Two Weeks After First Treatment and I Have Some Concerns

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I had my first Miradry treatment two weeks ago....

I had my first Miradry treatment two weeks ago. The device was set to level 2. I had 55 lidocaine shots in each underarm which were fairly uncomfortable but manageable.

Underarm sweat has drastically been reduced although not 100%. The "stunned" sweat glands seem to be making a comeback. I do believe two treatments are necessary.

The procedure itself was virtually painless EXCEPT one instance which was extremely painful and alarming. I'm convinced it damaged the Ulnar nerve in my right arm. I have a constant numb tingling soreness on the underside of my forearm from my elbow to my wrist. This has not improved at all since two days after the treatment. My left arm is fine.

I'm writing this not to scare anyone away from having the procedure or to complain. I do recommend having this done if it's important to you. I would just like to know if there are others who have experienced this and what the outcome was. Very little information is available as this is such a new procedure. I've read the official FDA documentation on clinical trials, and the side effects on subjects was vague and follow ups were minimal. I'm getting increasingly concerned since there has been no real improvement and I'm fearful of permanent nerve damage.

Thank you for any information!

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