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So saturday i went in for my consultation for...

So saturday i went in for my consultation for Invisalign to see if i was in fact a good candidate or not (which i knew i was). Seeing that my bite is very narrow, i have a few crooked teeth, and of course the infamous Gap, my orthodontist reassured me that Invisalign would put me onto the right track of achieving the smile I've always wanted.

Originally i looked into braces back in 2005 but i was afraid to voice my opinion to my mother as to how much my smile bothered me. She would say "it builds character" blah blah blah. Plus i knew by being the middle child of 5 kids…my mother wouldn't be able to afford getting me braces. In 2006 i enlisted into the US Navy and finally thought "yes, now i can afford my own braces", i was denied being able to get them because i was stationed on a ship. *Long story about that* In 2008 i had my beautiful baby girl and although straightening my teeth was important, that basically took the back burner in my life. Now Ive been honorably discharged out of the navy for little over 3 years & in school i figure why not go for it NOW?

For three years i have contemplated getting either braces or Invisalign but of course i turned down having a metal mouth (no offense). The only thing that held me from getting them sooner was the cost…very intimidating. Every time i got close to having a consultation id think of all the things my daughter could have with the money used to pay for them. I was being so hard on myself until recently. Sometimes you have to do things for yourself, things that make you happy. & what better thing to make me happy than an awesome smile =]

Im so eager about May 10th, thats when ill be getting my impressions done and soon after that being introduced to my new babies =] Although the cost is high for the treatment, i was quite surprised that it was under $5000 with a 1600 down payment (which i paid half ). which will leave me with 140.00 monthly payments interest free. No coverage from my dental insurance which sucks though.

Well before i continue to ramble on and on id just like to say thanks to everyone who has posted an Invisalign review. It was your stories and experiences that has motivated and informed me throughout my whole indecisive phase. I will keep my profile updated as much as possible so that i can help someone as those before me have done and continue to do =]

but until then…Later Luvs =]
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