I got to the operation room...lol but then I was out!!

During the op they had a leg massager which was awesome!!! It's to prevent blood clots.

My breast feel ok, tight but ok. I have a freezing pump, drains, and was prescribed meds for pain, nausea, stool softener.

I feel tired and a little dizzy but I can still interact with my kids.

I'll post an update after my first post-op appointment!

Day 2 post op

Ok so my drains were removed and so did the pain pump. I'm feeling pretty soar, mainly around the incision (armpits). However the nurse said It looks good and healing fine. My right breast and incision is more soar than the left, even with the Percocet. It's probably because I'm right handed and using it more than the left.

I apparantly have waterproof glue that I can take a shower starting tomorrow morning. So that's good news...I feel real gross...

Anyways, I can start lifting my arms but not over due it. I'll post pics after my shower!! ;)

Day 3 post op

Last night I had a lot of pain. Feeling of burning sensation in my breasts and underarms. After takin Percocet I felt better and was able to sleep.

This morning I took my shower and had the upper band off for a little bit of time. That felt great!! But it's back on to ensure the implant doesn't move up into the upper pocket.

I've posted pics which also include the bruising. I couldn't take arnica pills for the bruising since I have allergies to ragweed.

Today, I'm trying to stick with the Tylenol extra strength and saving the Percocet for night time.

Also to note: I have been having more pain on my right side, as well as more bruising. Also muscle twitching on the right.

I'm having emotional moments of "what have I done" and "this is too big". I'm hoping those feelings will go when the swelling and pain goes.

Really the Day 3 post op

So I'm not as light headed and drowsy as the last few days. Using my arms more and abs to get around (maybe ill develop a six pack during recovery lol). I'm sticking with Tylenol during the day, with anti-inflammatory, and Percocet at night. Just to let you all know, I still haven't had a bowel movement, even though I'm taking stool softener. I think that's worth noting.

It seems that my nerves on my right breast are affected cause I'm getting those occasional sharp pains.

I have to wear a compression band above my breast, and it's very uncomfortable. But I follow doctor's orders-they will help with the settling I guess.

To be honest, right now, I hate the way they look, and think I really did go too big. I put my bathing suit top on for a sec and it looked ok, but overall not happy. I feel like I made the wrong choice, even though they are proportionate to my size. I really hope that will change when the swelling goes down and my breasts change in shape.

On a good note, I can still wear my zip up sweaters-they can close, so I must have not gotten too big! Hopefully I won't have a complete overhaul of wardrobe.

Day 4 - interesting changes...

This morning I woke up with morning boob..lol just stiffness but it goes away after moving around. I had a lot more mobility today than other days. Made breakfast for myself and daughter, did her hair, and took a FULL shower all by myself! Lol (I sound like my 5 year old daughter..lol). Anyways I managed to wash my own hair, and clean my body myself, but I was so exhausted afterwards hubby had to dry me up. Plus the incision was feeling stretched so I wanted to take it easy.

I finally had a bowel movement, which was a little but good enough.

My right breast would vibrate, or feels like air bubbles or something going on in there. It happens mostly when I move my right arm around. Also, when I'm doing too much my breasts start to hurt-probably becoming inflamed? The compression band doesn't help with the pain but I had it off in the morning for a couple of hours which is nice. I confirmed with the nurse that everyday I can remove it for a 1-2 hours for cleaning and my shower. We ended up buying a new one so I would always have a clean and dry one ready everyday.

I'm still really sleepy a lot. Usually right after I take the non-inflammatory pills and Tylenol. So I take cat naps during the day.

That's about it for today!

Day 5 post op

Woke up with a pounding headache and sore neck but as I moved around it was ok. Same with that stiffness in the boobs.

Took a shower and dried myself all on my own ..yippee!!! Reached for things on my own!!! Getting more independent!!! Woohoo!!

I'm starting to like my breasts now. They have dropped a little and don't seem to big compared to my bombshell bra (with respect to clothes), so my hate is passing. Lol. I heard someone telling me the first week you think "what have I done, I hate them", and the second week "I love them" and the third week "I wish I've gone bigger"! Lol I don't think I will reach the third week opinion...I don't want to be too big and obvious.

I've put more pics including the God-awful band!!! Lol

Day 7 - massaging begins

I had my 2nd post op appointment today. I drove for the first time. It wasn't too bad-just doing those slow turns like parking and such, but overall the driving was better than expected. I had my seat a little closer and the steering wheel closer too, so I'm sure that helped.

I'm healing well, and and incisions are going well. I am to start massaging the incision site to ensure no scar tissue build up. I am to do this with arnica gel, 5 mins 3 times a day. It's uncomfortable at first but I do feel better. Especially with my arms-being able to extend them as I massage those as well. I have felt a lot like T-Rex so looking forward to not have that first instinct.

Boob massage with pushing breasts in-out-up-down. I do this 10 times a day for 5 mins. That's going to be hard. My breasts feel ok but it does hurt a little...but tolerable.

I am getting what feels like air pockets in my breasts. Nurse said that was ok. I noticed after the massage, I didn't feel the air pockets. I am worried about small hard spots on my breasts, so I'll be asking tomorrow about that.

I can start sleeping on my side if I wanted to, but I'm good with my back. I am to wear the band still 24hrs a day, but starting next week only when I go to sleep!! Yey!! Can't wait! And that's just for two weeks. I am also at that point of time to start sleeping on my stomach in bed, and lay on the floor for 10min a day on my stomach. I don't know how I'll pull off the stomach sleeping since I have lower back problems and it's the worst thing to do....I'll address that at next week's visit.

Anyways, I'm feeling good about everything. My breasts have still not won me over-I feel they are a little too big but with some clothes, they look ok and close to what I had with my old stuffed bra. They are starting to resemble my old breastfeeding breasts...so that's ok.

My energy levels are getting better but I still tire easily. My boss told me to take an extra day off work, so I'll do that. He doesn't know what the surgery was except that I had surgery.

Had really bad constipation today-I haven't been taking my stool softener as directed forgetting that even Tylenol causes constipation. Lesson learned. I'm still taking Percocet at night but minimal Tylenol during the day-I think today I took it morning and noon only. I could've used another dose in late afternoon-I was pretty soar.

Well, that's it. Hope it's helpful for others out there :)

I'm regretting the size!!

I am so upset. I feel like I made the biggest mistake ever! I was initially comfortable with a smaller size, and decided to go bigger for these reasons: 1-everyone always wishes they went bigger so I kept that in mind; 2-when I decided in the smaller size I started to get boob envy; 3-it's proportionate to my body.

I don't deny that they are proportionate and with some clothes on, they're ok. But when I look at myself naked, I get really depressed. I think they are so big, I don't feel like me.

Am I crazy? Is it possible that they will look different after a while? Or will they look saggy when they drop and fluff!?!

Pictures for post op day 10

For my sympathy train...someone tell me they will still change. I really want to like them.
As you can see I have a lot of bruising. I didn't have the arnica pills due to a possible ragweed allergy....so if they're bruised then they're still swollen? Will they get smaller?

Feeling Normalish

I'm completely off any meds. Barely get morning boob and feeling almost normal. My breasts, especially my nipples are very tender. It feels like my milk is coming in (like when a baby cries and your boob wants to nurse!) but more constant! It's not all day, but when they get tender. Still massaging but not as much as what the doctor wants me to do. It's really hard to massage the boobs 5 min 10 times per day. Now I have to lay of the floor on my tummy 10 min a day, which is fine by end up falling asleep! Which reminds me I gotta do it shortly. It's all Orr of that massaging and preventing capsular contracture.

My breasts have dropped and I believe it's with the band my doctor ordered me to use. I wear at night now only and will stop at 4 weeks post op.

I'm still not in love with my breasts. I really want to be. I find myself trying to hide it, and paranoid that it's obvious to others. Those that know tell me I'm crazy. All my clothes still fit, but just look a little different. I tried all my dresses, especially the one I was worried about (didn't know if there will be room for the girls since it's not quite stretchy material), and the girls passed the test. I fit into everything, which is great.

But still...I feel that they are too big. I wish I went smaller. I was so worried about regretting to be too small and having boob envy, that I'm getting the opposite effect. I don't know if this is my true feeling or I'm still in shock. I really want to be happy with them.

3.5 weeks post op more picture

Ok, I am liking them a little more but I still am shocked! Lol.
I still have some asymmetry but not so bad.

My incision is healing well and I thought of putting those pics too.

Got my size from VS

I am 34DD!! Woah!! I bought the Victoria Secret Dream Angels Lined Demi bra. It was the most comfortable one. I was hoping for a wireless but I found it too stiff and painful. This didn't squish my girls together and felt comfortable.
Looks good too!

OK...I love them!!!

I am finally at the place where I love the new girls!!!! I've been so upset over the last two months thinking I went too big, but now I feel they are just perfect!!! As they have settled more and changing, I'm sooo glad I went bigger!!! I don't want to be any bigger or smaller!!!

So ladies, if you're in the fence between two sizes, go with the bigger one!!!! You won't regret your decision...or like my case, you'll stop regretting your decision as they settle! Lol. And you won't get boob envy!!!!!

Added pictures 2 months post op

I have added some pics of my results at 2 months. I am really happy with them. They are still not symmetrical but they weren't before...just now its the opposite in sizes...lol

Unhappy with the Size

Well, I gave it some time, and I can really say that I am really not happy with the size. I feel they are too big, and they look so low. I'm used to smaller breasts and yet they were a little floppy, they didn't sit as low as my breast do now. I feel like an old lady with sagging breasts.
I am meeting with my PS about a revision. I want smaller and my pocket revised to be smaller, and sit properly. It's so depressing! I can't get over people staring at my breasts, and I find myself envious of those with smaller breast.
I chose the bigger size cause I was thinking "I don't want to regret going to small" as the clinic and others have told me, but the opposite has happened. I find myself obsessed with this, and upset every night over it.
I hope I get good news from the PS and it won't cost too much....

Just some pic

Compare b4 and After

Well, I saw my PS and he said the size I picked gave me an excellent result. I do agree with him, but I really don't like the size...I feel so big and I don't feel like me...
I have finally got my before picture and he is right from a technical aspect but I still feel uncomfortable.
He told me to come back in 4 months and we will discuss further. The office sent me my before pics so I'm putting the comparison. I think even if I went with 50cc smaller I would have gotten the same result but smaller.

10 months post op

So, I still feel my breasts are too big, and now feel they hang low. Apparantly that's the way my body is...I wanted implants so I DON'T have to wear a bra. But I have to wear a bra, and it can't be strapless...otherwise I feel like an old lady with big sagging boobs ????. I don't want to wear push up bras cause I will just look even bigger!! Anyways...I will probably consult with other PS's, but not sure I can really afford a revision ????. Trying to live with them and try to make the best of them...

15 months post op

Hey folks. For those wondering what 445L/405R moderate silicone implants look after a year, here are some pics.

They look nice and the PS did a great job but I am still unhappy with the size. I feel like there is too much volume and heaviness with them. I still can't get used to the looks dropping down to my chest either.

I feel like I'm having trouble dressing myself to look smaller or not too heavy.

Months ago my PS said he doesn't recommend a revision because they won't look as good as now and would need a lift. I am going to get second opinions, but no decisions yet.

I already new I wanted to have Dr Lista perform the BA after my experience with him when I had a little nerve damage from coolsculpting. He was so understanding, and really listened and helped me feel better. With the BA consults, we were on the same page of natural looking breasts, and he really spend a lot of time discussing everything I need to know (even though I already new some of it from his videos). He is patient, understanding, and really really nice! One of his patient coordinators - Rosie - is amazing and thorough and patient - highly recommend her too! I came in for 3 consults with Dr Lista, and Rosie helped me with the sizers for two of those consults. The last consult she really took the time to go through the sizes and what it may look like. The day of surgery and the staff were wonderful and made me feel relaxed and calm. No complications and my recovery has been smooth. The results: they look great! I may have gone a little bigger than I can get used to, but they do look nice and natural just after 4 weeks! Dr Lista is an experienced surgeon, and really knows his stuff. His post op care and instructions are also key which I can appreciate so quickly after surgery. The nurse that is involved in my post op care is Lori and she is so wonderful. Any questions I email her and she responds instantly! Thank you Dr Lista, Rosie, Lori, nurses and staff! You have made this experience great!

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