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I'm a busy mom of 3 and so ready to finally...

I'm a busy mom of 3 and so ready to finally have a smooth, flat tummy again. I'm sick of looking at the sagging skin that just hangs and doesn't go anywhere!

Finally decided to take the big leap- pick up the phone and make my appt. for a consult. I excercise 3-4 days a week- cardio/circuit training with weights, and pilates. Nothing seems to help get rid of the "sag". Feeling really good about spending money on myself for once! Looking forward to sharing this journey with other TT peeps!! :)

A turn of events for me! Broke my hand! Yes,...

A turn of events for me! Broke my hand! Yes, I'm serious- and all I can think about is how will this affect my TT surgery? And, of course, it's my right hand- learning to do everything with my left. I'm trying to put this all in perspective, though. It could be worse, it could be my leg. Oh well, if there is anything good out of this, it is that my kids are doing stuff for me, and adapting quickly to there new roles, come May 12! I'll be 5 1/2 weeks into my recovery of my fracture the day of my TT. Hoping this doesn't interfere with that!

I am 2 weeks away now and soooo ready!! My hand is...

I am 2 weeks away now and soooo ready!! My hand is healing well and is not going to stop me from having a flat tummy. I have it in a splint which I can take off for showering.

I'm a bit nervous about having both a TT and lipo of inner and outer thighs done together. But, my PS is very confident that it won't be a problem, and it is very common to do both procedures together. Curious about the recovery with both. I know I'll have a compression garment on for thighs and tummy- hope I can move with that on! I'm thinking I'll be feeling like a stuffed sausage. :(

This site is so wonderful for support! Thank you to everyone for your encouragement. My pre-op is May 4th with surgery on the 12th. Looking forward to posting my after pics!!

I had my pre-op yesterday. Bought my Mothers Day...

I had my pre-op yesterday. Bought my Mothers Day present! So happy, nervous, scared and excited wrapped up into one big ole emotion!! Getting ready for next week- laundry and nesting, basically. Looking forward to getting this done and behind me.

I did it! And, I can tell you that it is no walk...

I did it! And, I can tell you that it is no walk in the park, but with some good pain managment, it is bearable. The day of surgery, they gave me something in my IV, put me in a wheelchair, I remember saying good bye to my wonderful husband, and then- I was back in the wheelchair being transfered to my recovery recliner in the surgery center. Amazing. Was home by 3 pm, felt great and then decompensated quickly, because all the anesthetic they injected into my tummy had worn off. :( The first night home I slept on our comfy sectional- except I was so nauseated from the Lortab and all. It really was a horrible night. So I stopped taking the Lortab and went to taking 2 Extra Strength Tylenol, but honestly, there is no way I could get pain relief from that. So, long story short, called my PS, he changed up my meds, and added a anti-nausea med and now I feel like a new woman!! I can say that I'm comfortable now. I can only walk from my family room area (where I'm camped out) to the bathroom and back. I have on a girdle that goes from under my breasts to my knees, because I also had lipo on my inner and outer thigh. That pain is not bad at all!! Just sore. I love my compression garment that they put on me, because it's got a hole in the peri area, so I put a funnel down there, and stand over the toilet to go.

I'm so relieved it's behind me. Now I just gotta rest, and be very patient with myself. That is hard for me right now, because my family has to do everything, and get everything for me! But they are wonderful. Just a quick story- my 8 year old found a bell for me and put it by me to ring when I need something!! Having their support and understanding is so comforting!!

I'm so excited to see my tummy. I can shower today, if I want to, but I'm so scared to take this girdle off, cause I can't imagine getting it back on!! It's so tight!!

Thanks for all the wonderful support on here!!

Just changed my "was it worth it?"...

Just changed my "was it worth it?" status to undecided, ONLY because I haven't seen my tummy and lipo results yet. And, realistically, I know it takes a long time to see final results. But, as of now, i need to see my new flat tummy. Not going to shower tonight because I'm very nervous about removing the girdle, and I know my hubby will have more time tomorrow. And frankly, I'm exhausted and uncomfortable.

Day 6 post - op I'm feeling better today,...

Day 6 post - op

I'm feeling better today, although I feel really swollen!! Posting some pics. I'm still bent over a bit. Really love my low incision. There is a small vertical one, but it will be easily hidden with my bikini bottom on. See my PS tomorrow, highly doubt that the drains will be removed as I'm still having alot of drainge.

I'm 3 weeks on Thursday- still have one drain,...

I'm 3 weeks on Thursday- still have one drain, and I"m starting to feel discouraged. :( It's draining about 45cc/day. I don't get it!! I wonder what the record is for having a drain in??? I'm also feeling really sore and puffy today. Thinking I might have over-done it yesterday. I also pushed myself a bit this morning with cleaning and picking stuff up. I know I need to be patient with myself and my body, but I'm feeling a bit down about this recovery. I'm having a difficult time getting comfortable at night sleeping, and wake up SORE!! Is that normal?

Thanks everyone for listening to my complaints. Sometimes you just gotta vent about stuff, and today is the day I do that.

3 weeks, one drain, and I had a whopping 60cc from...

3 weeks, one drain, and I had a whopping 60cc from it yesterday! Crazy. I'm just trying to keep a positive attitude about it, and realize that my body needs this drain to help it heal. But it really stinks, just have to say. I'm curious as to how long it will be with me. :) I'm hiding it really well. It fits in my bra perfectly, and it's kinda like a got a breast lift, too! Oh well, tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully a better one!!

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