Age 23 with Naturally Saggy Boobs Had Breast Lift Without Implants - Mississauga, ON

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I had 32DD natural breasts. I loved the size and I...

I had 32DD natural breasts. I loved the size and I looked great in a bra, but I looked horrible without it. My breasts were saggy and deflated. I'd always hated them, no 23 year old women deserve that kind of boobs! So I had a breast lift surgery (Lollipop method) done in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

1. Surgery was painless
It just happened so quick. I went to the clinic, the nurse gave me meds before the surgery. My surgeon drew lines on me. I went to the surgery room. A doctor set up my IV. I was knocked out. I woke up, voila! Surgery was done! Huge blackout in my memory.

After surgery I woke up crying (I don't know why anesthetics do that to me), I don't know why I was crying, 'cause nothing hurt. Everything was fine except for the nausea. Oh God, the nausea was the worst. I think it was caused by the anesthetics too. But once I was done vomiting I was so so much better.
My chest was sore, but not too much discomfort.

2. Healed really well.
Well I'm only 3 weeks post operation, so I hope I'm not speaking too soon or jinxing it. My incisions are healing nicely and there was no complications. Bruises went away fairly quickly. Nothing spilt open or got infected.

They had put drains in my breasts. So on the second day I went back to the clinic and they took the drains out. That hurt! Then the nurse told me I could start washing my incisions with soap and water.

1 week later, I went back and the nurse took the staples out, then she put tape on the incisions. She also told me to massage my breasts to soften the scar tissues inside my breasts. Another week passed by and I went back to have my tape peeled off. And next week I will go back to have silicone bandages put on my incisions to reduce scarring.

I like my new look, and I hope it will last. I've seen other posts where the breasts sagged again after a breast lift + implants, though the implants probably played a part in that 'cause they bottomed out and weighed the breasts down.
I think my only regret is that I wish I had also done a slight reduction. I assume I'm still a DD (still wearing surgical bra so I can't tell), I wish I had reduced them to a full C so they would be less heavy and would last even longer!!

I'm already thinking once I'm fully healed I'm going to start my lifelong exercise of push up to maintain them!

*The cost that I put in is in USD.

Pictures at one month

Everything is going pretty good! The only thing is that I had a very minor infection from a suture knot on my areola incision, but my surgeon took the knot out and cleared the pus (very little). It was a very small area and I didn't even need any antibiotics. it looks fine now.

more picture

Forgot this picture. One month post, breasts looking more natural now.

3 months post-op! Final result?

It's been almost 3 months now.

My boobs have settled a lot, and I hope that this is the final result! I would be super sad if they droop anymore!
I think they have drooped quite a bit from right after the surgery, to my dismay. However it's inevitable, since I didn't have implants. I'm not going to look as good as women who had successful augmentation when it comes to being braless, but I think they still look VERY good compared to my pre-op boobs! They aren't even comparable!

I've been using Mepiform scar sheets for two weeks now. I bought them from my surgeon's office and I think they're working quite well!

Scars at 4 months

This is how the scars look at 4 months! I'm always dismayed when I take off the scar sheets, thinking "Why are the scars still here :(?" Of course, realistically I know the scars don't fully go away. But when I compare them to before, they do look much lighter now!
BTW, love this angle, I can totally pass the pencil test after the surgery!!

Almost 5 months

I found that I have lost some upper pole fullness since the second month post op or so. :( Made me sad, but I think the only way to have a lot of upper pole fullness is to have implants. I still look a LOT better than pre op though, and I still pass the pencil test :D
Scars are getting slightly better. I just got to be patient with them.

I had two consultations with Dr. Lista and he answered all my questions. He is polite and friendly. One of my friends had a breast augmentation done by him and she loved the results as well.

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