Finally getting a Tummy Tuck! - Minneapolis, MN - 5'5, 163 lbs, 43 years old

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I've been researching surgeons for over 20 years....

I've been researching surgeons for over 20 years. I thought I had found the right one, and I have no real reason for not going with "Dr. Gervais," other than wanting a woman. I just believe women are better finishers. So, I'm going to have my surgery done with Dr. Harrington and I'm very excited. I've been allowing this tummy to control my dress code for far too long. Super excited. My husband kept saying, you look great, why are you doing this. I'm doing it for me. He finally settled on it and said if I want to do it, then do what makes me happy.

Yes...the countdown is on!

Almost a month away from removing this extra FATTTTT!

Numbness anyone??

I'm wondering if anyone still has numbness a year or more after having a tummy tuck?

Just had my Pre-op!

It was smooth sailing this morning. I had an 8:00 appointment and Was out by 7:50. I had a list of questions to ask and Dr. Harrington pretty much covered all of them when she KMan and said down. I was waiting to have my vitals taken and in Pops Dr. Harrington, I didn't even realize it was her. She is very down to earth, and assured me that we are in a partnership and she will be there throughout this journey. It was in October when I met her and decided she was going to be my surgeon, and I am not wavered from that. Harrington and her staff are very personable and attentive. I stressed to her that I really want my incision to be low, I already have a scar that is pretty low so she promised to make the incision below that. I just have a really good feeling about it. Crazy thing is I look smaller and better in my own Mira, the pictures I took at the office today are pretty frightening LOL! There is no turning back now. The ropes are so cute, it made me feel like I was at some kind of fancy resort. I received all of my prescriptions and surgery instructions. I'm also planning to stay at the interlude surgery center which is connected to the hospital. The prices range from 340 to 550 Per night depending on if you stay in the private suites. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it because I won't have to worry about coming to the hospital the next day. The sweets are down the hall from the surgery center, so I was given a tour and allowed to take pictures which I'm so grateful for because I can show my husband.This is all becoming very real.

Got my prescriptions

Forgot to post these...

For anyone who tells me I don't need this!!!

I walked past the mirror in the gym and my belly was spilling out the top of my pants! It's crazy how we dont really think about it until it causes trouble. Well today it was screaming loud and hated it! It's less than 30 days until I have my TT!! Can not wait!!!

...but I still think my tummy is sexy lbvs

My morning tummy. I'm preparing for our everlasting separation.

I always wanted to wear these! (Waist beads)

I have 2 20- something-year-old daughters with cute waist lines, they have been wearing these African waist beads since they were in high school and I have envied them. Look out girls, here I come! In 19 days I will get my own waist beads.

Bikini Finally! I'm getting excited

I haven't EVER worn a bikini. I had my first child at 19, and then at 21. Looking forward to being comfortable with my body...finally!


I scheduled my TT back in OCTOBER and paid in full, but now I have to reschedule. I guess life happens. I struggled with if I should just finally do something for me and send flowers to the funeral. After thinking long and hard, I decided to go because how would I feel if my brother passed and my son didn't go because of an "elective surgery". I decided to be there for my mom.

When I called to reschedule the only available appointment they had open was 4/25, a whole 2 months away! Then I called back 24 hours later and a cancellation had opened up, so I'm rescheduled for 3/17. I don't want to wait that long because my surgery was scheduled around my life, and now surgery is pushed back 3 whole weeks. I have to accept that it's for the best, but believe me, I will be calling them every other day to see if they have cancellations! I did ask my surgeon to put me on the waiting list so hopefully something comes up sooner. The minute they call me I'm on the table! Can you all just pray that Jennifer Harrington gets an open spot after the funeral!

Can't talk myself out of it...

I'm paid in full, but my tummy didn't look so bad this morning. That is, not until I sat down! This morning I woke up thinking I should call and get a refund! But...Every time I think about talking myself out of it I'm reminded that I don't want this belly to follow me for the rest of my life. It has gotta go!

No BBL needed

Just thought I'd lost a photo since I've only posted my bad side (front)! Looking forward to how everything will look once the tummy is gone ;-).

This time tomorrow morning I will be on the flat side!

Here's my mini Arsenal...ladies keep me in your prayers. Tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. Dr. Harrington will be doing her thing! May the Angels guide her fingers and may God be the master surgeon!

Made I t ladies!

my panda level is about four or five, level is minimal, of course I need help getting in and out of the bed.. I am still high from the narcotics so I will give more details later. and my husband's here so I'm good. I was happy to wake up to his beautiful face, thank God I made it. The master sergeant with also in the room. I will update again with the drugs wear off. It

Sneak peak

Maybe tomorrow I will see more, for now this is what we get lol!

Sneak peak

Another photo for now

1 day postoperative

So far so good? I coughed twice yesterday and it hurt like hell! Yesterday my pain level was a three with medications. Hubby and nurses have been taking good care of me. I haven't been up and walking around yet, but I'm supposed to do that today. They just took my blood pressure and it's low 85/55. The nurse brought me lots of water. Very happy my children came to see me and my husband stayed overnight, so he's been taking good care of me.

Harrington doll!

Omg! I love my tummy!!!! I'm so pleased!! I have no pain, so the meds are doing their job! My husband said it's beautiful, actually he said the symmetry is perfect and he's really happy with it.

Today hurt!

Got my catheter taken out today and been peeing all day! I was up and moving around, barely! Needed a walker because this crap, like so many of you have said, is not for the faint. I decided to stay another night at the recovery center because I couldn't even imagine walking to the car. Dr. Harrington came by to see me on her way out. She's so cool!

Lipo bruising

This tummy tuck swag is real!

Wasn't going to post this, but decided to show you all the very real moments of my post op Day 3! My daughter was following me around...

Day 6 PO

I'm going to write a longer post after my Dr. App tomorrow. I've been sleeping a lot because I need my pain pills. My scar looks great. Even though I'm getting a lot of help I'm feeling like I can't completely not engage my core, even when hubby is helping me. When I lean back on the couch or slightly lean to the side I'm slightly using my core. Not to the level of pre TT surgery, but you know what I mean. Overall I'm in good spirits just ready for the next stage of healing.

7dpo- My first week was challenging!

Ladies this was by far one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I refused to complain because I knew that could affect my healing. My husband has helped me with every task including wiping my butt because I couldn't do that myself until today! I showered and washed my hair alone today too. This week has been so tough, but I knew I could do it!! Because of so many of the other women on RS I endured week one and I know I finally turned that corner everyone has been talking about! Getting comfortable anywhere is hard, when I'm finally settled in bed I do sleep all night but I'm stiff in the morning. I'm trying to get up at least 10 times a day and move. I'm so happy with my results so far. My first appt: 1 of 3 drains came out, every other "staple" came out, belly button sutures came out. I love my low incision and my ps suggested no scar therapy for 6 weeks. Ladies, I'm ready for week 2!!!

Swelling @ 10 dpo

Can't wait u til this swelling goes down.

I don't have the energy to try on clothes...

I'm trying to get up and walk around the house as often as I can. I have to remember to move a little bit more since I'm doing a LOT of sitting right now. My butt looks so flat! My daughter asked me if they took some fat out of my butt, I said they better not have lol. My right side is more swollen than my left side, so I will be paying close attention to that. I've been showering every day, but now my incision seems to be seeping (lightly)...! I am going to start showering every other day (and wash up in between) to make sure it dries out and heals properly. I'm just too afraid of something going wrong. Tonight I'm sleeping in the recliner because it's too hard for me to get in and out of my SOFT/HIGH bed. I don't want to risk using my core to much for the sake of sleeping in the bed. Day 11, unbelievable. Loving my new tummy! Oh, ladies I found this amazing support group on fb: tummy tuck queens

I hate I can't edit posts...

I wanted to add that I'm in good spirits, I feel really good too. I'm just ready to get these drains out. They seem to be irritating me all of a sudden now. Home another week, Just taking it one day at a time and allowing my body to fully heal. I'm off work another week. Also, I didn't feel like I was getting enough compression from the white binder I was given immediately after surgery, so I'm wearing my pre-surgery girdle that looks like the binder, but slides up across the tummy.

Love this new binder, cute and works!

This binder is made of great quality. Ordered on Amazon, free shipping for Prine members.

Outing wore me "out" 11 dpo

I ran a few errands today with my daughter as my driver. I'm still hunched over and moving slow, but getting better. I was wore out and needed to take pain pills as soon as I returned. It was a beautiful day and I wouldn't dare not get out there. Last night I slept in the bed, night before that the recliner and I'm back in the bed tonight. This new binder gives me more compression and flattens my tummy something serious! Recovery is still in progress. Stay tuned! For those of you who are in recovery, may God bless you to keep getting better. Those who are scheduled and waiting, may time fly quickly for you ;-). So glad I did this and wish I would have done it sooner! Well so much for that rant. Wanted to post pics of my scar progression since I know that is and was a very important factor for me. Placement is great and I believe it's going to heal nicely.

Staples taken out & emotional breakdown

These last couple of days have been challenging. I felt like this healing should be moving along faster and people keep asking why I'm still hunched over. I hoped to be going back to work next week and getting life back on track, but that's not happening. I had to remind myself it's only been 2 weeks!! On another note I got the rest of the staples taken out today along with the 2nd of 3 drains!! I have one more drain to go and then I can start trying on my clothes!!! I don't understand how people are trying on bathing suits at two days I was in too much pain at 2 days LOL. I begged the physicians assistant to remove my last drain (nothing barely drains), she said Dr. Harrington wouldn't allow it. She said if I come in on Monday she would take it out, so they are taking it out four days. I can't wait!. My scar is looking nice and I wanted to share a picture of what my tummy looks like sitting down.

Girl in waiting...

Can't wait to try this thing on! It is an XL but looks tinnnnyyyyy!!! Y'all better pray it fits haha. I will try it on Monday when I get my last drain out. I've been waiting to purchase one because I didn't want to go on a crazy shopping spree for fajas, although I must admit it was hard not to lol. My drain is malfunctioning but ps said not to worry because it's coming out in 3 days anyway.

This goes withthe previous update

Loading error! Here are the photos I was trying to load of my faja and current measurements!

Today was a good day!

Yesterday was rough, but today was great! I'm starting to believe that arnica and bromelain are the secret weapons! I also put a tablespoon of turmeric in my tea a couple times a day. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and healing agent.

Sooooooo anyway for two days I was feeling better and walking faster and decided to forget to take things things! I paid dearly and was laid up on the couch and very uncomfortable and depressed! Omg! I feel amazing today after getting back on my regimen last night and massaging my belly trying to feel better. I was gassy and bloated! Also Miralex doesn't work for me, prune juice does the job. I got my last drain out today. I'm weaning myself off the Percocet and taking them only at night. The narcotics helped me through the first couple of weeks. It's very hard being uncomfortable all the time! My threshold for pain is very low and I don't want to feel it. As I said, today was a good day. I'm not back at work yet I took another week off, but I do have class tomorrow night...Lord help me! 4 hours of lecture (I can't miss another night)!
I'm wearing my binder faithfully and won't wear my faja until my drain sites are healed up. I'm a wimp! I don't want to battle with that right now. I mentioned to the assistant that I wasn't going to look too hard at the right side that seems like enough skin didn't come off, or maybe more fat needed to come from that side. She assured me that it's still early and when the swelling is down I will be completely satisfied.
I'm sooooooo glad I did this! I'm swollen, but I put my lil dress on when I got back from my appointment today and I am so pleased at how I look! My stomach is flat and so far I have NO REGRETS!

Benefits of still being hunched over ----- NOT!

At the BCA for training and dagnabbit I can't even see the crime lab because I'm still so hunched over and walking slow! BUT, I got the room to myself and I can say hey to you all haha. Every day gets a teeny weeny bit better for me. I DROVE for the first time, and let me tell you. I felt every bump. My hubby dropped me off at class though and he's picking me back up. This time I put on my amazon binder, I needed a little more support for the 45 minute drive. Just popped a pill, these chairs are hard lol. How are you guys all coming along?


This faja makes me feel like super woman! The compression and back support makes such a huge difference. I had a 4 hour class last night and I was nearly doubled over after class! I should have put on the faja. Feeling great today and glad about it ;-)!

Three weeks PO

My faja is snatching my waist! Day 23 PO and still hunched over,if I remind myself I can't almost stand straight. I'm supposed to go back to work in Monday...I'm gonna have to walk a little straighter lol!

Back to work part time

I went to work today, but only because I had to present in my bosses place (he's out of town). I was home in 3 hours and was beat! I'm going to class for 4 hours tomorrow night and then on Wednesday I'm gonna try and work a full day. If I remember to walk up straight I can, but I'm definitely walking slow. No pain, just right and I have to remember when I get in the car to use my hands and feet not my abs.

Where to begin...

This has been quite the journey and it has been a long 32 days. I have no pain, just tightness. I've lost 10 lbs since surgery. I am not one of those who bounced back after two weeks, but I still do not regret this journey. I am 95% to 98% happy with my results and I will comment further in six months after I figure out if this is swelling or if I will need my lipo on one of the other sides. I am so pleased with my results right now I just don't know if I would even want to do Lipo and go through the pain healing again. I am pleased at the healing rate of my incision, and I couldn't have imagined a better result. I have feeling in pretty much all of my abdomen except for the oval space around my belly button and right above my incision. I am still not comfortable sleeping in my bed because it's so high so I have been alternating between the bed and the couch. As of last week I'm completely off the narcotics, but I have found an incredible alternative when I need it LOL. I will share it when I post pictures. I went back to work last week, and have not had any issues. I am still hunched over, my hubby calculates it at about 90%. As many have said earlier in the day I seem to be walking a little straighter. I now have to fajas and two on the way (really 2 sexy lace girdles to wear during woopie)! I am fully committed to them, and I absolutely love these things. They give me killer compression and contribute to my posture. As I said before I would do it all over again, but I would definitely increase my workout regimen before. In all honesty I actually had been in a major slump for about six months prior, so I was not in good shape. So I would highly recommend anyone considering doing this to start working out now. I think your muscle recovery will have a greater chance of responding and repairing at a quicker rate if you're in good shape. I guess that is all for now. If you have any questions feel free to ask them below! Oh, one other thing I have not had sex yet, but I'm counting down. Whenever I clinch there's a major tenderness in my lower abdomen walls, so I just don't think I'm ready. I'm a wimp y'all! For real!! I am really being careful and giving myself time to heal. I have still been laying low around the house and not doing much other than going to work or coming home. I'm also in grad school so I attend school one night a week. I'm happy with all the support of my family and friends. It's been amazing! I'm ready to get back to myself in the worst way, but I'm forcing myself to be patient.


Ladies I can't believe how feminine I look and feel in my panties ;-)!

6 week update!

It's now six weeks and I'm still in the healing process. My scar looks great and is already fading, wow! My ps said I should put on my big girl panties and just walk straight! I'm about 98% there and if I could stand straight I would!
I'm finally getting in and out of my high bed with no help, but still very carefully not to do too much. My core is getting a little stronger, but coughing and sneezing is still a dull agitation. I'm still listening to my body and haven't been to the gym yet. I ordered some compression leggings that have a built in girdle, so as soon as they arrive I'm in the gym! I don't want to work out in a binder or cg. No pain just tightness! I look amazing in my clothes!!!!! Love it!!! My pants are now gapping in the back, never had that problem before ;-)!

Scar treatment

Wanted to make sure I gave a Scar update. I'm now using vitamin E capsules and bio oil. I tried using rose hip, but it was doing something weird on the stretch mark areas across my incision. The stretch marks were swelling, but the dark color was removed immediately each time! I even mixed it with other oils and Shea butter, same thing happened. It works, but it seems too strong for a new scar, so bio oil and Vit E it is for now. And I'm surviving off Advil.

6 weeks po

Sat in the car today and was stunned by my own profile. Yes...this looks good! No ba needed.

The good, the bad, and the ugly!

Truth is I love how I look in clothes. I love my tiny waist line. It's been 7 weeks so I know we are told that our bodies are still changing even 6 months out so I won't wine too much about what I look like with my clothes off. Well maybe a little...wait on it. To me, it seems there was more skin left on the right side. Then on the left side I have swelling above my scar, I thought it was a seroma but my ps said it swelling. It isn't moving! I'm afraid it will be a dog ear! I will see my ps at 3 month so I will assess the situation then and have the conversation if these things don't resolve.
Overall I still have swelling and tightness from the mr, not bad though. I think it's normal. I can stand straight if I'm conscious of it and remind myself to do it. I often find myself slumping, but I know I am closer to resolving that naturally.
I can feel my core getting stronger and I feel better. I was taking 3 Advil 3 times a day until a couple of days ago. I no longer need help getting out of the bed or off the couch, so I'm really excited about that. Getting into the car gives me minimal discomfort, but life is picking up and getting back to normal.
Walking: Taking longer strides seem to make me feel better than the short slower steps.
At 6 weeks I got the ok to work out, and hit the treadmill for 30 minutes. My plan is to make it there today.
Scar update: no difference since last one, I'm pleased with how it's healed at this point.
At 7 weeks I'm finally feeling like I will getter and that recovery is near! People keep asking me if I've lost weight! Then they ask how I feel because they can tell I'm not myself!
All in all ladies I know this will pass and recovery is inevitable, but I'm being transparent ladies; this has not been an easy road.
No complications at all, just what I feel is a slower than expected recovery. I'm still happy about my overall results, my husband compliments me every day and teases me! I said God dos a great thing and he says no Dr. Harrington did a great thing. I don't regret it one bit!

Faja girdle pants

I bought these to work out in because I wanted overall support. I thought an extra-large would work because that's the size compression garment I wear. I was so disappointed in the fit. I ended up ordering a 3X and it was a fiasco getting them on, but they work and gives good compression. I usually wear a size 10, so these run extremely small. I would say if you are a size 12 or 14 get the 4X! They give compression in the thighs too, but if you have big hips, thighs, and a big butt these probably will not work for you. These lift my butt so nice, and I definitely need it because I've been sitting on it for seven weeks lol.

Sitting straight up

So, this is my tummy when I sit straight up.

Coming into form

Recovery still in progress, but I look fabulous. Hardly any swelling. Going into the 2nd month. Progress at this point seems slow, but it's still early..stay tuned.

Kinesiology tape anyone??

Has anyone used this tape? I'm trying it on what seems like a small dog eat. My ps said its swelling, it's not going down and I've been vigilant about using cg and binder! I hope this tape works because I don't want a revision. Stay tuned!

New photos

Not a whole lot of updates, but wanted to post pics of my newly discovered hips lol. My tummy is cute in crop tops. I'm not comfortable wearing them in public yet. Plan to have my debut on vacation in July. Ordered new bikinis I love! VS has a great sale right now too!! Like 40% of clearance and free shipping over $50.

Latest before and after ;-))))

Still dealing with tightness in my upper abdomen from the MR when I eat, even though I eat very light and healthy. I'm assuming it will pass as I continue to heal. Very happy with how I look in clothes now!

4.5 months post op!

Hey ladies!!!!! I hope you are all healing wonderfully. I haven't posted in forever! I'm super busy and I still consider myself in recovery because I'm still dealing with tightness. In my opinion, my right side needs more lipo or skin removed, but my ps said I'm still swollen. I'm going to be fair and wait a year because I know I'm still dealing with tightness so it's fair to say I'm still healing. Overall, I love my results, but have a couple things I would like to watch in these next few months. My right side for one, and then on the left side I have swelling above my incision, it itches a lot, odd. I'm not 100% satisfied today, but I have no regrets! I'm still being fair and waiting for the final result. But...I look amazing in underwear, lingerie and clothes lol! I've been working out at least 3 times a week and I'm down a few lbs. Life is good!

Trying on vacation clothes...

Doing good

Haven't posted in a while, but I'm doing well. I need to get back going with working out. Overall I'm happy with my results, but may chat with my physician about puffiness on my left side above my incision. This is a 100% better tummy than before ;-)! Loving having a flat tummy!


10 month update
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Even after I waited 45 minutes to see her at the consultation, I felt she was the best choice for me. When Dr. Harrington came in the room I thought she was a staff member, that's how down to earth she was. The day of surgery she allowed time for me to ask questions and tell her again what I wanted, and she listened to my expectations and made the markings based on what I wanted. She HEARD me and went above and beyond. I am totally in awe of the work Dr. Harrington and her team did. At no point did I feel this was "transactional," because it is evident that Dr. Harrington and her staff really love the work they are doing to change people's lives. Dr. Harrington's staff is ALWAYS smiling and genuinely want to answer your questions and to ensure you that you are in good hands. I had several consultations over ten years and I'm so glad I chose Dr. Harrington. I will give my final review at the end of six months, as I do have a couple of things I would like to see resolved as I'm sure we all do. Overall I look fabulous in clothes and I don't regret it! Interlude: I decided to stay two nights at Interlude (rehabilitation center) to begin my recovery. The staff there were all very kind and responsive, Dr. Harrington's staff came daily to check on me. Also, the food at Interlude was amazing.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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