Lipo revision & 9 Months PO from TT & Lipo (for Mom of 3 - Minnesota)

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I am a mom of 3 (10, 4 & 2 years). I am...

I am a mom of 3 (10, 4 & 2 years). I am small-ish. 5'2" and 133lbs. My first baby did a number on my abdomen, but at least it got flat the first time. I wasn't so lucky with number 2 or 3. I've had c-sections with all 3 of my children - and with each one the muffin top and extra fat got worse. I think most people would say I look fine in clothes and don't need to do this, but there are certain things that I'd love to wear, but am just not confident - like pencil skirts and wrap dresses - I just have a bulge that I can't overlook.

I am a faithful gym rat and I know I have abs of steel under there somewhere. I'm so excited to see them again, it's been so long. No amount of exercise seems to make much of a difference. I've been waiting 10 years to have my pre-baby stomach back and the time has finally come! I literally am brought to tears when I think about it.

My surgery is scheduled for March 19th - I'm excited and a little nervous - but I feel like if I can't handle 3 c-sections, I can handle this. My pre-op appointment is set for Monday, March 12th - just around the corner! I will post some before pics very soon.

3/12 - Today was pre-op appointment day. I'm...

3/12 - Today was pre-op appointment day. I'm feeling confident about my surgeon choice and got some questions answered. They don't offer a pain pump and don't do antibiotics here - so I left with a prescription for Lortab only. I told him of my concerns about getting sick after coming out of the general anesthesia and he said that he would make a note to make sure I got some meds for it - I guess they also give you one of those tabs behind the ear.

We also discussed incision placement, as I have a small tattoo on my hip area that will require a bit of creativity. At first he suggested taking the incision higher in order to avoid it, but I vetoed that idea. We will keep the incision low, and may cut the tattoo at the half way mark (it's a butterfly with a symbol underneath it) - so we will probably take the symbol off. We'll make the final decision on Monday. I'll try to find some time to post before pictures tonight.

The coundown begins.

Less than a day to go. I'm so ready to be done and...

Less than a day to go. I'm so ready to be done and over with the surgery and being on the recovery side of things. My biggest fears are waking in excruciating pain and being sick. Hopefully things will go well. I'll be back to update when I'm up to it.

5 hours post op. Woke up with pain at a 7 so I let...

5 hours post op. Woke up with pain at a 7 so I let the nurses know and I'm now around a 3. I've been home for about an hour and a half. So far, things are going much more smoothly and less painful than anticipated. Not sure if that's because I'm on a cocktail of three painkillers at the moment. No nausea after the surgery either, so grateful for that. My first pre-op appointment is tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'll get to peek at my tummy then.

I wasn't very nervous going into surgery. Went to sleep pretty quickly and woke up 3 hours later. I'll update tomorrow. Can't wait to see what I look like!

PO Day 1 I slept really well last night,...

PO Day 1

I slept really well last night, probably thanks to the ambien. My husband was not too thrilled at the 3 potty trips I had to make ... but, when nature calls. I am actually pretty comfortable - I am taking the pain pills religiously, every 3 hours. I have to say, compared to the three c-sections I've had - this is much less painful, so that walking and sitting down, even getting from bed is all easier.

Went to a post-op visit and met with the surgeons nurse. However, sitting upright in the waiting room was uncomfortable and made me a little nauseas. Then walking into the exam room pushed me over the edge and I got dizzy and sick to my stomach feeling. Reclining in the chair helped, the nurse changed my dressings. I am having minimal bleeding and there is a little pleating, but what I can see so far looks really good! I will go back and see my surgeon next Monday. Crossing my fingers that I will have minimal draining by then. He told me no showers until they are out. blaah.

PO Day 2 Pain has definitely increased since...

PO Day 2

Pain has definitely increased since yesterday, like the pain is finally setting in or something. Getting in and out of bed is a freaking nightmare. I fell like my stomach is going to explode or my muscles will tighten uncontrollably and I have a horrible pinching & burning sensation at my incision. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll finally experience some relief. It's bearable, but still not fun at all.

We put new dressings on my incision and BB, emptied the bulbs and I'm beat. Hubby is going to make me some breakfast and then a long nap is in my future.

PO Day 3 Well, I came down with a cough - what...

PO Day 3

Well, I came down with a cough - what horrible luck. Holding my stomach tight when I have a coughing fit helps, but man - it's no picnic. Hubby picked me up some Delsym cough suppressant and some throat soothing tea. Hope this takes the edge off. I really want to feel better.

PO Day 4 I've been in bed basically all day. My...

PO Day 4

I've been in bed basically all day. My husband had to go back to work to get some things, but he plans to be back earlier than normal. My 10 year old daughter is ear and she's been helping me get out of bed for potty breaks and bringing me snacks. I took a quick walk around the house, but was eager to get back in my room and into my nest of pillows.

Pain has definitely lessened - and if it weren't for this darn cough I have, I would barely notice how tight my abs are. My energy still feels low - walking around the house made me a bit tired like I'm ready for a nap. Although I can stan a bit taller today - which was nice to see.

I also switched to extra tylenol last night - I think the Lortab was making me nauseous.

PO Day 5 Feeling better, pain wise....

PO Day 5

Feeling better, pain wise. Extra-strength tylenol helps keep the edge off. If only I didn't have this stupid cough - such a pain! :( I'm taking back the statement that this is recovery is easier than a csection - it is not easier than a csection. For me, there has been less pain and discomfort with the TT, but this is a hard recovery. The physical limitation, the fact that you are so immobile (and somewhat of a recluse from you family), and sitting on your arse for so long - it is a challenging recovery physically and mentally.

I am staying positive that this entire endeavor will be worth it, but I'm definitely over it and want to be back to normal. Realizing I'm far from that. Walking hunched over is really the worst part right now - my back kills as soon as I stand up. Hoping to feel a whole lot better soon!!

PO Day 7 Had a drain removed today. Not fun! As...

PO Day 7

Had a drain removed today. Not fun! As long as my left stays below the limit the other will come out Wednesday. Can't wait - sick of this thing! Yesterday was a better day for me, I started feeling a little more positive - PO day 5 was depressing as hell. I finally felt good enough to sponge bath and my hubs helped me wash my hair. I did feel that today's appointment was too brief. I swear the doc was in the office maybe 5 minutes. Grr. I asked two of the questions I wanted, but of course forgot the others. I'll bring them up on Wednesday - they are not pressing matters.

PO Day 8 Big turning point for me today!...

PO Day 8

Big turning point for me today! Unfortunately I did wake up at 5AM and stared at the ceiling until 7 - ugh! But, when the family had finally left the house I slowly crept out of bed at 8:20 and for a few brief moments was able to stand up straight!! YAAYYYY!!! Such a relief, I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever stand up straight again. I also have a ton of energy and I know I've already done too much and it's not even noon yet. After making myself an egg-white omelet I emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the counters, did 2 loads of laundry, cleaned the counter tops in my bathroom and paid some bills. My back is killing me and I definitely cannot stand up straight anymore. lol. I really hope the days just keep getting better - a big setback in pain or my ability to stand upright will be very depressing for me, I know.

PO Day 9 Random thoughts for the day: I...

PO Day 9

Random thoughts for the day:

I haven't even gotten out of bed yet :) I want to get my last drain out today, but my hubby is not sure if he's going to be able to get away from work. I really don't want to have to wait until tomorrow. We'll see what happens... A shower would be heavenly.

I have been pouring over other lady's stories and I have been pretty amused at how the spelling in posts (mine included) gets funny the first few posts after the surgery. Gotta love those pain killers! lol. Hey... at least they're taking the pain away.

I never got any gas pains after my surgery. I had been paranoid about it happening because I had it so badly with c-section #2 that I thought I was having a heart attack.I dosed myself with MOM the couple days prior to the surgery so I'd be empty - didn't want to be constipated either (momma's know what the first poop after baby is like, anything to avoid it - right?). I think doing that helped with the gas and the constipation as I managed to keep both away.

I am also glad that my legs are strong and I like to squat with heavy weights. Sitting on the toilet and getting things down low hasn't been an issue since I can safely and easily squat myself to the floor and back up. I see iit as a little bit of strength training I can get in while I recover ;) I do wish I had focused more on my back, maybe if it were stronger it wouldn't hurt as much now?

I was so sore last night after all my activity yesterday. I'm going to rest a lot more today and give my body a break.

PO Day 9, part II I have to say that I have no...

PO Day 9, part II

I have to say that I have no pain, really. I haven't taken any tylenol yet - and if I keep feeling like this, I won't take any until tonight when I have some Tylenol PM. I took my last Ambien last night. Damn things though, it's like they wear off exactly at 5AM because I was up that early again this morning! argh. If there's any pain to speak of, it's really from the lipo on my flanks. And the last 2 days the only time I notice it is in bed if I happen to start rolling to a side. I would like to try a sleeping position other than on my back - I'm a tummy sleeper. Hmmm, wonder when I can sleep on my tummy? (another question for the surgeon, I guess) And my back, my back is still sore of course. Standing upright is going to take longer than I expected. Sad.

Still no word from my husband on whether or not we'll have time to get the drains removed.

I added a pic from right before surgery when my ps marked me up. He actually marked me higher above my belly button than I expected and said, "we'll be able to get most of your stretch marks." Pretty sure I shook my hoo-haw in his face doing the happy dance :) I'm still trying to find them on my post-op body, I haven't found one yet. The remaining marks must be so stretched they've 'disappeared.' Thanks doc! :)

PO Day 10 Things get better every day. Thank...

PO Day 10

Things get better every day. Thank goodness. Finally got a good night sleep and woke up at 6:30 and not 5! Yes!! Awoke to laying pretty much flat in bed and didn't feel a whole lot of discomfort at the incision from stretching, nice to know that area is healing up and getting stronger... Definitely standing taller, but it's hard to keep that position when walking.

Got the last drain out this AM! It was a whole lot easier than the other drain - the first one burned and stung so badly. Got all my questions answered by the nurse; she is very nice.

Random thoughts for the day:

Don't think I ever mentioned this - but the ps had told my husband right after the surgery that he pulled me *really* tight, and then the anesthetist came in and told him the same thing. yowwww - yeah, there's a *reason* why I feel so tight.

Yesterday I realized how short waisted I am. I was wondering about the placement of my scar, but I think I've come to the determination that 1) it's in a pretty typical place; 2) he did remove my c-section scar, so it has to be pretty low 3) I am small - there's just not as much room as longer girls have 4) it's below most of my underwear. I think I was just used to that damn gut hanging over my scar, I kind of forgot where it really was. Anyway, I need to be happy and at peace with it - too late now, ya know. It's probably normal to second-guess things - I sure hope so. I know I have a tendency to stress myself out about things.

I was told by the nurse that once the steri-strips come off the incision I can begin to massage it Vitamin E oil or something like that.

PO Day 11 I can stand much taller today! Just...

PO Day 11

I can stand much taller today! Just about straight up. YAAY! I'm sure as the day goes on that will change, but that A-ok with me. It's progress and lifts my spirits. So today I finally felt ready to change my rating to "Worth It." I'm a little slow, huh?

Last night I was pretty swollen when I went to bed and woke up so much flatter this AM. Actually buttoned my jeans (just barely) and SAW for the first time in ... oh I don't even know (since 2001?) ... a flat abdominal profile and an hourglass figure. No flabby overhang and gross pudge. WORTH IT!!

I have a single, or maybe two - not so sure, the tape is still on - small little wrinkles on the right side of my incision. They are approximately mid-way between my belly button and the end of the incision, which ends at my hip. But, they are much better than the roadmap of stretchmarks that were all over my abdomen before. Must remember that and keep it in perspective. And, because I'm high anxiety - I'ver searched and searched about 'pleating' and it seems as though many pleats can be expected to resolve within three months.

If anyone has any insight or personal experience about that - I'd love to hear. I may try to get close-up pics if they don't go away soon.

PO Day 11, part II Just a few more things I...

PO Day 11, part II

Just a few more things I wanted to add:

1. I put on a bunch of bikini bottoms on last night and I'm pretty confident my scar will be covered in just about all of them - except I looked horrible and ridiculous due to the swelling.

2. I just put on my spanx binder - and holy cow, this thing scares me. It is so tight. Not sure if I'll be able to roll it up over myself later today after more swelling settles. It's freaking tight, and I'm kind of scared when I pull it over my incision.

3. On my way to the bathroom I decided to stop in my closet. :) I tried on some work pants. Holy shit. There was a good 2-3 inches in my waist (and I'm still bloated!) Wow - to not see that familiar lump of fat that collected heavily on my left side was amazing. I pulled on some pencil skirts - same thing - almost flat as a board. Little too swollen for the optimal effect, but leaps and bounds ahead of where I was.

Okay, that was a much more positive post than from a week ago, huh? :D

PO Day 12 ...and what a day. I took my first...

PO Day 12

...and what a day. I took my first shower since surgery today. Oh God, how good that felt! I could have showered yesterday since the last drain came out on Thursday, but I figured I had already waited so long - another 24 hours wouldn't kill me. I am little paranoid about my incision or a drain site becoming infected.

Hubby and I left the house at 11AM and went to a few building supply stores to return samples. We're building a big addition onto our house - so we have all that planning going on amidst the the surgery and everything else (life). Stopped and had lunch, and then met a bunch of girlfriends at 1:30 to go wedding dress shopping for a friend. I thought I would be cashed out after an hour or two, but I think it was actually a nice diversion and kept my mind off my pains. Shopped until 5PM and then went out with the gals (and the hubs) for a nice dinner a short oatmeal stout. Between the food, lugging wedding dresses around and the beer I am terrified of the swelling to come. I have my binder wrapped so TIGHTLY around me right now!! And I have my feet up and I'm all snug in bed. lol.

I may be paying for all my activity tomorrow ... But it was definitely nice to be out and among the living for a change!!

PO Day 14 Wow - it's been 2 weeks since surgery...

PO Day 14

Wow - it's been 2 weeks since surgery. That is just crazy! Everything seems to be going along smoothly. It's my last day at home as I return to work tomorrow. Not really too worried about it - I think I'll be fine. I sit at a desk all day, so I will just have to get up and walk to help keep swelling down. Probably will cut the day a little short since I won't be taking my usual 1 hour lunch/gym break.

Yesterday my husband and I ran a bunch of errands - Target, Old Navy, Menards. Not to mention my 2 year old son let me hold his hand if I walked him down the street. So we took a slow walk :-) Funny that that little guy can chuck it faster than me right now.

I see my doctor in 2 weeks for my 1 month post op. Hoping things continue to progress well. Still very happy that I did this. So far my swelling hasn't been so bad that I can't fit into most of my clothes. Maybe that will change as the weeks go on and I enter different phases of healing, but of course I'm hoping it just gets better and not worse!! When my husband gets home tonight I'll post some 2 weeks pics.

I'm adding some 2 weeks pics. I really like my...

I'm adding some 2 weeks pics. I really like my belly button - although it still has some crud from surgery in half of it, and it doesn't show up well in the pic. My waist and hips are still pretty swollen from the lipo.

PO Day 16 Just a quick update. Yesterday was my...

PO Day 16

Just a quick update. Yesterday was my first day back to work and all went well. However, I didn't get up and walk enough. I was really stiff at the end of the day! I have not had really bad swelling thus far - definitely get a little bloated at the end of the day and you can definitely see it above the incision - but nothing extremely uncomfortable. I do wear my spanx and the CG that was sent home with after surgery. I was told after 2 weeks I didn't have to wear it anymore, but after all the reading I've done on here - I'm going to keep up with both of them for as long as I can take it.

My kids did tell me this morning as I was making them breakfast that I look better and the 2 year old asked if "owie gone mamma?" haha. So ... things seem to be improving.

PO Day 18 Wow, when you put it like that - day...

PO Day 18

Wow, when you put it like that - day *18* - seems like a long time since the surgery! I woke up pretty skinny and flat this AM - I could actually see the midline in my '6 pack' really well. Everything looks great until you get to my hips, which are still bloated, bigger and bruised from the lipo.

Ahh - I'm so excited. I ran out and showed off my waist to the family and they are say "wow you are so skinny!" Love it; I need to go look at myself in the mirror again :p

3 Weeks Post Op! How crazy that it has been 3...

3 Weeks Post Op!

How crazy that it has been 3 weeks since my surgery. I'm definitely feeling good. So far I have had minimal swelling in my belly - I definitely get a little swollen at the end of the day, but I've never gotten the ridge I often see posted on here. In fact, there is a very smooth, flat transition above and below the incision, which I love. FLAT!! The only areas I really have pronounced swelling is my hips and the ends of the incision (which are at the end at my hips). I suppose that is from the lipo and from what I can gather between reading online and my ps - that could take 3 months to go away.

I finally replaced the original steri strips this weekend. Removed it in the shower and had a good look. I covered the incision with new paper tape - it's pretty funny, when I run my hand over my incision I can feel sensations in the middle of my stomach, so weird. My stomach is so freaking *dry,* I started using baby oil on it to give me lasting moisture and relieve the itching. I think I'm going to start massaging my scar next week once the ps takes a look at it.

I posted some pics from today. The two side shots are from this AM, and the front shot is from after work, where I was a little more swollen. You can definitely see the swelling on the sides of my waist going down to my hips - it may even be a little bigger than last week? I'm hoping I'll see more improvement a week from now. I don't know why my belly button looks so weird in pictures - it looks a lot better in person. You can also see the pulling on my skin - it's definitely improved since the surgery and I'm just going to have faith that it will go away. I asked my ps over and over again about the length of the incision and would it be long enough to prevent pleating, but he just told me it would be fine. Anyhow, you can definitely see the difference in swelling on the side shots - I'm definitely flatter today than I was last week.

I got antsy and feeling a little chubby last night so I did some lunges, squats and calf raises last night while watching TV. Aggghhhh - not being active is hard. I see my ps next Monday and will start doing some walking then too. Maybe more if I can get his approval. I'm definitely sick of sleeping on my back, but I haven't worked up the nerve to sleep on my stomach and it's not 100% comfortable sleeping on my sides.

Has anyone else noticed the affect of the TT on their bladder - or, the sensation of fullness in the bladder. I definitely wake up feeling *full,* fuller than I usually had when I woke up pre-TT. I guess there is less room for the bladder to expand, so more pressure on it. Oh well, I'll take it!! Take care my fellow TTers!!

PO Day 25 The past few days my incision has...

PO Day 25

The past few days my incision has been bothering me. Not sure if it's because of the pants I'm wearing or what. I even left my Spanx cg off today because it's causing one spot in my incision to really hurt! It's like a pinching sensation. It doesn't look bad - maybe just a little red, but nothing alarming. I've put some Bacitracin on the entire encision just in case - but I'm not worried about infection, and it doesn't look like I'm popping a stitch.

Yesterday I had an extremely skinny day - I got home and stared at my stomach for a good ten minutes - admiring my muscles that are beginning to make their appearance. The week after surgery my waist was 32" and yesterday it was 28", some definite progress is happening. My hips are another story - still swollen :-(

Hubby poured me a very tall vodka tonic last night - that made me very happy. :-) And I went back to my mirror and admired myself again. I don't like how dark my belly button is - like the area that was stitched has become hyperpigmented (which I tend to do quite easily, especially from deep blemishes) - it usually takes 3+ months for hyperpigmentation to go away on my skin.

OH - and GUESS WHAT?! I've been looking at bathing suits/bikinis lately - is it my age or what?! I've only been attracted to FULL PIECE SUITS - are you freaking kidding me?!! LOL Have a great weekend everyone - happy healing!

1 Month today! Time really flies! Well, for the...

1 Month today!

Time really flies! Well, for the the most part I really haven't had bad swelling. But I do keep my binder on pretty tight when I can - so while I'm sitting at work I'll keep it on, and at home, but if I need to make a public appearance for meetings, restroom breaks or the grocery store - I'll take it off if I have it over clothes (I can hide it under some tops, not all).

Saturday I spent the entire day shopping with a girl friend and only had the binder on in the car. I got super swollen that day - my waist was at 30"! Typically I wake up and it's 28" and will swell to 29" at night on the 'bad' days - guess the shopping was a super bad day!

I uploaded pics from this AM - my scar does peek through a little bit, but my jeans are really low. And my poor tummy has taken a beating from all the tape and the binder - it looks like I've been poked with a hot poker or something :-( I had the binder on really tight last night, so there are a bunch of ripples from that.

If I learn anything interesting at my 1 month post op today, I'll come back to update.

Follow up went well. Doc says I look good. I asked...

Follow up went well. Doc says I look good. I asked about the ridge on the left end of my incision - which is the hip area and right where I had lipo. Doc said the swelling will go down eventually, if not and the ridge remains - he will take care of it. I have the same ridge on the right, but each week it's gotten smaller and smaller - so I'm hoping the same will happen on the left side.

I asked about working out. No ab work until 3 months. He said if I wanted to do light cardio now, I can but to take it easy. He would prefer I wait until six weeks. I'm going to head back this week and see how it goes - and hopefully in 2 weeks I'll feel good enough to ramp it up. :-)

Whoops, I forgot to add that I asked him about...

whoops, I forgot to add that I asked him about silicone sheeting. Which he did say they have in house and they'll give to me if the incision doesn't look good (which it does now) or if the pleating doesn't go down. He said he doesn't like to start using them for 6 months (I think he said 6 months) because he likes to see how it will heal on its own.

I ordered the gelzone binder and was planning on using it now, and told him so. I made sure it will not interfere with the actual incision healing - but he said that he would tell me to wait. I'm going to see what other people have gotten as far as when they could use the silicone sheeting and decide if I want to start using it. (I think I will) I think it will feel good and help make the pleats resolve faster.

PO Day 31 I finally worked up the nerve to get...

PO Day 31

I finally worked up the nerve to get to the gym. I guess I am just extra cautious and afraid I'm going to permanently hurt something.

After promising my surgeon I would take it easy, I went on the elliptical at about 3/4 my normal settings. Lower incline and lower resistance. Since I've been out for over a month - it definitely gave me a work out. But I'm not sure how I did on the whole *taking it easy* bit. I kept having to tell myself to slow down and not work hard. I was sweating by the end of my 30-minute session. Nothing ever hurt - I could feel the tightness in my stomach and I could feel a little ache in my hips/flanks - but nothing hurt. I guess I'll just have to see how swollen I get tonight and if I hurt in the AM or not. I'm really hoping I feel great tomorrow because the little work on the elliptical just left me wanting more!

My gelzone binder came in the mail - I've already cut it up into strips. Aside from the shower, I will wear it continuously. I'm hoping it will help the scar healing and the pleats I have at the end of my incision. The ridge I've been complaining about on my left side has been noticibly shrinking this week. I have also been massaging my hips pretty aggresively at night this week, so that seems to be making a difference.

Ok - so day after my first work out and I actually...

Ok - so day after my first work out and I actually feel just fine! I even look a little smaller today - but I'm measuring the same. My incision is a little sore and it looks like it may have weeped a little overnight, onto the silicone sheet - but, so far, I think we have positive signs for returning to the gym.

Last night I was definitely stiff for a few hours, so I got up and got active, cleaning my room & trying on my bikinis (again). After that I felt back to myself. I'm skipping the gym today - I have a little get together with a bunch of friends, and I don't want to be swollen for that. :-)

5 weeks post op Things are going pretty well. I...

5 weeks post op

Things are going pretty well. I haven't returned to the gym since Thursday - so just the one time. Sunday morning I woke up to the middle of my incision being kind of gunky; no signs of infection. The little bit of fluid coming out is clear-ish/white-ish. I think it is actually coming from a spot that spit a suture. I'm going to monitor it the rest of today, and if it continues will give the ps a call. For the time being, I'm not going to use the silicone sheeting until it clears up. I am also continuing to stent my belly button, if I don't it becomes very thin. Beyond that, the bellybutton is looking much better and more 'normal.' Eventually I'll get a pic of it.

5 week post op pics are up! Pics look a little different because I had the hubby use my phone (his flash is not flattering ;)

I'm glad I'm taking these pics to document the...

I'm glad I'm taking these pics to document the progress. From the front my hips are definitely looking better and aren't as uneven as they have been in previous weeks. However, the side shots still show swelling in those damn love handles. BLECH!!

I added new pics, but I don't think there's much...

I added new pics, but I don't think there's much of a change. In fact, I've been pretty swollen and bloated this week. Probably has a lot to do with two birthdays (and the cake) in the last week, having my MIL as a house guest also adds to bad eating - plus it's that time of month. I just feel big and yucky. I definitely noticed that my upper abs seem puffier and swollen. Let me tell you, that is not a cute look.

In addition to not looking so hot, I think have two spots along my incision that are spitting sutures. One area seems to be getting worse and keeps weeping yellowish/milkyish fluid. I'm going to call this AM and see if they will take me in to see what is going on. The other area opened up just a little bit, but appears to be healing fine. I think the first spot has a stitch that won't come out and is just sitting there irritating the hell out of my skin. I want it taken care of asap so the scar isn't affected.

So I saw my surgeon this AM and he confirmed that...

So I saw my surgeon this AM and he confirmed that I am just experiencing a reaction to the sutures dissolving. I had one area that he took a silver nitrate stick to because every time I took off the bandaid, it was like some tissue would poke out. Nothing huge or gross, maybe the size of a pencil eraser... So now that area doesn't bulge out of the incision anymore, but it's black. He said everything looks fine though, no infection.

I would love to be done with this part of healing!!

I also asked if I am still swollen - he's like "Yes. I told you three months..." haha. I'm like, yeah I know, but I just need that reassurance. :p

9 weeks Time has really flown by - I'm healing...

9 weeks

Time has really flown by - I'm healing well. A few weeks ago my spitting stitches finally healed, so it's been really nice to have that small hassle over with. I've been ramping it up at the gym, finally. So it's nice to really be getting back into the groove. I'm going on a diet starting today :-) I've been eating like crap for the past couple weeks! I added 9 week pics. Hopefully after a few weeks of getting back on my eating plan I will appear a little less chubby :-)

In about a week I'll be 5 months PO (Monday will...

In about a week I'll be 5 months PO (Monday will be 21 weeks). The first three months were a little rough - mostly due to the complications from sutures not dissolving properly. I was even back at the surgeon's office a month ago to have a couple removed. My scar is healing well - I'm not crazy about how dark it is or how wide one section got. I also do not like the scar around my bellybutton - everything was looking good until about 3/4 months PO and BAM - hypertrophic scarring! Doc says he wants to wait a year to see how everything settles out. My left side has a small dog ear which has been getting smaller with each month - so who knows, maybe by 1 year post op it will be completely gone.

I have not had any pain - not even when working out. It's just a matter of building up my abdominal strength. I've been doing ab work since 3 months and started pilates last week. For the first 4 months, swelling in my upper abdomen would get pretty bad after eating - especially when the salt content is high. But I feel like in the last month, that side effect has been slowly going away. So hopefully in a few more months I will be able to go out and enjoy a nice big dinner and not worry about the strange pooch in my upper abs. So weird to bulge there - not a cute look. I've attached a 5 month post op pic - I don't have a six pack, but maybe a two pack? LOL

Oops - also wanted to add that I still have some...

Oops - also wanted to add that I still have some chub on my hips and lower back. If I cannot get rid of it in the next 7 months with diet and exercise - I think I'm strongly leaning towards a little more lipo. I'm hoping the PS will revise my left side a little, as a revision - as I don't think he quite got enough the first time.

So, here I am at 9 months post op from my TT and...

So, here I am at 9 months post op from my TT and lipo of flanks. I can't even tell you how well things have been going for me. I've healed pretty well, I've been able to get back to working out full force, I LOVE my abs - I finally am able to see definition from all my hard work. However, I had some un-eveness in my flank area and extra fullness on one side that I wanted evened up. About a month ago I went in to talk to my PS and we scheduled a lipo revision for a Friday. It was of no real cost to me, just $100 for the surgical room. The procedure was done under local. While nothing hurt terribly bad, there were moment of discomfort, and just overall it's a very weird sensation. I had some pretty bad scarring or fibrous tissues on my left side that he had to seriously battle with in order to make enough tunnels for the cannula to reach through.

The doc took 200 cc off each side. I was actually surprised how quick the whole procedure took and when he said he was done with the first side I said "that's it!!" But, he wants to be conservative and told me that it's easier to take fat out than to put it back, so I suppose he's right. He also said we could go back again if I'm still not happy with areas. Hopefully we got it all this time. I'm not looking to be a super model, just want those darn puffy hips gone!

Today is Sunday, tomorrow morning I'll be 72 hours post op. He gave me some serious prescriptions for pain (valium and lortab) - but I only took those the day of the surgery. They make me feel gross - and to be honest, I'm totally comfortable enough to go without. I've been drug free since the day of surgery! We even went out to a holiday party last night and I had a great time. My husband was pretty surprised that I was up for the party and that I'm doing so well ... I told him, after you go through the hell of a TT, not to mention 3 c-sections - this is a freaking cake walk!! I feel so good I'm planning on going to spin class tomorrow at the gym.

This time around I took those Arnica Montana tablets the week before surgery and now afterwards and have had very little bruising at all. I started to see a few dark areas on my sides the night of the surgery, so I started applying the arnica gel and to my utter surprise, they have practically faded away. Not sure if it's just luck, or if the arnica really works - but I am happy I don't have black and blue marks up and down my body! I've heard lipo bruises can come days after the surgery, I hope I get lucky and that doesn't happen.

I will post some before and after revision pics in a few weeks with another update.
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