Tummy Tuck And Lipo

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I will be turning 23 on Mothers day this year , i...

I will be turning 23 on Mothers day this year , i have NO kids and I'm very self concious about my body i hate having to leave my house because of all the stares people give me. Even my own family tells me that I'm in bad shape i need to lose weight blah blah. I work out 4 days a week for 1-2 hours but nothing seems to be approving.

In 2006-2007 I was dating a guy who I came to learn was very evil. At the start I thought it was the best thing that happened to me. He would cook me meals take me out to eat and "cater" to me. March of 2007 I had gotten very sick and was taken to the ER just to find out my body was being fed weight gaining supplements. They told me I had been over taking them and i was so confused because I was trying to lose weight not gain it and i wasn't taking anything at all. Then I realized what had happen. I confronted him and he admitted to it that day i ended the relationship!

New Years of 2008 I weighed in at approximately 310 lbs ;( It is now 2012 and my weight balances at around 168-173 due to the fact that i don't have a regular period (i get them every 2 months) i gain water weight very easily and it sucks. But for me to have lost 137-142 lbs in these past years is an accomplishment for me.

I had to drop out of high school 2 months prior to my senior grad in 2007 because of all the stress and anxiety i was feeling. At that point my mother was starting to get sick and me being the oldest took responsibility to stay home and take care of her. We recently moved to Minnesota. I am still taking care of my mother she has various illnesses one being she is a schizophrenic her symptoms come and go some days she is as normal as can be and some she is delirious. Every one that comes across me says I'm God blessing because what 23 year old would give up everything to take care of their mother in this day and age. I don't work yet because i can't leave my mother home alone or with anyone because if she has an out burst it can be very bad, but i am currently certified as a PCA and I'm looking into getting paid to watch my mother since i do it anyways. So with the help of her social workers i hope it comes thru. My father is in my life he is very loving and supportive of my decisions. I have a sister who is 21 with two young daughters ( 2 and 7month ) and i have a brother who is 20. They all try to make me feel better about my self but it just doesn't work. I don't go out to parties or clubs. I just stay family oriented. My parents are both willing to help me pay for a better confident me if the price is right. I haven't seen a PS yet for a consult. Im looking in to a place called EDINA PLASTIC SURGERY its very close to my home.

Any advice is much appreciated !

I have a consultation on June 7th :)

I have a consultation on June 7th :)

Went in for a consult and I'm very happy. I was...

Went in for a consult and I'm very happy. I was nervous at first then after seeing and talking to the doctor everything feels better amazing atmosphere

Well my uncle past away on the 19th so its even...

well my uncle past away on the 19th so its even harder now to save up the money going to have to travel to boston or florida depending on where the funeral is being held.....so how am i going to come up with this money...any advice....i still have no paying job things are tough... :( trying to make at least 12,000 by last week in september is hard!

So I just recently got a job at a grocery store ,...

So I just recently got a job at a grocery store , but that's to help pay for my moms medical expenses. But today some lady came in and asked me if I was pregnant really loud this made me very embarrassed. :( I have no idea when I will be getting these surgeries done.

It is now December 17th 2012 What is there I...

It is now December 17th 2012

What is there I can say besides the fact that I am hating my body and situation , my mother is still getting sick on and off I'm now working at a grocery store called CUB FOODS in Edina near southdale mall , I had to CANCEL my surgery date and hopes of looking and feeling better about myself until I can come up with the $11000 or if I ever hit the lottery. Which at this point probably will never happen. Care credit won't work for me as in I have bad credit.

But for all those of you who are able to afford these life changing procedures I hope your recovery and life goes well and gets better day to day. Love you all a lot

New Surgeon

New doctor, pleased with pricing, surgery is this coming up week, hoping it all goes well

10 days out and feeling a little down ????

A lot of Minor complications, still walking bent over and on antibiotics

Update on bruising and skin

Still healing on bed rest, tummy looks horrible ????????????

Slowly but surly getting there

After more cleaning and still on antibiotics just cause it's an open wound. I will update a new recent picture later this week

Doing better

I'm doing well, I get to go back to work on the 5th of November, super excited about it

Almost completely healed

Almost there!!


Had my revision done on Monday ???????? day 3 of recovery hoping it goes well this time around can't wait to see what it looks like under the tape

Tape removed, a little concerned

Tape was removed and the rest came out while I showered but some skin is peeling off around my belly button and middle incision, praying it's not as bad as I think it is.

2 years later

I still regret this
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