33 Year Old Two Kids Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Fat Transfer to Hips - Minnesota, MN

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Super excited to finally have this scheduled! I've...

Super excited to finally have this scheduled! I've been wanting this for a couple years now. Ready to feel like a woman again! Before having two kids I have always been fit. I'm 5'-2" and was 105 lbs.... Now I'm 130. My muscles are so far apart- no amount of excercise would help to grow them back together. They need total reconstruction, Plus I've always had a more 'square' - 'athletic' body and I want curves! I'll be having a full tummy tuck with lipo from back flanks aka 'muffin top' that will be transfers to my hips.

Eeeek! Only a few days till surgery!

I added a few more before pics to remind myself why I'm doing this. I'm sick of having a perma pregnant belly. I'm sick of hiding under my clothes all the time. I will use this surgery as a catalyst to get healthy and fit again. I can't wait, but I'm really nervous!

One day post opp

One day post opp and I'm in mild- moderate pain. I haven't even attempted to look at my new bod, for the moment I will stay bandaged. I have two drains in but there's really not much fluid coming from either.... Hopefully it's not clogged!

I was really nervous yesterday but the staff at High Pointe were amazing. I was terrified of anesthesia and just wanted to wake up. I remember being in the surgery room then boom, I woke up in pain. They gave me two oxy's and I was good to go! My mom, an RN, took care of me last night. Draining my drains, feeding me pills every four hours... Thank god! I'll add an after picture next week when the dr switches my garment.

We will see how it goes tonight, I've heard people say the first four days are the hardest and most painful. Last night I did get woozy after standing to get to the bathroom but warded off the feeling with water and my trusty saltines????????I did cough one and that was painful.

Day four post op

Hello all, thought I'd share how I was feeling today. I spelt pretty well last night, I'm able to sleep on my back at an incline with my legs straight and it feels good! I haven't had any nausea since day two so that's good. The pain now is not really with my abdominal muscles - it's my back for over compensating and carrying the load! Also, when I woke out of bed this morning and sat up I felt a sharp pain at my seam, I could feel the blood rushing to it, but there was no bleeding through my wrap. It literally feels like someone took a curling iron to it.

Did anyone else feel this burning at the seams and how long did it last?


I can't wait to get these drain tubes out! Fingers crossed they will be out at 1 week post op with the dr next Wednesday . We will see. But I'll keep in them in as long as I can to keep swell hell from happening, though I think it's inevitable.
Still need to go the 'bathroom' I've taken like eight softners.... I guess I need to be a bit more patient!

The real day four PO....

Ok you guys, four days out - an update. I feel good today, still sore though in my back were the lipo was. Hips are tender to where my dr transferred the fat. Honestly the lipo hurts the worst, my abs feel fine. Lastly, as I mentioned yesterday, when I get up from a sitting or laying position I feel the burning sensation at my seam/ groin area on my right side. That's a b!#@$. Still taking a plethora of drugs... Though I'm not taking the muscle relaxer or anti nausea anymore, just antibiotics, oxycodine, stool softener.
My drains have been steady since day 1. I barely fill each side with 20ml of fluid. Like, I can go all day and not drain them till night. My left is usually 18-20 ml and my right is 10-15ml. So, hopefully it's not all pooling in my stomach between the layers... That would be bad. The fluid seems normal and there's no smell or weird color. My drains are put in my hips, some dr's put in their patients groin.... If I press on my groin I feel the seam burning.... Eeeek, what if it's pooling there????

I wish I could take a peek but I can't take off my garment.... Oh well, for now I will wait and see....
Have a nice Fourth of July to all you recovering tummy Tucker's! Cheers to us sitting on the couch ????????????

Recovery pics

Adding a few more process pics... Overall everyday has been a better pain level. Now I'm just achey. Last night my back hurt so bad I shoved an ice pack in my binder and it felt soooooo good! :) I even attempted to sleep on my stomach... sigh....to no avail....
Tomorrows the day I finally get to see my results and get a new binder from my dr! I've been waiting six. long. days. for this and one more to go!
Hopefully it was worth it! I'll post as soon I can tomorrow ;)

Hands down worth it ladies!!!!!

Soooooooo happy with my results! I can't even express how happy I am! I finally have the hourglass shape. My scar is really low and flat and my hips are just perfect. I'm still really swollen and tender though but I love how my body is now even with the swelling! I got a new wrap (not shown in the pic) and I have to keep the drains in till next week. Boo.
I'll post a new pic next Wednesday when the drains are out and swelling goes down...
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