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Hey, I am scheduled to have my tummy tuck on Oct...


I am scheduled to have my tummy tuck on Oct. 12th and am freaking out!! I make the final payment this Friday, yikes :/

I've read so many reviews and I feel like they all have the same worries I have; will I like my results, how long before I can stat normal activity, how long will the pain last, etc..

I think my biggest concern is having a wrinkly stomach after the procedure is complete. I read a few posts where there stomach was stretch marked and wrinkly after the procedure?

I would love to hear any advice and/or PROS/CONS :)

Anyone else in MN Having a Tummy Tuck

I'm having my tummy tuck on Oct. 12th. Is there anyone else getting ready for their tummy tuck in MN?

Is there anything I can do before or after surgery to prepare for the worst? 

 It's fraustrating to me that one minute I'm scared to death thinking what in the hell am I doing. The next I'm so excited and can't wait to see the final results. I feel like an emotional mess and I haven't even had the surgery yet lol.


Adding before pics, yikes!

It's already here!!!

Yikes!! I go in for surgery tomorrow at 730am.. I have been such a airhead these past two days. I keep forgetting everything and feel like my mind is going a million miles an hour. My emotions are running wild with excitement, fear, doubt, and thinking what in the hell am I doing.

I think I have all the supplies I need: medications, stool softener, wipes, gauze, Tylenol, tums, ice packs, extra pillows, and I think that's it. I am sure I am missing about a million things but I couldn't think of anything when I was out shopping.

I will try and keep everyone updated as much as possible..


I made it!! Had surgery 17 hours ago :)

I wanted to post a review while it was still fresh in my head, and I can't seem to sleep ATM.

Firat I want to point out that I have had numerous other surgeries prior to this one, so this wasn't my first rodeo.

I got to the clinic around 630ish and unlike other surgeries this one was go,go,go. I was expecting to wait around and then be prepped and wait some more. Nope, the nurse got started right as I walked in, first by weighing me, taking pictures, changing, and answering any questions I had, she was so sweet and very personalable. While I was in the prep room I didn't realize the doctor slipped in, to look over my paperwork. I've only met him once for my consol so I was nervous, to be expected. I still wasn't sure what the process was and kept thinking in my head, I barely know this guy and I'm trusting him to cut me open.

Next, he asked me to remove my rob and step up a stool. This was the most uncomfortable thing I had to do. I got pregnant at 17 and since then have hated getting naked in front of anyone. I hate people seeing my stomach. I tend to even shy away from my husband seeing my naked or dim the lights. He was very serious while marking me up but did ask me if I was ok a few times to ease my nervousness, which I'm glad for. I was a little shocked in how serious he was since at my consol he was much more talkative but when I thought about it it makes perfect sense. If you talk while marking you lose consentration which would be terrible. He did however start up conversation once he was done marking me and involved my husband.

Once he was done I spoke to the anesthesialist to go over that whole process. Unlike my past surgeries this one put the pain meds right through my ivy rather than the gas mask. It is said to be that this is a much smoother recovery (find out soon enough). I was VERY excited to hear that they also put in a pain block, I was not expecting this so it was a bonus!! So far I have had no nausea and the pain had been bearable. I think it's getting worse at time goes on and am not looking forward to tomorrow. ????

Drains.. these haven't been the worst yet but I know they will start to be very annoying soon enough. To my surpise I have not been draining much at all. I'm not sure if that's a good sign or not or maybe because I haven't moved around as much today? I've walked around the house a few times. The first time I emptied about 15 in one drain and 10 in the other and the last one was only 5 in each. Is this a good sign?

I have been able to eat small meals such as a scrambled egg and dry toast and salad which hasn't upset my stomach, yay!!

Overall, it's not terrible but we'll see what tomorrow holds for me.

Sorry about spelling and all that , on a few drugs :/

2 day post op!!

Not a whole lot to report but thought I would add some pictures. These are 1 day post op pictures from last night. Changing the CG out is the worse.

Keep up on pain meds even if you feel better. The pain hasn't been unbearable but definitely helps to stay on top of the meds.

I was hoping for a lower scar but I think its kind of hard to tell where it will be now since I'm extremely swollen in that area atm. Back has by far been the worse so far.


2 day post op

4 day post op update

I made it to day 4!! Everyday that passes pain gets better and better and I am able to do more and more (walk around house). The majority of the pain is still in my back and I have sharp pains on my left side once in awhile, almost like the CG is digging into the scar but it isn't.

I had my first BM movement yesterday and even though I have been taking stool softeners this was the worse pain ever. I kept thinking I was going to bust open the incision. I'm not sure If I should take something else or just keep taking what I have been ( equate stool softener) or what, any recommendations?

One thing that started yesterday was itching under the CG. It isn't constant but seems to be around the edges of the CG and sides. I read that it helps to wear a tank top, is this correct? I think it could be that im getting feeling back in my stomach, sides, butt area but I don't know.

I am jealous of all the reviews I have read about people taking showers a few days after :( I was instructed to take no showers until I see the doctor on Tuesday morning. Even then I don't think I can shower until I have the drains removed? I'm not draining a lot so I'm hoping I will get them taken out. Not sure what the drainage has to be at or if its more a certain time or what. I am counting the days down to taking a shower that's for sure.

As you can see not a whole lot to report right now. I'll keep you updated as time passes.

Drains and stitches

Does anyone know what your drain level needs to be in order to have them removed? I have two drains and drained 25 the first day and have been at or under 20 ever since.

I go to my first post op tomorrow morning which will be day 6. I assume that's way too soon to remove the drains?

When do the stitches get removed?

6 day Post Op and first follow up appt with doctor

Hey guys! I wanted to update everyone with my progress.. I'm at day 6 post op and I have to say I feel soooo much better today than I have yet. It's no joke that everyday you feel a little better when you wake up.

My back pain has by far been the worse pain so far. So... we have a couch that reclines on both sides so Last night I decided to take a chance and sleep on my back, with pillows propping my feet and head up so I would still be in a "V" shape. This worked out perfectly!! I finally got a full nights sleep for the first time since surgery. My fear with doing this was getting up but all I had to do was recline the sofa back up to a sitting position. My back is still very sore but much better than yesterday. I may take the leap and try to sleep in my bed tonight :)

Moving on... I had my first post op appointment today at day 6, so exciting!! The staff are so considerably nice where I go along with the doctor (although he is all business and quick). The nurse first took off the tape to my incision and WOW does that make a huge difference!! It doesn't look half as bad as it did with the tape on, with all the dried up blood. I get a little sick from blood and random crap like that so I closed my eyes like a baby thinking it was going to hurt, no pain at all. Next, she took out all the back stitches I had from the lipo (hip area), I had about 12 stitches in total. That as well didn't hurt at all! The doctor was not planning on removing the first drain until Thursday since I am only 6 days post op but decided since my levels are low they would remove one today and the next on Thursday (Yay!!!). I was the most nervous for the drain removal, I even got sick to my stomach (bring a nauseous pill with you if you have one). When the nurse takes out the drain she had me take a deep breath in and then release the air, as I released she pulled it out. It really didn't hurt while she was pulling it out, just felt REALLY weird, like I had a snake in my stomach. However, it did hurt when the very end came out, a burn sensation which wasn't fun. That subsided after about 3-4 minutes. Doc said everything looked great but no showering still until last drain is out, arghhh!! I feel so nasty even with sponge bathing and washing my hair.

I am a little concerned with the scar and how high it seems to be to me and how it appears that I have a lot of stretch marks still :( It's so hard to tell if the wrinkles are stretch marks or from the binder still though and the actual stretch marks I know of look so much brighter than before the surgery. I'm wondering if they will look different and faded like they were once all the swelling has subsided and my stomach is tightened. Any advise here?

A little FYI for everyone or could be a joke to some (I laughed) the nurse put my CG garment back on while I was laying down at a angel. My husband said he didn't want me to lay down and that it would be harder this way so we have been changing out my dressings and putting the garment back on while I stand up lol. This has NOT been easy!! we have needed 2 people besides me do it and then I have to try and balance myself steady since you have to pull the binder in two different directions to get it tight enough. I had to laugh since the nurse did it by herself with no struggling and here we are struggling every night with it hahah.

I was asked how the pain was when changing the CG so here goes.. The first time changing it (day after surgery) was hell for me.. I was drugged up and scared since I wasn't sure what to expect. When we undid the Velcro and it got loose I seriously felt like I was falling apart. Then having a look at my stomach for the first time I got super sick to my stomach and felt like I was going to pass out. I was standing for this process which didn't work out good either. I recommend sitting down, taking a pain pill about 20 minutes prior, and having a nauseous pill right next to you. I somehow managed not to throw up which is a blessing. Everyday after that it has been completely fine changing it out. I think I worked myself up and just got freaked out not knowing what to expect.

I'm only a few days post op but a few suggestions I have are:

- Pre-make dinners unless you have a hubby that likes to cook
- have a lot of blankets and pillows available
- Have a fan or window closeby (for some reason I've been really hot and I'm normally a freeze baby)
- have a few sports bras handy
- few pj's handy
- water bottle by you
- movie or books to read
- Someone to drive you around

I know there's plenty more things but I can't remember them right now lol.

Any questions or comments let me know :)

7 days post op pictures

Here are some pictures I took this evening. I have been having a hard day today :(

I've been super emotional and then when I took off the garment I realized that my right side looks like I may have a dog ear. I'm just unsure if it's too early to tell since I am still really swollen?

I am a little nervous that my scar is higher than I wanted also but again its so early and I am still swollen. I think I'm just being a little to emotional, arghh !

9 days Post Op!!

I made it through my first week!!!!

I had an office visit yesterday which I drove to for my first time (about a half hour drive one way) and besides being a little sore it went good. I did notice my sides got a little sore from changing lanes and looking behind me. Besides that piece of cake ;)

I got my last drain removed, yes!!! I also FINALLY got the go ahead to shower which felt like the best thing ever last night. Nothing new from appt besides to lay low still.

I decided to do a little shopping at Target for random crap we needed after the doctor and wow you can definitely tell when your body has had enough. I didn't walk much but it was enough for the swelling to kick in high gear. I thought I was going to pop. Note to self; listen to your body.

I also went back to work today (desk job) which has been fine since I sit all day. I've gotten up to randomly stretch and walk but still staying low key :)

I'll try and post some pictures later tonight !!

10 Day Post Op Pics

Here are some pictures from today. My side dog ear that I was worried about a few days ago is gone, yay!! My scar is higher but I am still swollen and have on ultra low rise underwear, maybe different undies will help :)

15 Day Post Op

I finally made it to two weeks and 1 day, yay!!! Things are getting better day by day. I still have aa little back pain going on and random pains on my sides almost like stretching pains but other than that its going pretty good. I of course still need to watch what I do, your stomach will tell you when its too much.

I have been back to work now for a week and its been pretty easy going. I have a desk job so that's made it manageable. AS long as you get up and walk around every so often you'll be fine.

As you can see I am still swollen but it has gone down. I was only able to get 1 picture before my phone dies but i'll get more this weekend. My scar is healing good but still have some bruising.

Hmm what else would be helpful at week two.. I feel lke everything is in slow motion lol. I was able to shower at day 8, back to work at day 9, slept in my own bed at day 9, was finally able to start sleeping on my sides at day 12 and 13.

I had my follow up post op apt today which went very good. I was planning on wearing my CG for another week but the doctor gave me the ok to switch to a spandex one this weekend, yay!!!! I will wear this one at night still because there's more padding and then the spandex one during the day so I can maybe start wearing normal clothes. I will start my scar gel treatment to help the tissue heal next week and I also start my scar massage theory next week on a weekly basis. Besides all this fun stuff I was given the ok to start using the treadmill or elliptical this weekend at the lowest speed and short distances. I am so excited to start doing a few normal things again (Or start of).

I will be at this stage for the next 4 weeks, yikes! Hoping for a good outcome and results :)

Post Op 3 Weeks!!

Hey gals!

I thought it was time to post an update on my progress so far. I made it to 3 weeks, yay!! I've definitely have had my ups and downs that's for sure. Everything seems like its moving at slow motion right now which has been very tough. I seen results and felt pretty good around 2 weeks and maybe even a little over two weeks but feel like I took a step back a little here lately. All of a sudden I'm much more tired and even sore certain days more than I was at 2 weeks.

My back has gotten way better than it was but I still have quite a bit of pain in my flank area where I had the lipo. I also have dents in my flank area and patches where its harder than the other areas. I asked the doctor about this last week and he said it was normal but wanted me to start wearing the spandez during the day and CG only at night. The CG has gotten pretty big on me and is crunching up when I sit or walk and this happens to be crunching together n the flank area . I so far have bought 3 spandez and returned 2 already cause they didn't fit well at all. My 3rd one I just bought today from Macy's so I'm hoping this one works out. The CG has been terrible uncomfortable, can almost wrap it around my waist twice now which doesn’t help for crunching up and pain.

I started scar gel this week and had my first ultrasound massage which felt like it did help with smoothing things out and breaking up some of the hard areas which could be scar tissue. I am still pretty swollen so it’s hard to tell what’s scar tissue or just swollen. After the massage I’ve been in more pain than normally which isn’t fun at all. I will continue massages once a week for the next 6-8 weeks to help with smoothing the scar out, hopefully they won’t all be as painful as today was.

What else can I report… Umm I’m still not sleeping on my stomach, still am pretty swollen with even more in the evenings, get tired fast, can’t walk as fast or far as I would like, and am definitely going stir crazy without being intimate with my husband hint hint ;p

I didn’t really see much of an appearance change from 2 to 3 weeks besides I do seem more swollen now than I did before. I struggle with not known what the final outcome will look like and if I will be tighter than I am now. I hate looking at how flat and flabby my butt and legs have become, can’t wait to get back in the gym (this weekend).

I can’t think of anything else so any questions you have let me know!!

4 in a half week update!!

Hey everyone!!

It’s been awhile since I updated last so though it was time, been really busy with wedding planning!!

I will be 5 weeks tomorrow already… Wow!! Time is flying by, some days fast and some that never end lol. The pictures I attached above are my 4 week pictures not 5 week.

So where to start…

Sleeping: I am sleeping so much better this past week. I can lay on my sides and back and turn over but still not stomach. I’m not sure if it’s that I can’t sleep on my stomach or that I’m scared to try. I’m just not ready for that adventure yet. Everything else regarding sleeping is going good.

Intimate life: So I had a few messages regarding this so thought I would share (may be TMI sorry). I was given the “OK” to start being intimate with my husband last weekend, I would have been 4.5 weeks along. For tips here I can give is on top was much more comfortable for me and plan on being a little sore the next day. Other than that just take it slow and enjoy ;p

Activity: I have been back to work full time since I was a week in half along. I have a desk job so that REALLY helped. I could not have done it without that. I have also been taking walks and will start the elliptical tonight if I don’t get outside to walk. This has probably been the most frustrating, I want to workout not just walk arghhh. I was given the “go ahead” from the doctor but was instructed to not get my heard rate high or work hard, wth am I supposed to do then lol.. I understand the logic just feel so LAZY and the rest of my body (especially ass) are in need of toning.. Every day I feel better and better with less pain as the days go on. I would have to say that today Is the first day that I haven’t had as much back pain, this has been far the worst part of recovery. Make sure you have a lot of pillows around to adjust your body as needed. Other than that just taking everyday slowly and counting down the days to NO pain ?

Swelling: I wake up super flat and tight and then go to bed all puffy and swollen every night still. It’s not as bad as it used to be but still there. I started working out (lowest level on elliptical) and when I’m done with that I’m really swollen lol. I love how flat I am in the mornings I just wish it would stay like that so I can go buy some new clothes lol. I hate all of my clothes now!! I want to wear sexy form fitting clothes and all mine are layered clothes or loose tops so my belly never showed through. Waiting till the day I wake up with no swelling that’s for sure.

Currently, I wear a spandex garment during the day for work and then no garment for a few hours when I get home and then my wrap from after surgery at night. I have been putting on Vitamin D and Bio Oil every night before bed and it seems to work a little I think? I was left with some deep scars still after surgery so I will definitely be tattooing them after I fully heal, unless I can find a good cover up cream or something.

Scar treatment: I was given a scar gel from the doctor that I use twice a day that is supposed to help the appearance of the scar, anyone else using a gel? I hear a lot about the tape but I was told to use the gel so I’m patiently following orders. I also go once a week to get a scar massage which really seem to help smooth things out and break up the scar tissue areas. I’m a little sore afterwards but love the results so far.

Overall, I am very happy I did this with no regrets, even with the stretch mark scars I was left. Would love to hear any tips I’m missing ?

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