4 weeks post op tmrw and almost fully healed! Happy w/recovery.

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So...after reading so many reviews day in and day...

So...after reading so many reviews day in and day out- I have FINALLY decided to write my own review as they have been so helpful to me- I am hoping to do the same for other women. Thank you to all of the women who have shared your stories and journey with the rest of us. Thank you REALSELF for this great community!! Truly a blessing!! What a great support system this site has been. I'm sure I am speaking for others as well. My stats are as follows:

Age: 32
Ht: 4'11
Wt: 100
Mommy of 4 Beautiful, spirit filled Children. 3girls ages 12,8,6 and baby boy 2yrs.

My Breast Parameters (measurements) are as follows:

Base Width: 12cm (BWD)
Nipple to Inframammory Fold Distance: 7.5cm
Intermammary Distance: 1.8cm (cleavage in between both breast)
Sternal Notch to Nipple Distance: 17cm
Internipple Distance: 16cm
Nipple to midline distance: 7.5cm on my right & 8cm on my left
Areola Diameter: 3cm

So there you have it! Yes I am pretty petite. Lol.... I have been considering BA for the past 7years but never really thought I would get enough courage to do it. I haven't always been flat chested. I was once very well proportioned to my petite physique. Before my 4children I had nice perky breasts large B small C at 4'11 that was ideal for me. But, after each child, my boobies just started to shrink and it made me feel less of a woman. I breastfed all 4 children for quite some time at least 6months +.

Every time I go to the beach or walk around with my children and nieces, I am always mistaken as one of the children rather than the parent. Sometimes it hurts (depending on the comment). I want to do this for me. I'm tired of having to buy most of my shirts or dresses from the girls section because I can't fit into what is in Juniors or Women. I look at all of these beautiful tops and dresses, try them on even though I know they won't look right. I even went to VS and bought such an expensive bathing suit that is suppose to give you 2 extra cup sizes to only have that be a disappointment. Although I have worn it a couple of times, that didn't even feel right- I always felt I had to make sure my itty bitties weren't going to pop out of the extremely padded top. I once bought a nu bra (also from VS and expensive) its a bra but not really if you know what I mean, its jelly feeling and also suppose to give you 2cup sizes, you just stick it on over your breasts. The problem with that was that if it were hot out- and you are sweating,..it could just fall off. Happened to me once (so embarrassing) so...I decided to start wearing it inside of a bra. I know...sad right?

Well, after saving for quite some time and having the best support ever (my husband). I am ready to FINALLY do this for me!! Although my hubby has always been such an amazing and loving, praise worthy man....He has loved me the way I was before and after children. Have known this man all of my life...literally! He has been my biggest support. He has always loved my breast, whether there were just nipples or a handful he just wants me to be happy. For that, I am truly blessed!

Well, I can't believe my day is nearing so soon 5days on August 10th. With my measurements above, my PS and I and hubby all agreed that mod+ 300 filled to 350cc on left and 360cc on right would put me about where I was before babies. About a large B or small C. He did mention if I wanted more projection to go with High Prof because due to my measurements, using an implant bigger than 300 would not fit in my 2 cm pockets sort a speak. But I mentioned I wanted to be natural looking not "fake" looking. I will have the surgery under the breast behind the muscle. Because it will look about 25-50cc's smaller when final results are in, he had me put on the 275 implant sizer filled to 325cc and yes- I/we were in love with that size. So when I went in for my pre-op last Monday, July 30th...We paid off our balance and ordered our implants -the MentorSmooth Round Moderate "Plus" Profile Style 2000 Catalog# 350-2300.

I also picked up my prescriptions:
1. Tylenol 3 (for pain) originally given vicodin but I am allergic to that med
2. Promethazine (for nausea) as needed
3. Cephalexin (antibiotic) need to complete all

I also picked up a multivitamin to take once daily (which I should have always been doing anyway) I always give my children their vitamin...why not myself? Lbvs...

Sorry for such a long review....But this has has been so exciting but now anxiety has taken toll over me. I had to put a prayer request in this morning and give it to God and I must say- He is so amazing!! I am no longer anxious, just excited!! I would be lying if I didn't say I wasn't a bit scared though. Only because I know my PS mentioned if I come down with a cold or not completely healthy that I may need to reschedule...I have had this date scheduled for over a month and have been so healthy but of course the week of, my body decides to start coming down with something....honestly I think its just allergies. Does anyone have any suggestions for that? My throat has been scratchy and throat stuffy and yes watery...not are if I can take a loratadine or something for allergy. Well, I think thats about it for now.

Oh wait- I also wanted to add that I went and bought myself a nice comfy pair of button up pj's bought DIAL an antibacterial soap and scrubber to cleanse my body with each day for a week prior to surgery (don't like it at all but hey-its an antibacterial soap), a bit disappointed that after Tuesday I need to soak off my gel nail polish. I got that mani/pedi just for this :( but no worries. (I guess it's for my own safety). Also just learned that i can't even put my hair in braids like I wanted to so that my butt length hair could be out of my way since we can't shower for at least 3days. Again- I have to think of why-for my own safety. Thanks for reading my review ladies!! If I can ask you all to do one thing for me, it would be to keep me and my family in prayer. Especially for strength and for me to feel better in these upcoming days. Will be calling to let PS know tomorrow of my current health symptoms. Blessings to you all BIG!! (BTW-I am not reading this back hopefully it all sounds ok

All clear from my Doc. Can't wait!! Only 4 more...

All clear from my Doc. Can't wait!! Only 4 more days. Can someone please tell me how to upload photos from phone?

Just got call from Surgery Center.....and it just...

Just got call from Surgery Center.....and it just made it all the more REAL!!! I am so excited!! :) Less than 48 hours to go and I too..will be on the other side!! Whoo hoo!!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stay relaxed? I have found myself being so anxious. Also, can someone please tell me how to upload pics from my phone? Thanks. Best wishes to all who is/or having BA.

Can't believe my BA is about 8hours away!! So...

Can't believe my BA is about 8hours away!! So excited and ready to be on the other side!!

I drank so much water today like there was no tomorrow :) So thankful that my mom and sis in-law were willing to take my children for the next couple of days so that hubby can just take care of me. Even though I haven't told my mom- I'm praying she will be supportive once she finds out. Well, night everyone!! Need to get some rest- I have to be up in about 6hours. Thanks for all of the emails and wonderful well wishes!!

Finally got some pics up :)

I can't believe it's happening. I'm laying here...

I can't believe it's happening. I'm laying here right now just got my iv hooked up and ready to go under. keep me in prayer ladies. thanks to all of you for all your support, prayers and well wishes. will update soon

Post Op-Day #1 after BA on 8/10/12 Whoo Hoo!!...

Post Op-Day #1 after BA on 8/10/12

Whoo Hoo!! I am so so so so happy with my new boobies!! My recovery has been pretty awesome!! All glory to God!!

Yesterday, after getting on all of my surgery gear on, the RN tried to find an IV spot but was having a hard time since she said I was so tiny-I kind of expected that tho. She said I would probably have this problem all of my life :( IN this case- I am hoping I would never have to have surgery for anything again. LBVS... SHe had wrapped a warm blanket around my left fist and put that blue rubber band thing around my upper arm and had me keep fist pumping...finally was able to find a vein...but again..said she didn't think it was going to work because as she got into the vein-she noticed the vein stretching. -THis was very overwhelming...but then God told me I can do this. I kept praying at this moment that God would would fill me with his spirit and invited Jesus to make himself feel comfortable inside of me. Then I just felt this awesome sensation and at this time- knew everything was going according to God's will. I turned to ask Jo (the RN) if it worked and she smiled and said yes! Praise God!!!

Then Dr. Cummins the Anesthesiologist came in explained to me what was going to happen and left. Then Dr. Thao came in drew on me and he left to prepare himself for my surgery. After a few minutes, Tom (assistant to Dr. Cummins and Peter also part of the OR team) wheeled me into the OR. In there I met Summer (she worked with Dr. Thao on my implants). Tom then showed me a syringe and injected that into my IV and said this would help to relax me. Afterwards, he and Peter slid me onto the operating table from my bed. Next thing I noticed, I was in the recovery room with another woman- at this point I didn't remember or get anyones names in recovery. LOL....she went to get my hubby as he was patiently waiting. We stayed in the recovery room for about 15mns then I took 1/2 percoset and there up twice. So gross.

I came home at about 12:15pm. Thanks to suggestion from Arizona.Native I too, was able to rest so comfortably. I had the bedrest pillow along with 6 of my own pillows and a travel pillow to lay on. My 12year old fed me a bowl of apple sauce and then went to my moms for the rest of the weekend. I also ate a couple of saltine crackers. NOt to mention- I have been drinking plenty of water so i have also been in the bathroom tons. That's the biggest annoyance but again-it's because I want to flush out the meds by drinking plenty of water. My hubby has been so wonderful. He's been at my bed side most of surgery day. I took my first dosage of antibiotic, tylenol 3, and Promethazine at 4pm and have been on schedule with my meds taking them every 4hours. I spent most of my surgery day resting. At about 8:30pm last night I ate a home cooked meal and it was so good!! I was afraid I was going to throw it up but nope. I think that had a lot to do with drinking so much water. Best thing for yah!! I slept almost the entire night except for when I needed to get up and take my meds and drink plenty more water and using bathroom.

THis morning i woke up and was so excited about taking off my "tights" those things were so irritating...but hey- I can't complain they helped me from getting blood clots down my legs and kept me steady. I am still drinking plenty of water, ate some dried prunes to help with constipation, saltine crackers. For he most part-I have been resting today as well. I just had some soup and rice for lunch with 2 clementines. Then took my first shower (with hubbies help) which felt so refreshing so awesome on my tender boobies. At first I didn't think I could shower based on others reviews but my doc recommends it, so I thought the best thing for me was to listen to my doctors orders. Well, thats it for now. I might update again this evening. Going to try and rest again.

posted several pics from today-1day after surgery :)

Hello fellow Boobie friends, my recovery is going...

Hello fellow Boobie friends, my recovery is going great!! I haven't taken any tylenol 3 since Saturday morning. In fact, I've only taken one dosage of XS tylenol so far today and I am still doing ok. It's about 7pm right now. I am taking my antibiotic and nausea med as scheduled though until they are all complete. I did have a stool Saturday and another today -thanks to the advice from Happymom in WA for eating the prunes and taking a stool softener days leading to my surgery.

I have been icing every day since BA on Friday and have been taking a hot shower each day since saturday (mostly letting the hot water run on my breast) kind of like when your breasts are engorged with all that milk...it releases the pressure. I've been eating lots of fruits, still eating the prunes, and lots of pasta.

Don't get me wrong, It's not all that easy. My back hurts, breast are still swollen and bruised but for the most part- I can tolerate the pain. Funny but, my butt hurts more than my breast. I'm not sure if its because I am on it too much or not but all Im doing is trying to get as much rest as possible before I have to start work again on Wednesday so I've been just laying around. I have started to move around the house a bit more, walking up and down the stairs, etc. That also seems to help a bit.

My boobies are really starting to feel like they are a part of me. I love them! They are exactly how I pictured them to be. THey are also getting a bit softer each day. I'm really looking forward to my post op appt this Thursday. Well, going to get ready for today's shower. Might post a few more pics later. GN...boobie pals.

4 Days after surgery Wow!! I can't believe...

4 Days after surgery

Wow!! I can't believe I'm already going back to work tomorrow. Booooo.....for that! But-Im feeling almost 100% better so no complaining there. A huge thanks to my hubby! He has been by my side everyday since my BA last Friday. Amazing man!

I have been eating normal making sure to get my fruits and veggies in and of course my pasta!! I've been icing, icing, icing, no more swelling!! Hooray!!! Still a little bruising under the boobies (which I discovered was from the bra I came home in) so last night and all day today I went bra-less. I just got out of the shower and I am just wearing a nice tube top with some VS boxers. Feeling good I must say. Carefree. I have completed my nausea meds only a few antibiotics to go and tons of pain meds because thank God!!!.....I haven't needed them. All day today I have only taken 1 dose of XS tylenol and honestly- I really didn't even need it. I know this is TMI- but I'm happy to report that I have been pretty fortunate and been able to have a stool everyday since my BA. My TIP for that is....prunes and pears!!!

Now, I just can't wait for these new babies to soften up for me. One other thing- I NEVER reread what I post so if it's too much or doesn't make sense, SOrry. Good luck to all the ladies with upcoming BA and also a speedy recovery to the ones with recent BA.

Just added a few more pics.

Day 6 after surgery So I went into see my Doc...

Day 6 after surgery

So I went into see my Doc today for my 1st post op and everything went great!! My stitches will dissolve away on it's own within the next 2-4weeks and he showed me how to start massaging them. I'm so excited to start that to soften these babies up!! ( I posted a pic of how much I can squeeze without it being too much pain) I saw a pic of someone during my research and it helped a lot so I wanted to do the same.

He showed me 3 different ways of massaging and said that I should not worry too much about buying any nice expensive bras for now as the will probably drop about 20% in size once they settle in :( I love them the way they are NOW!!! LOL....but so serious! Either way- I am grateful for them. SO I went to Walmart asI saw on someones review about the genie bra and OMGeeeeee.....Love love love this bra!! It is so comfy and you get 2 of them for $19.88 its the as seen on TV bra. This is by far my best buy! (Also have a pic with this bra on in the nude color) He also recommends I buy scarguard which is what most PS uses- works wonders for scars but I didn't worry about buying that yet until my stitches fall off. I think I am going to order that online for 1/2 the price as it is being sold at the PS office. I know I have lots of pics- but they were a lot of help for me when I was doing my research!! I've never looked at so many boobies in all of my life until now. LOL!!! but so true!

Well- that is it for now! Can't believe tomorrow will be a week since my BA- how time flies!!! Good luck to everyone!

Day 7 after BA I can't believe that 1 week...

Day 7 after BA

I can't believe that 1 week ago today at this time I was in surgery having my BA! How time flies when you're unlove :) Haha. Well, its my day off and I should be sleeping in but my tush hurts. Going to try to warm up a pillow or something and see if i can't try to rest for another hour or so. Will update later. Going to a BBQ tonight.

Saint Paul Plastic Surgeon

Dr Thao and staff were wonderful. He answered all of my questions honestly and made my hubby very comfortable as well. I would definitely recommend Dr. Thao.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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