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I have had two youngest being ten months...

I have had two youngest being ten months and opted for a tummy tuck because I have excess loose skin. I barely make 100 pounds, so losing weight was not the was loose baggy skin.

I highly recommend my doctor. Not only was the staff awesome, but during consultation, Dr. T was very informative.

Surgery was yesterday and the anesthesia they had me on was very minimal with nausea feeling...I have not thrown up, I can walk around...getting up and down out of bed is kind of hard but stay on your meds and you will be fine. I just had my reveal and it looks great! No more stretch marks or saggy skin! They really know what they are talking about and how to take care of patients.

Day 4 post op and things are looking better....

Day 4 post op and things are looking better. I'm still taking my meds, though I'm trying to pace myself with the painkillers. My tummy incision is not irritated like it was on day 1 but I feel that there may be just a tiny bit of swelling. I'm moving around day 2 I was walking straight, though it felt awkward, it was better for my back. I was also able to do dishes and fold clothes, walk up and down stairs....very slowly and pretty much go on with life. I have been taking it easy thouh....sudden movements are not recommended lol.

Okay, so it is day 13 post op and I'm doing...

Okay, so it is day 13 post op and I'm doing fantastic. Right after surgery, I was kind of groggy and felt like I was wobbly in the if I took off the binder, I would break in half. lol But I still was able to get in and out of bed (slowly and hunched over) and go to the bathroom. I was afraid if I stood straight up, I'd rip stitches! The following day after surgery, I had a visit with Dr. T. and he said I should walk straight up and it wouldn't hurt anything and be much better for my back. I have no complaints in regards to nausea after surgery or even that much pain...I stayed on top of my meds just in case though.

By day 3, I was feeling good and not really taking any pain meds...Day 5--I had the most horrific thing that could happen to someone post op--I SNEEZED....and I know people suggest using pillows to firmly press against tummy but I was stranded...outside, standing by a was horrible. lol

Anyway, I'm drugless again and am feeling awesome. Had another appt. with Dr. T yesterday and he said I could stop wearing my binder and switch to spanx or something like it...but I feel weird without it on. I have my calendar marked for my 3 week milestone and am looking forward to it. The scar is healing nicely and I'm still a little bit swollen but it will go down.

I've been doing a lot of research on scar...

I've been doing a lot of research on scar maximization and am going to try UMF 16+ Manuka honey at my 3 week mark. Hospitals started using medical grade honey for burn victims and even ulcers...I've seen dramatic results and am so excited about this option. I ordered mine from if you are interested or have ?s, you should check them out first. Def. do your research bc there are companies who advertise the money as the main ingredient, when it only has maybe a fraction of the honey. It should also have a UMF rating. I'll keep everyone updated on the results!!

I meant "scar minimization" in previous...

I meant "scar minimization" in previous post....and "honey" instead of "money"...Apparently, I can't type on the phone and scream at a naughty 3-year old who is breaking rules at the pool lol.

Day 18, ladies and every day gets better and...

Day 18, ladies and every day gets better and better! I am still keeping things easy...not lifting more than what I can handle. My 11 month old is walking more and more so I am able to hold her hand when she walks but she has definitely gravitate towards my parents for holding. Lol. It's going to be that way for a while since I am scheduled for breast augmentation on the 19th. But thankfully, we are on vacation for a while. I wish I would have gotten breast and tummy done at the same time, but I didn't anticipate the waiting period for breast milk to go away after I stopped nursing. So, my advice to lactating mamas is to do your research on your Drs. Have a goal for when you want to wean and make sure you have stopped lactating before you move forward with your surgery. I stopped nursing June 1st and drank sage tincture religiously, was a walking saurkraut with cabbage on my boobs for days non stop and even got the depo shot, which, I believe really helped dry me up. After 10 days, I was less than a 34B...probably a 34 A now...not sure bc I've just been wearing sports bras. It sucks I will have to recover 2x but, during my preo-op, the nurse said she was glad I was doing them separate bc people don't realize how much you use your arms after TT. And with Aug. and TT, it would probably be harder. I do agree that I have used my arms tremendously. I'm just dreading having to sleep on my back for much longer. I'm finally at the point where side sleeping is comfortable again. Plus, I feel that everytime I sleep on my back, my butt I've worked so hard to get is getting flatter and flatter! But, I'm sure its in my head or due to inactivity.

So tomorrow will be 3 weeks post op!!!! I...

So tomorrow will be 3 weeks post op!!!! I can't wait believe its been this long already! I had an ultrasonic massage scheduled at my Dr. Office yesterday...I can't say enough good things about my Dr. And his staff. They are so accommodating and very helpful. I leave to go back home in the first week of August and they have been very supportive trying to work around my schedule for appointments. The ultrasonic massage felt so good too! Nurse said I was healing great...I still have scabs on my incision but it is healing flat and not bumpy. I'm anxious for my helichrysium (spelling) to come in so I can start my scar therapy. Nurse said it would be ok to apply. Since my Dr's office is in Minneapolis, my mom, the kids and I took a stop to the Mall of America. In preparing to go, I made sure to put on my compression stockings and garment. We did tons of walking but I wasn't as swollen as I thought I would be....though, I should have drank more water. I will be going back after I get the new twins in as I only got a couple moo moo-type shirts to wear in recovery. I tried to get the ones that kind of crumpled at the chest bc for maximum nipple coverage lol. Hope everyone is recovering well!!!!

Granted, I am only 3 weeks post op but I have...

Granted, I am only 3 weeks post op but I have already got some pointers I think will help someone out there!

1. Day of surgery, make sure you put a large trashbag on your car seat to ease in sliding in and out of car.

2. I highly recommend getting a toilet riser seat if you have low toilets and even packing it with you to the hotel if you are to stay in one after operation just in case the toilets are low. It is awesome and cost me $20.xx at my local hardware store.

3. If you have a smart phone, there's an app called "Drink Water Beta" you can dl for free and it will help to remind you to drink your recommended 8 glasses a day or however much you want your goal to be. Also charts your intake and resets the counter every night. I love it.

4. stool softeners are your friend. Lol

5. If you are interested in natural remedies to help with scar tissue, YouTube or Google manuka honey or even helichrysum in rosehip oil. Both have been said to have dramatic results. If you are allergic to honey, do not use it topically. Otherwise, if you do look into it, make sure it has a UMF of 16+ or higher. I got mine from a reputable source. Beware if buying on Amazon as some may be imitation. A little research goes a long way :) I ordered my helichrysum from Both places have had excellent customer service and shipped fast! I will be posting my after pics as soon as results come in.

6. Walk around and be mobile if you are able. It helps with the depression stage, at least it did for me as I wasn't able to.take care of my 11-month-old like I wanted to. I kind of felt helpless...more like useless lol. But walking around gave me clarity of mind.

7. Don't be afraid to talk to someone. I love this site bc ppl are so supportive.

Just wanted to update! I'm almost 8 weeks post op...

Just wanted to update! I'm almost 8 weeks post op and am really happy with the results. :) My only qualm with my belly is that there are two small little bumps that haven't healed flat. I think it might be scar tissue. But I'm not sure. The incision is still quite red, but I've read that it gets worse before it gets better, as far as scarring goes. I'm using my oils religiously, applying 2-3x a day and I believe it is making a difference. Hopefully within 4-6 months, I will see significant change! Will post pics when I get a chance but for all of you out there who are just beginning their journey or have just started recovering--it gets better!!!! Just give yourself time and don't push yourself too hard!
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