April 13, 2011 is the Day - Minneapolis, MN

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I'm 42, and have been planning on doing this...

I'm 42, and have been planning on doing this for a long time. I've always been unhappy with the size of my breasts, and with three widely spaced children, my abdomen leaves much to be desired. I'm too young to spend the rest of my life hiding behind my clothing, and cropping myself out of the family photos. I'm getting the TT with no lipo, and BA. This is my year. We are done with the college tuition for the oldest, and have two years until the next one begins, and the youngest one is independent enough to take care of most things without much help, that I feel this is as good of a time as ever to take care of some mommy business!

Im expecting pain, but my biggest fear is of skin discomfort. Itching, pulling, etc. I have sensitive skin, so I am imagining the worst, I guess.

 I'm nervous, but moreso excited. I hope I'm being realistic enough with my recovery goals. I want to be feeling good by mothers day, and plan to be stunningly confident in my mother-of-the-groom's dress at my son's wedding next summer.

Today is the day! I'm so excited. A little...

Today is the day! I'm so excited. A little anxious, but mainly just wanting it to be over. Surgery isn't until 1:00. I'm just dying for a cup of coffee! My mouth feels so dry!

I'm not sure if this review is being posted yet, I haven't been able to find it, but I'll try to get back with an update tomorrow!

First night was quite tolerable. Some soreness,...

First night was quite tolerable. Some soreness, but very little pain. I slept in the bed propped up for a little while, but then moved to the recliner, and slept a good four hours straight!

I'm standing a little less hunched today, so hopefully I won't look too old lady like, when we head back to the PS this morning.

So far I'm thrilled! Breasts are very pain free and awesome! Perfect size! And the nips are stretched out and smoother. I always hated my pointy nips. I hope these stay this way! LOL

Hopefully I can add pics soon.

My tummy is so flat! It's awesome! My new belly...

My tummy is so flat! It's awesome! My new belly button looks great, but was kind of bloody and clotting. PS said that was fine, because it assures us that it's very much alive and getting blood flow.

My left breast is much more swollen than the right. PS said he thinks it's just swelling, but we will watch for hematoma.

Pain is still minimal!

Oh my goodness my back hurts tonight! And the...

Oh my goodness my back hurts tonight!

And the Vicodin does nothing for that pain. I'm on a heating pad now. I hope can sleep tonight! I need a good night's sleep.

Still very manageable pain. I am taking my muscle...

Still very manageable pain. I am taking my muscle relaxant and Vicodin on schedule, though. PS told me to stay on schedule for five days to get through the worst. I am standing easier and straighter today. My back is still very sore, so it almost feels better to stand taller, even though it feels tight on my incision.

There is hardly any oozing from my belly button or incision. It appears that everything is adhering nicely.

My breasts are softening up a little, but still are swollen. I can't wait to see them in their dropped position. How long does it usually take? A week?

Wow. What a difference a decent night sleep...

Wow. What a difference a decent night sleep makes! Well, if you consider six hours, decent. But it sure beats two hours!

I got up at 5:15 this morning to take some meds. I decided to have an apple, too, so my stomach wasn't so empty... Bad news!

That apple was tart and made me cough. OUCH!! That was my first post op cough. Holy cow, does that hurt! I sure hope I stay healthy these next few weeks!

I still feel better than expected, though. Day three, and I'm still happy with my decision!

Grrrrr. More pain today. Kind of frustrating...

Grrrrr. More pain today. Kind of frustrating since I was feeling so good. The drains are really bothering me, as I'm having some swelling below my incision.

And I got behind on the pain meds since I was feeling so good. I guess that's why I WAS feeling so good...

But it's still worth it.


Hmm... what happened to my photos that I uploaded?

Hmm... what happened to my photos that I uploaded?

Slept better. Still very sore where the drain...

Slept better. Still very sore where the drain sites are.

Breast incisions are finally noticeable today. Up until now, I haven't even noticed them. But today they feel like they are drying... They feel tight and a little itchy.

Breasts are still swollen and hard. Im not thrilled with the current size and shape. I sure hope they soften and get curvy again!

My TT incision is amazing. There is one tiny spot on the left that had a tiny dot of blood on the binder today, otherwise it seems to be completely sealed. I put a tank top under the binder tonight for the first time. I hope that eases some of the itching and pulling of the skin getting compressed into the elastic.

My final drain came out today! 10 days po. It...

My final drain came out today! 10 days po. It stung when she pulled it. It certainly felt differently than the first removal!

We went out to dinner tonight, and went to Walmart, to pick up a few groceries and another jog bra. Man! Did that tire me out!

I was so tired and miserable from the walking pain.

My nurse today, told me that she thought that the "pulling", painful sensation I feel in my groin is perhaps, from the stay stitch. Perhaps it is too close to the sciatic nerve...
Ugh. Just what I need. More nerve pain!

She thinks the pain will resolve when the stitches dissolve. In a few weeks...

Has anyone else experienced this?

Day 12, and I'm feeling less swollen. I had a...

Day 12, and I'm feeling less swollen. I had a follow up visit today, and the PS said I should be in regular shape wear instead of the big elastic binder. The nurse said she thought I could stay in the binder a few more days, since I'm not even at the two week mark, and she didn't want me overdoing things.

They both thought I looked amazing. I think so too, but still don't have much energy, and still am having some twinge-y nerve pain. I'm going to lie low for another week, then I have to get back to some sort of routine. I'm getting bored!

Breasts are settling, but are still a little swollen and tender. But I can stand to wear the sports bra all day without irritating the incision areas. I'm really looking forward to bra shopping in a few weeks!

I'm off the Vicodin, but am still taking the muscle relaxer at night. It makes me sleepy, and it's a lot easier to get comfortable and fall asleep. I'm sleeping on the sofa now, instead of the recliner. My back is straight, but I still have my knees elevated with pillows. It helps my back a lot!

During the day, I can walk straight, but only for an hour or so, then I start hunching again...

All is good, though! I'm happy with my shape! And it's only going to get better!

Photo Update

I finally got pics to load today. Yesterday was...

I finally got pics to load today. Yesterday was my two week mark. PS wanted me to be in a shaper garment by the weekend, so I went out for a couple hours to find some yesterday. It felt so good to be out and about by myself. I felt like I was walking pretty straight up and confident. But, I must have overdid it. I got pretty swollen and gained almost 7 pounds from 8am to 4 pm!

Most of that is gone now, this morning, so I guess I better just take it easy for a few more days. I sure didn't like that swelling feeling! I'm sure it's unavoidable completely, but I can lie low a few more days and heal a bit more...

I saw my PS yesterday. I was worried about a...

I saw my PS yesterday. I was worried about a swollen and very tender area just to the right of my belly button. Thursday, I had sneezed a few times, and later in the evening realized that I had this hard, swollen, painful area.

I had hoped it would lessen over night, but in the morning, I decided to call my clinic. They had me come in to check fir fluid or hematoma, but thankfully, it was neither.

PS thought that perhaps I popped a tack stitch, or quilting stitch when I sneezed, and had set off a fiery reaction from that little area of nerves. By later in the afternoon, the pain and tenderness had subsided.

He thought I looked great, and barring any of my concerns, I don't need to come back for three weeks! I got the go ahead to wear a regular wireless bra... Wired by next week, and also to begin vitamin e massage by next week.

He did suggest I use the bra band for a bit to help support the left and push the right down a bit. My right has not dropped as much as the left has.
I do hope they continue to drop and soften a bit. The size is still bigger than I expected. I got fitted at VS for a new bra, and I'm a 36 DD right now. Yikes. I was expecting a nice round full C. But the manager at VS who fitted me, assured me that my first bra size at a few weeks, is rarely a permanent size.

But it certainly does feel good to wear a regular bra again. Sports bras are too constricting... (well, especially when I was packed into a 36C!)

Day 20! Yesterday was my best day to date. I...

Day 20! Yesterday was my best day to date. I think that painful stay stitch finally dissolved, and the relief from that nerve pain was immediate. All of a sudden I could stay fully straight all day, and bending and squatting, etc, was painless.

So, I made use of my new freedom to try on clothes... Can't get my regular pants zipped yet. Still a little bit of swelling and tenderness, but man do they look great without the overhanging skin! And the shirts? Oh yes. I do like my new curves!

Today I went in to my PS to have them snip a few stitches that were working their way out of my incision. They kept getting snagged on my panties or binder. I wasn't exactly sure what I should be doing with my belly button, either. It still is a bit crusty, and I wasn't sure if I should clean it, or leave it... LOL

PS told me to start massaging my scars with vitamin e oil, but still no water immersion for another week, to make sure all the little scabs are gone and everything is tightly sealed. He said I looked really good for this stage, and will continue to get better and better!

I'm so happy I did this.

Just a quick update from 3 1/2 months out: Summer...

Just a quick update from 3 1/2 months out: Summer is 2/3 over, and I have really enjoyed wearing tank tops confidently this summer! I am thrilled with my results, even though I have had a few uncomfortable days in the heat and humidity where I get swelling, that makes my tummy swollen and tender.

I have had some sharp twinges of pain from nerves regenerating, but they only last seconds, but still occasionally take my breath away for a bit.

All said, though? I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

My confidence level is so much higher. I feel proportionate, and getting rid of that ring of leftover baby skin is so, so liberating. My clothes fit, and look good, and I don't stress out everytime I need to get dressed for an occasion. I feel so much better about my appearance.

My hubby agrees. He's glad I did this, because he knows how much happier and confident I am.

Best wishes to all that are entering this exciting and scary procedure.
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