New Pics! 4 months post op - Minneapolis, MN

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Hi and welcome to my blog! I have found others...

Hi and welcome to my blog! I have found others experiences on RealSelf so, so valuable in understanding the beginning to end process of a Mommy Makeover that I decided to contribute my own!

I am a 35 years old, 5'8" and mother of 2. My second is almost 15 and having been so young having my two children, you can imagine what that did to my body! At the time I was about 135-140 lbs and ballooned to 200 with my youngest! While most women at the peak of their pregnancy tend to jut straight out, my youngest seemed to wrap himself around my whole body! I looked like I was literally carrying a tire around my middle! This resulted in what I call my second butt. You know, the butt that sits just above your original butt.. The "spare tire"

Since then (15 years) I have fluctuated between 145-155 lbs. No matter what my weight I am always a size 10. (I blame the second butt) I like my size proportionate to my height, but I HATE the second butt and the floppy tummy! I wasn't sure if I would have another child so I postponed any options of post baby body sculpting until I was sure I was done having children.

I started going to consultations about a year ago, and I started going for liposuction of the second butt and tummy only. I met several PS's. Some simply quoted the price after a quick glance, some had horrible consultation manners, some took the time to explain the liposuction routine and showed before and after results of previous patients. But although they all knew of my concerns in full, none of them mentioned to me the option of a tummy tuck or breast augmentation providing me with the best results considering my floppy tummy and sagging boobies! I hadn't even thought of a "Mommy Makeover" (Tummy tuck, lipo and breast augmentation) until a good friend had one and she looks FANTASTIC!!! Since then 3 more friends had one!

One thing I've learned is that you should always obtain a number of cosultations and really get a feel for the doctors interest in YOU! Know what YOU want! Always, always know your options and never jump to the cheapest or first option without plenty of research. This is YOUR body and you only get ONE!

I then went to 4 additional consultations specifically for the Mommy Makeover and by far Dr Tholen and his staff blew me away! I had already done tons of research on him and his practice site and from the minute I picked up the phone to schedule the consultation, I felt welcome and at ease to ask any and all questions I had! No one rushed me, the receptionist had tons of information for me, his assistant spent at least 45 minutes with me before he himself spent another 30 minutes with me. He confirmed that the tummy tuck would provide me optimal results and lipo alone would be disappointing. By the time I left I knew "This is it!!"
They say when you are shopping for a house, you just "know" it's the one. Well I felt that way about this!

I was so anxious and excited now that I found my doctor, that a few days later I called the office to see if anyone had time for a few questions. They told me to come on in and they would make someone available to me (REALLY?? NIIICE!!) When I showed up, Dr Tholen was available himself and spent ANOTHER 45 minutes with me! I hate to be high maintenance but this is a big procedure and I wanted to know everything beginning to end!

I called the next day and booked my appointment. September 28, 2011!

A few things I've learned-
*Do your research on your doctor and bring a list of questions with you! You can google lists of questions to ask and bring them with! Plus add any of your own.
*Pay attention to the doctors attention to YOU.
*Make sure you have someone available to care for you for about a week
*Stop smoking!! (no patches but chantex is ok)
*If you work, you can plan to be out about a week, but I scheduled almost 2 based on others blogs on this site.
*Know your financing options! If you are not paying cash, the financing options in the doctors offices have insane interest rates or fee's attached! Seek out financing through your bank or credit union, the interest rates are much lower and at times you can get a discount for paying the PS in cash.

I have been researching breast size and look. I had no idea how many options there were! Close set, wide set, high set, low set, teardrop, round, smooth, rough, silicone, saline, size, etc etc etc...

Any suggestions for coming to a decision??

I'm also looking for any tips on pre surgery preparation with the house, having things on hand etc.

I'll be sure to update closer to the date!

Wish me luck and I wish you all luck with yours!

Why can't I stop playing with my tummy now that I...

Why can't I stop playing with my tummy now that I know it's going to be gone in a couple of months?? LOL! Did anyone else do this?? I find myself tugging at it and moving it around and telling it off... "Hah! You flabby tummy you think you've got the best of me?? Well I've got something for you!" I've never played with my tummy before! And I am NOT insane =) , I think just excited for what's to come. A nice flat tummy without the foopah.

I also think I've decided on my breasts, definitely silicone and after talking to my Dr and explaining what I'm looking for, he suggested 350cc round. He stated that silicone and round combination have the most natural effects. That's important to me. I still haven't gone in to be fitted but that's my starting point. I am 38C or 36C depending on where I shop, and really I'm just looking to fill it out.

LOL I goofed typing in my date above. My surgery...

LOL I goofed typing in my date above. My surgery is scheduled for Sept. 29th 2011.

So I have been reading so many posts and am so grateful for all of you who have gone through the MM and have shared your experiences! Right now I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with trying to make sure everything is set and ready. I know I have 2 months to prepare but I am really NOT a planner! If I take a vacation I just GO! So for me to have task lists and preparation chores I am someone nervous even with 2 months to get it all done! At the same time I feel like it's so far away! The good thing is that I live in MN and need to get as much summer time in as possible before old man winter comes. I have family coming in and out of town and business travel between now and then, so that should make time fly.

A few questions-

Is a recliner really worth it? I've really been thinking about this and seeing if I can borrrow or rent one. It will be a pain to get it in and out of my house so your opinion is important =)

I am planning to go back to work after 2 weeks. Is this long enough?

I need recommendations for incision treatments to minimize scarring!

Is it okay to lose weight prior to liposuction for optimal results? For some reason I feel like if I loose a few pounds, my liposuction may not be as effective (my spare tire in the back) Is this silly or a valid concern?

So I'm on a countdown! Jeeze I can't believe it's...

So I'm on a countdown! Jeeze I can't believe it's still so close but so far away!

I'm still debating on the boobs.. I think I'm going to stick with 350 but might boost to 375 for good measure =)

I've been parusing boobs for weeks now! I think I've seen more boobs than Hugh Hefner! The one thing I'm absolutely terrified of is the Snoopy nose boobs. The ones that poke straight out with the nipple looking like it's at attention at all times! I'm not too sure what causes the Snoopy nose boobs since the descriptions can be anything from high to moderate profile, under or above muscle, all different sizes, different recovery periods. I'm going to bring this up to my PS and see if he knows, or at the very least knows how to prevent it. I can see if that's how they are for a month or so until they settle but not for me long term!

I've also been on the MM manhunt at the pool! Is this wrong?? Seeking out MM's on unsuspecting moms, looking for telltale signs? LOL! I've caught a few! And others leave me to wonder.. but the one thing I think at all times is "wow she looks great!" or "Good for her for doing that for herself, she looks great!"

I went to lunch with one of my girlfriends who had the MM done 2 years ago and it was so nice to talk to her about it and release some of what I'm going through. The nervousness, the guilt, the excitement! She said she'd do it a hundred times over and can relate. It's been so nice to hav e RealSelf to learn so much from! She wasn't aware of this site when she had hers and only had one friend to tell her about her experience. I feel fortunate that I have a couple hundred!

Thanks to all of you!

YIKES where did the past 4 weeks go???? I can't...

YIKES where did the past 4 weeks go???? I can't believe I made this decision 4 weeks ago and I only have 6 to go! I haven't has a minute to sit down and even THINK about how to prepare! I know so many people count down the days but I feel so behind!

I'm really not nervous about the surgery as much as I am the RECOVERY!

Oh so much to do! The only things I've set is my sister is coming to care for me for the first week and my vacation time.


What are the MUST HAVES bedside for the first week?

What helps with the swelling and bruising? I heard Arnica is great, some swear by it, others say it seems to work but aren't sure.

I hear people say they become addicted to the binder.. what does it feel like when it comes off?

I hear people say they are numb below the belly button, how long does it take for this to go away?

My PS says that I shouldn't experience loss of nip sensation. I'm getting sub-muscular silicon. Any testaments to numb nips?
Considering the past 4 weeks went by in 3.5 seconds I would appreciate any tips and especially must haves!

3 weeks to go!!!!

3 weeks to go!!!!

Ok so I haven't been good about updating but I...

Ok so I haven't been good about updating but I HAVE been good about getting stuff done!

I have quite smoking all together (was really only a closet sometimes smoker anyway).

My sisters flight is booked, she will be here on the 27th to take care of me full time for a week.

Got all my after op stuff like MOM, gas-x, gatorade, etc etc.. and have been cooking up a storm getting ready to not want to cook for a while.

But today, today was both fantastic and HARD!

I wrote out the check.... in full... OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I got to pick out my boobs!!! I chose Silicone round moderate profile and told them I'm ok with anything between 350-400cc's but no bigger than that. They let me use a sports bra and told me to try out the implants until I found the size I liked. I did and I wore those implants in the sports bra for about 15 minutes. Swung my arms around, looked at them every which way I could. Put my clothes back on over them and everything.

Then I took out the implants and you could almost hear the deflation... ::ppppffffssssstttttt:: And there I was,,, flat as a pancake. I didn't realize how dependant I have become on push up and padded bras for the last few years! THAT made writing the check a whole lot less painful..

I am ready!!!

5 days to go!!! I am going through all of the...

5 days to go!!!

I am going through all of the motions that I have read so much about on this website..

> Excited!
> Guilty
> Nesting
> Anxious

But I would still do a cartwheel and roundoff onto that chopping block come Thursday!!!

I'm pretty much ready to go.. I think I have everything I need but I did forego the recliner. Not too sure if I will come to regret that decision, but rental places need 3 weeks notice and I don't want to have to buy and keep one for just a couple of weeks.

The one thing I will need to own up to is that I've gained about 7 pounds since I started this blog. When I started I was at 153 and tonight when I weighed myself I rang in at 160!!! I haven't weighed in at 160 in over 10 years!! I might be able to attribute some of that to quitting smoking, a business lunch today, and a big dinner tonight.. still no excuse and I'm going to eat right from now until the surgery and then after. I'll weigh myself in the morning and see what happens. I might be over reacting =)

Much Peace and Blessings to all of you who have been through, are recovering from or in anticipation of this surgery =)
I know that I am walking into this surgery as confident and ready as I am only because of all of your help and experiences.

I'm heading to bed for the big day tomorrow! My...

I'm heading to bed for the big day tomorrow! My sister flew in last night, spent the day outside in the BEAUTIFUL weather that was gifted to Minnesota today (84 late Sept! RARE!) I have taken care of everything that I can think of and now it's just a game to see if I'll be able to sleep or not.

Wish me luck! And if any of you have a small prayer please share!

So today is the day after surgery. Yesterday went...

So today is the day after surgery. Yesterday went off without a hitch. I actually slept! Got up at 5am, showered and headed out the door by 5:45 to be at the surgery center by 6:30. My sister and I stopped at Brueggers Bagels and got a dozen bagels, 3 different cream cheeses and a box o' coffee for the staff! Now remember no eating and no drinking since 10pm the night before and now I find myself holed up in a car with warm bagels no more than 5 minutes out of the cooker! Cinnamon bagels..mmmm. Needless to say my mouth was watering and my stomach was growling.

I got there, the nurse answered all my last minute questions, Doctor T drew all over me and the anesthesiologist (sp?), well he came in and introduced himself also.. (who is super HOT!! lol!)..

Got a orange scrub down, hopped on the table and a few minutes later I was waking up!

Was super out of it yesterday but managed. Pain was only when I tried to get into or out of bed and my sister and I realized that a plastic garbage bag on the bed does the same trick as in the car. You can slide and manuever a whole lot easier with it. Breasts and Lipo aren't bothersome at all, the tummy is!! On a scale of 1-10 it's about a 2 when I'm still and a 7 when I'm getting up or down. I'm walking pretty much up right and am at my didning room table right now feeling somewhat normal with no pain but I can tell I'm getting tired.

The most helpful items that the women who have gone before me have put me hip to?

Toilet seat raiser gets a 10!!!! Man that has been a God send! Don't spend $70, they have them at Walgreens for $25

Plastic bags for sliding in and out of the car, in and out of bed.

Plastic liners for the bed/couch/recliner You really do ooze from lipo.

Tube dresses, no straps. So easy to get in and out of!

Baby wipes! For the toilet and in bed. Huggies makes one that smells like cucumber. I love it!

I decided to forego the recliner but honestly if I could go back I would get it. Definitely.

So I went in for my Day 1 post op appointment and here's the juicy info!!!

2.5 pounds worth of fat slab from the foopah was removed.

1.5 pounds from each hip (the muffin top)

1 pound from each outer thigh.

So that's 7.5 pounds of skim and fat gone!

I replaced 450 CC's for each breast. Yup I went up to 450! I'm glad I did too.

When they took off my binder for the first time I felt like my entire body turned to lava. I got the worst case of nausea and the sweats I've ever experienced and somehow one of my drains got pulled and it felt like searing fire shooting up my crotch! That was probably the most uncomfortable/painful thing that's happened since the surgery. I could have had 1,000 ice packs and fans at that moment and been in heaven it was that bad! It lasted maybe 5 minutes and passed but they said that happens more often than it doesn't.

Oh, and hiccups, laughing, coughing and sneezing are your enemy.. but holding a pillow tight to your tummy when you do helps a lot.

I'll update more later. Nap

Post op day 2 - Saturday. My boobs feel like...

Post op day 2 - Saturday. My boobs feel like missles that are ready to take off of my chest at any minute! Yikes they feel huge,engorged, swollen and standing straight up!! LOL! I know I said earlier I was afraid of the snoopy dog boobs (I knew to expect them) but this is rediculous! My breasts are entering rooms a a full minute before I I have massages that I need to do to them to get them into place and provide them more flexibility to move around once healed but the incisions are small and look good.

I'm getting around much better today. I took a Vicoden (SP?) at about 3 am and not one since, have been trying XS Tylenol instead and I'm doing pretty welll on it. I am still taking a muscle relaxer though. The combo of Vicoden and muscle relaxer has me knocked out in 5 minutes which was fine for the past 2 days but today I had visitors! I am able to get into and out of bed on my own with no problems.

Here's something I wanted to bring up and address with you fine folks and former recipients of the TT. Did you know that you got the "freebie" of a vajayjay lift?? I thought I had read something about it on someone elses page but didn't think too much about it.. but the reality is, that stuff isn't where it used to be! It's a little bit higher and tighter and a little more EXPOSED if you get what I mean! LOL! I wasn't expecting that! I guess we will see how the whole picture plays out in the end but not a bad surprise! Hahaha!

Here's another thing. I bought the Gas-X.. had the burps which turned into the toots.. Gas-X really didn't do much for me. But I've been staying on top of my stool softeners and got to a point this morning where I wasn't sure if it was a toot coming or if I should make my way to the bathroom. I elected to be safe rather than sorry and glad I did. My first BM came without a hitch this am not even 48 hours post surgery. Not bad! Sorry if this is TMI for some but I'm glad I knew about the stop ups from others on this site. I did buy Milk Of Magnesia but didn't use it. I actually used the Walgreens brand stool softener and it did great. I believe the word that the nurse used in regards to MOM was "violent" so I tried the softener first =)
My PS office did tell me though during out pre-op call to do a Fleet Enema the night before. She said she knows it sounds strange but that I would thank them for it later. I would recommend it though. It really cleans you out before surgery so you are not feeling the sting of constipation during the first couple of days.

Yesterday was also the first day we did gauze changes at home. My sister helped me, we undid my binder and my comression garment. My compression garment has a ton of padding for the lipo and I'm not supposed to take it off for another week until my next appointment. But I am supposed to change the gauze around my drains. So we did. I never really understood the dependancy on the binder before but now I do. We undid it long enough to change the gauze, take 2 pictures and I was wanting her to bind me back up again. When she did it wasn't tight enough so I made her do it again. For me it was an inbalance in breathing. Like I was thrown off center or something. Just weird. I will tell you though my tummy is FLAT and my incision is very well done from what I can see! He was also able to do my lipo with no incisions outside of my TT incision so that's a bonus! And my BB is SUPER cute! Perfect size! Not too big, not too small.

My drains are draining pretty clear now. I have 2 drains. #1 is the one that drains the most. almost always 25cc in 12 hours. The other one is always around 7-10cc's in 12 hours.

So all for all the first 2 days were the challenge, and aside for some pulling feelings coming from my tummy, the only discomfort is if I snag a drain and I get what I call "fire crotch" for about 10 seconds. One thing that stands out to me is that the nurse at the clinic told me the body is an amazing thing. If you have 3 procedures done, it'll pick only one to hurt. So TT/BA/Lipo,, my body chose the TT to hurt. But at this point it's really just tight and tugging and the drains are what hurts.

More later! Take care ladies!

More pictures! I have only unwound myself...

More pictures!

I have only unwound myself twice from the compression garment. Today I really enjoyed it! It felt good and that makes me feel better about the dependancy aspect I've been worried about. Drain number one,, or better known as the fire crotch drain site, has some bruising around it. I really need to be careful about moving them out of the way
into and out of bed.
The incision is nice and low, very clean cut and looks really good already! I can tell there may be some loose skin on the back hips from the lipo (you can see in the pictures) but I'm sure that will settle in after a few weeks and lipo healing time is around 4 months. Either way I'm thrilled with the way it looks so far and can't wait to see the finished product!

Now how it FEELS is another story! My nip sensation is at about 20-30% right now. I have full feeling on the top of my breasts but only pressure feeling underneith.
Above my BB and below my breast incision I have pretty much full feeling and it's been ITCHING today! It feels really really good to wipe that area down with a wet wipe =)
The BB and below to the drain sites, that part is numb as numb can be. And to the touch, my entire belly is HARD. It feels like I'm flexing my abs but I'm not and there's no skin and flub between!

I do want to say this.. nutrition is important! Water! Gatorade! Protien! I bought the Special K protien smoothie shakes and drink 3 a day. Eating normal foods isn't really high on the list of priorities and it's so important to get that protien and fiber in you. I would recommend the protien drinks as a must have!
Today though my suster and I watched a food network marathon.. and I wanted a Reuben.. Yes a Reuben. She would not get me one. Said I would thank her later.. damn her. So I got chix noodle soup instead.. damn her.. She's been amazing though and there's no way I could have got through the past few days without her.

More later! Much love to you all!

Ugh my follow up appointment isnt until Friday to...

Ugh my follow up appointment isnt until Friday to see about getting these drains removed, it's only Tuesday and the semi impatience is setting in with recovery. I'm an extremely active person and always on the move! One of my girlfriends came over yesterday and took me to Caribou (kinda like Starbucks) and we weren't even through ordering yet before I was ready to go home and crawl back into bed! One it was 85 degrees here and I had my scuba gear compression garment, my tightie whitie socks, my binder, my drains, yoga pants, tube top and sweatshirt on.. Plus I was just drained! So needless to say I'm anxios to see about getting these drains removed.. BUT.. I'llstill have to have the padded compressions garment for the lipo along with the binder for another week after that.

Speaking of lipo,, I've been feeling that! Man does it burn!! I feel like I got punched in my hips and thighs a thousand times! But it's only bad in the morning and I find that gatorade or hydration is the best treatment for it along with XS Tylenol.

Tummy tuck pain is around the 0-1 mark. It's really just tugging/tight and the pain has moved on to the lipo spots. It'll land on the girls once in a while but then go back to the lipo spots. It actually probably sounds worse than it really is because it only hurts when I get up and move around, or have been laying in the same position too long.

QUESTION! How long does it take the girls to settle down?? I thought I should expect 2 weeks but what do you think? They're still riding high and pretty hard but I can tell it gets a little better each day.

My sister left today so it's me and the kids from now on out. I'm not worried about taking care of myself, or eating, or getting my meds. I'm concerned about keeping the house clean! Dirty dishes, laundry etc.. teenagers! But they've been great =)

More later!!

1 week post op today ladies!! I feel like I'm out...

1 week post op today ladies!! I feel like I'm out of the woods!

Yesterday I did have a little scare. I had a pain in my calf and a sharp pain on the rigt side of my chest when I took a breath in. I called my ps office and they told me to go in to be seen for a DVT test immediately. I went to my local hospital and spent the day in the ER, got a bunch of tests, cat scans, x-rays etc and came out healthy as a horse. Better to be safe than sorry!! And apparently pain in the limbs and shortness or pain in breathing is a big sign of a clot concern.
I did find myself not wanting to disclose the extent of work that was done to them. All of them.. example, couldnt raise arms above my head for the x-ray tech, had to tell him I had the boobs done. Couldn't lay flat for the CT tech, had to tell her I had a TT done. The guy who did my heart test got a great up and close with the girls when trying to find a place between the compression garment and binder and the girls to place one of the stickie electroid things.. It was a very frustrating day. It was also 88 degrees in MN yesterday (HOT!) I had planned this MM for cold weather so I could lay in bed under the blankies, eat some soup, watch bad tv marathons and not feel bad about it. Instead it's 90 degrees and beautiful outside, breaking 150 year old records!! I tell ya life has a sense of humor.
I'm still taking things slow, pain isn't bad at night (0) but starting to move in the morning is hard (6)!

Anywho- My week 1 post op appointment is tomorrow morning. I'm not sure about getting the drains out. One is still at 10cc per 12 hours and the other is 7.5cc per 12 hours. I was really hoping for it but I would rather leave them in now then have to get drained by a needle later!

I also have to keep the compression garments on for another 2 weeks, the padding in for another 1, the binder for who knows how long and thiche compression socks until I resume "normal" activity.. I'm bound from my toes to my collar bone if you include the BA binder (which has been getting better by the day). I feel like a stuffed saugage! I know it's all for the greater good though and will be worth it all in the end!

Later all!

Post op day 12.. Wow do I feel great! Went to my...

Post op day 12.. Wow do I feel great! Went to my post op on Friday and had one of my 2 drains removed. The nurse said "Ok on the count of 3.. 1.." ::PULL::
It happened so fast and I was expecting it to be pulled on 3 not 1 so it was over before I could react to it! lol! I had NO idea they looked like that! I guess thats the one thing I didn't really go out and research was what the drains looked like! They look like long and wide very thin 1" wide flat rubbery ribbon tubes with holes in them.I think I was more in shock at what they looked like than what it felt like to get it removed. I can definitely feel a difference with getting the one removed though and can't wait to get the other romoved. My next appointment is tomorrow afternoon but I'm still outputting about the same so we shall see. =)
I did get to see myself fully naked though at this appointment! WOW! The one thing I couldn't take my eyes off of was the muffin top "second butt" lipo areas!!! It was gone gone gone!!!!! I have hated that area for years and it was gone!!!
I feel 150% better this weekend than I did last weekend and now pain is in the girls but only about a 2 and I bet it's because I'm doing too much with my arms right now. I haven't been the best about not raising my arms above my head. I also was pulling a comforter out of the washer and got a painful reminder I shouldn't be. I had to have my son finish laundry. The TT is at a 0 pain level 90% of the time, the lipo is only if I bump or poke the spots. My issue right now is that I want to STRETCH!! YOGA STYLE! Can I get a yoga mat PLEASE! Ugh! I try to stretch the best I can as far as I can a few times a day but I'm not used to being this immobile!

I did make an attempt at sleeping on my side 2 nights ago.. The outer thigh lipo was a little uncomfortable but it was doable. As long as I positioned myself right the TT didn't hurt at all..
But the GIRLS were in the way!! LOL!! I couldn't position my arms the right way without them being in the way!! I told my 19 yo daughter about it who's a natural DD and she had no sympathy for me.. I did go back to sleeping on my back last night.

Also, on day 10 (yesterday) I was able to take my first shower!!! I had been birdbathing it for the whole time and I washed my hair every other day but there's nothing like a SHOWER!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Heaven!!!!!!

I do see why they made me wait so long to take the shower though because it took about 40 minutes to get back into all of the compression gear and padding they have me in.
I have my next appointment tomorrow and I am going to wash my garment just before so that if I can't get back into it they can shove me back in because I've got at least another 4 days with the padding and another week and a half with the knee to boob garment.

My TT scar is amazing and thanks to all of you who have commented as such =) I had NO bruising on my lipo spots and they said the padding really helps with the bruising and makes everything nice and smooth.

The girls are still not quite where I would like them to be and the BA scar seems a little lumpy. I'm not to begin massaging the scars yet so perhaps when i can it will get a little better but all in all I'm thrilled with my results thus far!

More later!

Post op day 13.. Post Op doctors appointment...

Post op day 13..

Post Op doctors appointment today!!!! Yay!!!

I get to yank all these garments off, take a shower while I wash them, take some full pictures to post online, go to doctors and see how things are doing! I LOVE post op doctor days! LOL! It gives me something to look forward to during all of this waiting recovery period to see how things are going.

I doubt I'll lose the last drain today. Wish I could but I'm still outputting 20cc every 24 hours.

This week I'm working from home though and I will return to work on Monday so as long as it's out by then I'm fine with it. If I have to go to work with one remaining plastic testicle pinned to and hanging off of my body somewhere I'll be pretty! Neuter me of the plastic testicle!!

One thing to note and of concern that I'm going to ask my PS about today though is I have some kind of a rub burn around my BB. It's 2 lines down each side of my BB and it is bothering me to death! The nurse noticed it the last visit and we discussed being careful to adjust the binder daily, but it's getting worse and I'm not sure what the cause is.

Yesterday I went to Walmart and bought 2 front clasp sports bras for $12 each.. I got the D and it fits! Yikes I'm a D!!!!! lol!

I'll be sure to post new photo's tonight =)

Happy Tuesday all!

Ok so the garments of torture are on air dry in...

Ok so the garments of torture are on air dry in the dryer.. so here's a few pic's while I'm FREE!!
Post op day 12

Regarding the post above, its post op day 13, not...

Regarding the post above, its post op day 13, not 12 :)

10/11/2011 - Went to Doctors and he removed the...

10/11/2011 - Went to Doctors and he removed the other drain! Yay! I feel at least halfway normal! He also let me chop my binder so it was a little shorter which is much more comfortable! Also it looks like come Friday I can shake the padding! All in all this whole thing has been SO SO SO worth it!! I'm really seeing the results and just knowing it only gets better makes me so excited from day to day!


10/14/2011 - Post Op doctors appointment was this morning!! Yay you know how I LOVE those because it's always one step closer to being normal again! LOL!
So todays milestone is was that I can ditch the pads AND binder AND compression garment AND compression socks and go right to spanx!!!!!

YAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!! ::HoneyHappyDance::

So I came home, hopped in the shower and slid into my spanx! I didn't count on them not being tight anymore though since I was trying to use pre op spanx I had in my drawer so I will have to take a trip to the store. I also didn't count on being so SMALL...

I put a pair of jeans on over my spanx and they were pretty loose!

So it looks like I go bigger in shirts and smaller in I'll take it!

Happy Friday ladies!!!

Hi ladies! I know I've been MIA and I promise I'll...

Hi ladies! I know I've been MIA and I promise I'll update mire tomorrow, but in the meantime I have 2 words for you... SWELL HELL!!! LOL! Everything else is fantastic though!


Alright ladies! Time for an update! It's been a...

Alright ladies! Time for an update! It's been a month and a few days since my surgery and I am almost full swing back to normal! I am still going through swell hell... but some of that is my own fault and my addiction to salty things. I would take salty over sweet any day and things like chicken wings, asian food and sushi soaked in soy sauce don't help. I am almost completely out of my compression garments but I do wear a waist flexie to work. It makes me feel so much better from sitting down all day. If I'm up and walking around I don't need one. But it almost feels like i need something to hold me in when I'm sitting down.

I did have another post op appointment on Friday and everything looks really good. I do have a little area at the end of my incision on my right side that pokes out. I'm not sure if that's what you'd call a "dog ear" but the nurse said that if it doesn't go away after six months they would extend the incision slightly under local and get rid of it. Easy.

The only thing that hurts any more is the lipo areas on my outer thighs. It feels bruised but doesn't look it. I never had one bruise from the lipo and I attribute that to the padding they had me shoved in. The doc said that's typical for it to feel that way even several weeks after surgery.


Sneezes, Coughs, Hiccups etc,, they don't hurt so much anymore.. they still sting a little.. not too bad... But the big "O"?.. you know the one.. THAT HURT!!! What a horrible situation to be in! You go from "Yay!" to "OW!" to "Yay!" to "OW!".. Time makes it better but I didn't even think about that being an issue until I was there. I didn't see THAT on anyones posts!! You ladies could have warned me! LOL!

From breast to incision my skin is still very very tight. If I stand very straight it really pulls still but gets better all the time. What drives me nuts though is that when I do, my incision ripples. It looks GROSS. That's supposed to get better too.

I begin my laser massage therapy tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect but it's supposed to smooth out the lipo areas and help soften the scar tissue in my incisions. I'll let you know how that goes.

Going back to work was a breeze. I have been coming up with (or trying to) ways to make the girls not so noticable. It's pretty hard since I went from Olive Oyle to Jessica Rabbit. Sooner or later I'm just going to own it but I want to acclimate them into society slowly. At least at work.

I WILL TELL YOU THIS THOUGH! I have been getting discounts and deals on EVERYTHING! Well everything where theres a guy ringing me up anyway. With wink and a smile the guy at the store will turn a 10% off discount into a 50% off discount or one will carry bags, or the sushi chef will toss in a dessert at a restaurant, or the guy at the gas station will pump the gas and he doesn't even work there.. Hmmm... there's something to this boobage that I wasn't aware of before!!! I asked my big breasted friend.."Is this how you've been living??? Is this the secret???" She said "No! But confidence goes a long way.." ;-) Sensei has taught grasshopper well..

Ladies I feel so good!!.. Clothes fit better, confidence is back, no more tucking the foopah or hiding the fat rolls or padding the bras.. This was definitely worth it.

So I just took my 6 week pics and I have been...

So I just took my 6 week pics and I have been spending the past 2 hours comparing the old ones to the new ones side by side... OMG!!!!! What a DIFFERENCE!!! I can't even begin to tell you how good I feel!

Ladies, that little week or so of post op funkyness is nothing compared to the outcome!

My breasts still haven't settled where they aren't riding high just yet but they are a lot better and move around far more naturally than even 2 weeks ago. I'm so glad I went with silicone, it really feels very soft and you can't feel any ridges or the implant itself.

Tonight is date night with my hunny!! For the first time in a long time I'm excited to go shopping today for a special lil' something from VS for him! Dinner and a Bed &Breakfast are right on time!

Happy Saturday to you all!!!

Ok so I'm almost to 3 months post op.. and swell...

Ok so I'm almost to 3 months post op.. and swell hell hasn't left me for a minute! Mornings are great but I swear one SIP of water sends me to the pits of Hell! Anyone have any idea how long this will last?

4 months post op. I'm loading some pictures from...

4 months post op. I'm loading some pictures from bikini shopping for a cruise next month!

I still swell periodically and have somewhat slacked off on working out... I'm getting back into it now though after the holidays.

Good luck ladies!
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