2nd Phase of Transformation (Finally Saying Goodbye to These Balls That Have Been Hanging Around for Forever).

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I was scheduled on 10/06/2016 for a Medial Thigh...

I was scheduled on 10/06/2016 for a Medial Thigh Lift, Fat Transfer to Buttocks & Lipo on flanks, thighs, stomach and around the knees. Well After talking with Dr. Perry during my Pre-Op appt I changed my mind. Dr. Perry showed a picture of a lady thighs whose were in much worse shape than mine, he had only performed lipo on the thighs, and they were remarkably improved. I was sold, so now I'm being lipo in multiple areas with fat transfer to butt and no cutting. I promised myself that I would do a better job of reviewing/blogging this go round.

My procedures have been postponed due to #DAMNHURRICANEMATTHEW.

New date

My procedures have postponed to October 15, only 4 more days to go. I've been packed and ready since last week. I've started binging on junk food. I know it's nerves. I was sooooo good last week when my sx date was on the 6th.


I feel somewhat better than yesterday. Feeling a lot of stiffness and swelling. I have a flat stomach, a nice waistline and already notice a reduction on my bat wings. Time will tell on thighs.

9 dpo

9dpo, had 3rd po appt this afternoon. Swelling is slowly receding, lost another inch off waistline. I've been having pain on the lower right side constantly, ps exam said my lower ribs have inflammation, so no taping done in that area. Received another deep tissue massage which was very painful on my inner thighs where there were knots under the skin. Other that everything is well. I am to stay in flexees until the inflamation goes down, then move to a full body compression. Oh Joy ????

12dpo pics

Woke up this morning noticing that some of the swelling is reducing on the right side. Also observed that on the left side down to the ankle is swollen. I do feel much better. One day at a time.

Before & 2 wpo

Most of fat transfer is gone bye bye

The BBL has been a fail. Most of the fat transfer is none existence. I keto so I have a high fat diet, I've only lost 6-lbs since the surgery and basically been doing maintenance. My hips are back to normal with my . My dimples are back on the side and the flat area in the middle has returned. My butt does stick out more due to the lipo. My thighs are slowly going down, they look like a dried up prune. The good side is that they have gone down enough that, they are not noticeable with shapewear on under my clothing.

My flanks and back are still swelling a lot, they feel very tight and some days they feel like they are on fire. Arnica gel helps a lot. My pubis mound still has some hanging fat, and my vaginal lips are a joke, one lip is constantly swelling. I finally went and had a deep tissue massage last week, it felt so GOOD!!! I was so swollen, and left feeling like putty. Not happy about the reabsorption but Damn if I don't look good.

Dr. Perry has agreed to do the legs/breast & thigh lift together. I still have 20-25 more pounds I want to lose and once I get my knee situation taken care of I can hit the gym with a vengeance to tone up my legs and arms before surgery. My date is set for 4/05. I will have 12 days of 24/7 help, so hopefully I will be able to stay home by myself after that. I will post pics of my thighs in a few days. They are not pretty, but my goal is to get the fat down enough so I can I have a groin cut and not all the way down to the knee.
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