Getting Teen Invisalign - Minneapolis, MN

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Hi! So as I start my blog, I think it makes sense...

Hi! So as I start my blog, I think it makes sense to update by week. I haven't yet gotten the Invisalign, but I've gone to the two initial appointments. In the first one, they took pictures of me smiling and close-ups of my teeth. Then the doctors discussed braces vs. Invisalign, but I had told them I preferred Invisalign. In fact, I would not have gotten braces if that was my only option.

My teeth are not too bad- the front top two are a little overlapped and the bottom front four a little crowded. I will add pictures as soon as I can.

So when we decided to get Invisalign, we made the second appointment in which they took an xray of my teeth, molds of my teeth using a playdough-like substance, and then pictures of each tooth using this pretty cool camera. It was a little uncomfortable having a huge camera in your mouth, especially for me because I have a small mouth and I can't open it that big. This part took the longest, maybe about 10-15 minutes. From those pictures they were able to make a 3-D model of my teeth and send it to the Invisalign headquarters for them to make molds for me to wear.

So now I'm waiting for a call from my orthodontist for them to give me my molds. The nurse said 4-6 weeks, but that it usually takes a lot less time.

Okay, so the molds came in last wednesday, but the...

Okay, so the molds came in last wednesday, but the soonest they could make the appointment was this Friday. So, I will update how the appointment went on Friday, or Saturday if I'm busy.

Hello! I just came back from my appointment and I...

Hello! I just came back from my appointment and I got my first set of aligners! I'll start from the beginning, and explain how the appointment went:
First, one of the technicians explained some Invisalign stuff, such as when to wear them, how to clean them, etc. Then she showed me how the Invisalign process might look on a cool animation on the computer. If things go as planned, my teeth will look pretty straight by the end of it.
Second, I sat down in a dentist chair and I got the buttons attached to my teeth. The buttons, they explained, help grip the aligners. This part didn't take too long, maybe 10-15 minutes. It tasted pretty bad, but other than that, no problems. Then, she put in trays to help set the buttons. At first I thought they were my aligners, because they looked pretty much the same. She explained they weren't. They were pretty hard to take off, and I was a little worried how my real aligners would feel. After that, she had to even out the buttons which took the most time and it was the most uncomfortable- but still at a minimum.
Thirdly, she finally put the aligners in! I was really nervous that they'd hurt, but it actually didn't hurt AT ALL. They did- and still do- only feel intrusive and odd in my mouth, but there's no pain and there's not too much pressure. I practiced taking them off and putting them on, which took a little time but it wasn't too bad.
Lastly, they gave me a bag with my other sets of aligners (3 in total), cases for the aligners, denture tablets, and a toothbrush.

So, my overall impression so far is that I'm really happy with them. They feel a little weird, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. They look pretty hidden, it's not easy to notice them, which is what I was looking for.
I'll update probably for my next set, until then- have a great day!
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