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Well today was the day I had been hoping for I...

Well today was the day I had been hoping for I received the call from the surgery center that my ins. Was approved!!! I had to get a mammogram for my ins. Other then that it was a pretty easy process minus waiting the 6 weeks to hear if I was approved. I have the surgery in 2 weeks from today. I feel like there is so much to do before the surgery.
The surgery is set for a Tuesday and my mom and I are putting on a bridal shower that Saturday. Any thoughts on how I might be feeling? Or if I will be up for tKing a drive 2 1/2 hrs to the cities?

12 days till surgery

Well now that this is starting to set into me and my family we are trying to prep for what is to come. Any advise would be helpful! I've been thinking a lot lately about my areoles as they are so large and I worry that it will be hard for me to just to having smaller areoles. I decided to add a few photos before as I feel so fortunate to have had other wonderful women on this site post there journey and I hope I can help some else. To bad they can't get rid of my stretch marks on my tummy! Oh well just the beauty marks of having kids I guess

1 week till reduction!

Well I bought 2 button down Jammie sets for after surgery. I'm excited and nervous for the day to come. I booked our hotel room so we are set on that. We live about 2 hrs away from St. Cloud mn so I will have surgery get discharged the same day stay at the hotel for the night and then go back to the dr the next day tons e them re dress me and get fitted for a surgical bra and head back home. I'm trying to think of any thing else I should bring with besides Jammie's and a pillow. It seems crazy that this is actually happening. I still need to get my house in order! I'm just not sure how or what I will want!

6 days till surgery

Well last night was really an emotional time for me with my kids I cried lots knowing I can't soothing, snuggle with them for a long time. I mean I always knew that was the case but as it gets closer it is really just setting in for me. So today I think I will be doing a little extra cuddling with my kiddos

Out of surgery!!!

Well I went in this morning for surgery!! Check in was at 7am. I got there and had all my vitals checked and got my IV hooked up after the 3rd try!!! Ugh! Anyways dr. Young came in to my prep room with his nurse and my lovely soon to be husband!!! Was in there with me. The Dr. Marked me all up and I told him if I'm getting cut open it better be worth it and I would rather be smaller then bigger I'm hoping to be a full B or a small C ...... IM SO SICK OF BIG BOOBS! ????

Once all the pre op work was done I walked back to the surgery room and laid down on the table and they put a belt on me to make sure I didn't fall off. The anistigiologist ( sorry for spelling still tired and out of it) was great he was fully the one that actually got my IV in after 2 nurses didn't get it he did easily. I went into the surgery room around 8:30 and was in recovery around 11:30. Left boob was a little more sore then my right so dr. Young looked at them and so did the nurse and everything looked good I had no pukey feeling which was great! I was Hungary! We left the facility at abou 1pm and I felt pretty good. I did get my period that morning and they said I could wear a tampon thank goodness. We went and grabbed lunch which was great I was tired but felt great to have a smoothie and a sandwich

At the hotel now resting as we live about 2 hours from St. Cloud, mn

I will take more pics later this is just of me in the hotel bed resting

1 day post op

Well I didn't really sleep to well last night. Not because of pain but because I just could shut my brain off and unwind I have lots on my mind. My follow up appointment was at 11:30am today so in the morning we decided to go to SAMs club as it felt good to get up and walk around. I just wanted to go early before to many people were shopping. My wonderful soon to be hubby pushed the cart and did all the lifting and loading of the car so all I had to do was point and tell him we needed to buy it! Nice to be stocked up before fall harvest season with all the odds and ends! Went back to the hotel and laid in bed and rested before my appointment. Got to the clinic and everything went great!!!
The physicians assistant was wonderful I could feel both nipples it was very light but was a good feeling. she got me fitted for a surgical bra which I was worried it would be to loose and would want to have the ace wrap on as well to feel secure however the bra was enough which is great. When they removed the ace wrap and gauze they were very happy with how little bleeding I had. My breasts are a little more bruised then what I thought they would be. I would rate my pain in a scale of 1-10 at a 4 today I'm still taking 2 pain meds every 4 hours to stay on top of the pain right now my left breast on the side is a little more sore.

The one photo is of me sitting at home relaxing in my fancy surgical bra!!

Did I mention I feel really itchy all over ! Ugh driving me crazy

1 more pic

A side by side of before and after!

3 days post op worried about left nipple

Well I took my first shower yesterday. As that was when I was advised to shower. I didn't wash my hair I went to the salon today to have them wash it and put it in a braid so I wouldn't have to worry about that.
I took 2 tsp of miralax the first day after surgery... No poop. 3 tsp miralax the following day.... No poop. This morning I took 3 tsp miralax.... No poop yet!!! Ugh! I think I may take a little more today....

Yesterday before showering I inspected my boobies and I felt like my left nipple seemed to look worse them my right and I knew that the first day after surgery I just thought it seemed worse so I thought since I was traveling past the surgical center they could take a peek at it and they took pics and told me to call them on Monday to follow up and see how I'm doing. I do have an appointment next week Friday so they will be able to compare them to pictures. She did advise me to put some antibacterial ointment on my left breast underneath where it comes to a T as it looks like it is making a blister.... Ouch

Oh and I would suggest buying thick gauze pads that are not cotton feeling the kind that have the plastic kinda outside

I will post pics hopefully tomorrow as I'm at a hotel and don't feel like taking a pic of myself in this hotel...

Healing well.. no pain meds

I'm healing well I think. The dark bruises are going away and now becoming a very yellow color. I don't have feeling in my nipples yet.. I think I thought I did at first. Oh how the brain can make you believe what you want it to. I go back to work 2 weeks from surgery... Which is right around the corner! I went to Walmart and bought some front closer sports bras HOLY CRAP AMAZING! I feel so much better. My left boob is still a little more sore then the left. But noting I can't manage. I go for my check up in 4 more days so I'm excited to hear how I'm actually healing compared to what I think

Feeling better everyday!

Well I am almost 3 weeks PO and doing pretty good. Let's be really honest!!! I have been picking up my children and caring for them as a parent would do. My daughter is 9 months and is about 24lbs and my son is 3 and is roughly 45lbs and I just took him From his car seat into his bed as he fell asleep in the car yesterday on our way home from town... I will tell you I can tell when I do things like that at the end of the day as I am a bit more sore then a normal evening. I can tell I feel more swollen that my boobs got more irritated if I do a lot of walking but otherwise I feel like I am healing well I think my right nipple looks better then my left. I feel like my left sticks out almost come shape like then my right that lays flatter and more normal to my pre surgery nipple. My left is taking a little longer to heal underneath but it is coming along!! Oh and exciting news! I got a call that my wedding dress is in!! So I will be trying that on soon and seeing how it fits!!

2 month check up

I went for my 2 month check up and everything went well he told me that I am healing well and that he would like to see me at 4 months just to make sure everything is still healing correctly. So here's my question. Why didn't he tell me to be massaging my scars? I read all over this site of people having to massage there scar tissue. And if I should be how should I be doing it? Also I added updated pics of what they look like plus one with a built in bra!!! How cool is that! I can't believe how quick 2 months goes and how good I feel! I am able to lay on my stomach now which is great for me as I'm a side/stomach sleeper. There is one scab that is still trying to heal up and I feel like it is doing a good job at doing so.

Life is great 4months out!

I wouldn't change anything!! I'm 4 months out and things are wonderful!! Thought I would post an update. I'm not great at putting oil on my scars but I'm happy with how they look!!
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