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I got my implants 8 years ago and it's time to...

I got my implants 8 years ago and it's time to remove them. I just want to be me; the natural me. I was beautiful before my surgery and I just wanted my old me back. So my search for finding the right Doctor began. Shortly after my search, I found just the right Doctor: Dr. Daniel Kim in Orange County, CA.
I'm a sucker for a good service, extra exuberant customer care, and most of all excellent after care. LOL. Yes, I love being well taken care of. Patient care should be number one priority in cosmetic surgery or in medicine period! Other than the obvious medical performance to the highest degree of course. Dr. Kim thoroughly explained the surgery itself at the first consultation spending nearly an hour with me. I truly appreciated how he took his time to explain the problems he would like to take care of and how he will take care of them during the surgery. I shared my concerns of pain management and scarring after the surgery. He said he will go in carefully and work layer by layer to reconstruct and to prevent scarring. That was a good news. Liposuction will be performed to get rid of my underarm fat as well. I'm scheduled to go in for the explant this Thursday and pretty excited about it. I will review further on his staff (nurse Lisa and other staff at a later post), so stay tuned as I hope to help others by sharing my journey with Realself beauties.

List of the Procedures I'm getting

I thought I'd share the list of procedures that I'm getting this Thursday.
Removal of bilateral breast implants
Bilateral capsulectomy
Scar revision of arreola: to prevent the puckering
Liposuction of the anteriar axillary area

Some of you asked about how to get rid of the underarm fat or the bra fat after breast implant removal surgery. During my first consultation, Dr. Kim brought it up even before I did which was a big plus. So there it is. I hope this list gives an insight on possible choices during an implant removal surgery. I like choices.

Gosh, to tell you the truth I'm a bit nervous going into a surgery again. Well this will be my 3rd surgery. I had a hematoma on my right breast which then I had to go in for another surgery to clean out and get a drain 7days after my first breast implant surgery. So, I'm nervous to go through another surgery. Before going into the first surgery, my expected recovery time was 3-4 days, but I ended up staying in bed for the entire month! The whole 30 days. My poor body went through so much pain and I really don't want to go through that again. I shared this concern with Dr. Kim and he said he will give me a shot before I leave so that the ride home will be more manageable.

The hospital called me yesterday to remind me not to eat or drink anything for 8 hours. I'm not sure how I will do without any water for 8hours in this heat. Did I mention that my surgery is in the afternoon? Wish me luck Realself beauties.

I finally did it!

I will tell you more about it later when I'm feeling better.

The reveal

5 days after the explant: drains are still in and my nipple is pointing down...why?

I was hoping to get my drains removed today, but was told that my dr is not in the office. I feel bad that my husband had to work just half days to take care of me at home. The sooner The drains are out the sooner I can get back to my normal routine. So frustrating! Oh, what's going on with my downward nipple? OMG! I do not want to go through another traumatic surgery!!!!

A very first call from dr's office since the first consultation

Yeah, sounds odd right? I try to look at everything in life in a positive light. However, Dr. Kim's office has never called me since the reminder call for the first consultation. No phone call after the consultation( which I don't really care for,) no phone call prior to the pre-op appointment ( this I really care for and was expecting, but did not get, when I did ask about it, the nurse argued that someone did call. Hey, nowadays everything leaves a trace even a missed call! ) also no phone call before the surgery. NADA! Nothing! I felt like they really didn't want my "business." But, today dr. Kim's office called. Wow, I've paid for everything, so what do they want now? Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised for a common curtesy call. Lol
I have to say, it seems like Dr. Kim does Everything, I mean Everything from taking the appointments to answering questions. I think he is too nice like me, taking on someone else's job to be just nice. He has 4 other staff members their at his office, but Dr. Kim did personally called me up yesterday to set Up tomorrow's appointment which I didn't find out untill Tuesday. I say this with a big smile because in the middle of his tight surgery schedule on Tuesday, he offered twice, dos times to have me come to see him to help me remove my drains during his break. I politely declined the first time since it was during his lunch time. He needs his breaks just like all of us. but I really wanted him to do the drains since Lisa argued with me prior about the reminder calls, and asked if I can come in during his second break which was after his last surgery instead. He is a Kind, Gentle, Caring person and said yes. He was in surgery for a long time, but when I got to the hospital, everyone knew about me and took care of me even though I came in at the end of their shift. They were getting ready to go home you know. Gosh, I can't say enough good things about the hospital staff! I want to give the warmest hugs and heartfelt thank-yous to every single staff there! One of the staff even wrapped me up in a warm blanket while I was waiting for Dr. Kim to come out of surgery. Who has a sincerely kind and loving heart like that? My hospital staff does!!!! You will love Dr. Kim's staff at the New Port Surgery Center. Oh, by the way my left diehard facing nipple looks better today. Yippee!

Two weeks post op

Found a sports bra that fits me. So far My bra size has changed from 34D to 32B. Not bad

3 weeks post op Bra size

Now I am almost 4weeks out, my swelling has gone down significantly. I am still in pain though. I am 32A now. At this rate, I'm afraid that I might even go down to AA range. Going through the areola was a good idea, so that I don't have another scar. Thanks, Dr. Kim.
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