20 Years Old, BA for Mild Tuberous - Mississauga, ON

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I first started this process about a year ago and...

I first started this process about a year ago and since then have learned A LOT.
My first consultation was with Dr. Jugenberg, (kim actually) because the Dr. J had a huge waiting list. Anyways, since reading his stellar reviews I went in for a consult anyway. Kim was so so so sweet, so I scheduled my next consult with the Dr himself. Needless to say I felt like he barely provided me with any information, and didnt suggest anything. I was a little worried and prefered somebody much more assertive who knew exactly what outcome I wanted, and who took the time so understand everything (sorry but if I'm shelling out $10k I expect to spend most of the time with the Dr and not have his nurse take care of everything). Overall, everything was too rushed, and the Dr seemed too stressed/busy to make me feel comfortable enough.

Second consult was with Dr. Lista and the moment I met him I knew he was the one. No more searching lol. We had the EXACT same vision which = most natural look possible. He was funny, took his time, very personable, and CARING. I felt like he would take good care of me. Many people have problems with the fact that he recommends certain sizes on them, and yes, he does, but they are very reasonable. My range was anywhere from 325-475 and I settled with 425 HP (going into it thinking 400 Mod). He helped me choose the size that would look best on ME. Not anyone else, ME. What sizes look "natural" on one person do not equal what looks natural on another. At the end of the day, we had the same vision, he was extremely caring, and any revisions are free (except for size). This made me even more confident that he was the one. I need someone to be confident enough in their work to guarantee a free revision if they messed something up.

Today was the day!! 425 HP :D

I was supposed to be in the O.R at 1:30 but I probably ended up there around 2:30. Nurses came in and put me in a super warm heated blanket :) they explained everything thoroughly and 30 mins later in was in the O.R. The nurses were super sweet and caring. **added bonus the anesthesiologist man smelled SOOOOO good ** anyways, I was super scared but also calm and relaxed at the same time? Weird. The process was very quick. I got the I.V in and within 1 min I started having a horrible pain in my arm but 10 seconds later it was lights out. Next thing I know I was wheeled into the recovery room. I stayed in there for about 1.5-2hrs and was released. The nurse was super caring, I got crackers and fruit punch but they did have a selection:) they took very good care of me and I felt super comfortable. Then Dr. Lista visited for 20 seconds, but once. again only positive energy and a happy smile.
I took a cab home with my best friend and now lying in bed with a wedge pillow (seriously NECESSARY... Works so well and got it at target for only $20.)
I'm soooo happy with my results so far so good!

Pain wise: feels like a really bad sunburn with a SUPER tight bra on but pain is very manageable.
I took 1 perc in the recover room around 3 and haven't taken anything else. I do have a pain pump though so I guess that helps :) I think I'll take a tylenol as soon as I'm done writing this post woohoo!
The recovery is going super well and I'm hoping for no pain on days 2 and 3 which I heard are the worst :(
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