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After I graduated high school I had an amazing...

After I graduated high school I had an amazing body. I was 5'6 175 and THICK! once I went off to college I was not so active and got pregnant and had an abortion. I think a combination of hormone changes and not being so active caused me to gain 80lbs. I am currently 253-256ish and its 7 years later I am ready to make a change in my life. I have done much research and decided I want Dr. Wendell Perry to do my surgery. I want to get liposuction on my entire midsection arms hips and inner thighs. Not sure if I want to do a BBL, I have a pretty big natural but already but I may want one once everything else looks so prefect but I do not want to look like a stripper. I work an office job and professional work clothes don't really offer much support and I don't want to be falling out of my button ups. I think I would also like a round 2 and have a breast lift at a later time maybe with more lipo. I wanted to originally go to DR but I just thinks it to risky especially because I do not speak Spanish. The langue disconnect makes me nervous. I know the cost is going to be a big difference between doing my work in the states but the security of knowing I will have the best state of the art equipment being used puts me at ease. I have not had a consultation yet best guessing I will be about $6-10,000 for the work. I am going to start saving starting January 2017 with the hope of getting my sx next year this time. I would also like to lose as much weight as possible. Currently my BMI is 39 and that is really bad. I am hoping to get down to 200lbs before surgery to avoid any major complications and to be at my healthiest. I also want to be in a routine of working out so that I can maintain my results. That will put me at about a BMI of 24 which is still considered overweight but better then obese. I am going to starting purchasing items I am going to need little by little so that I will not be over whelmed with expenses once the day comes. I know it probably seems a little anal but things can add up quick.
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