Largeish Colorful Cover-up Tattoo on Ankle, Had Consult Today for Removal... - Minneapolis, MN

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Hi all, About 7 years ago I got a small tattoo as...

Hi all,
About 7 years ago I got a small tattoo as a sudden decision on my right ankle. I didn't like it, so after many years I got it covered up. Cover up was much larger than I had anticipated. Now I have a bigger, brighter colorful tattoo that I don't like and I see it whenever I wear shorts, skirts, swimsuit etc. It has caused me a lot of anxiety and depression as it was not what I wanted and after two tattoos in the same spot, I regret the whole thing. The first one was a sort of tribute tattoo to a best friend who died suddenly, and I wish I hadn't chosen to get it while grieving - I would have thought it through more carefully. It took 6 years of disliking it to finally decide to do the cover up, which ended up not covering it up at all, it can still be seen. Also my artist made it larger than he was supposed to, so you can see it on three sides of my calf rather than just the one side as it was supposed to be, and he added shading which was never discussed. So it is now more of a "calf piece" look due to the shading, rather than just the outline of the flower as I had intended and he had shown me initially. I get upset just thinking about it and just don't want to see it anymore. It is associated with numerous negative memories at this point! So I just am curious what the success rate is for this type of removal, what methods are best, and if what the Dr. quoted me today is reasonable. He said that it would take approx. 13 visits, (doing the "fast plan") and the double treatment is $805 per treatment compared to $403 per single treatment. This will take an estimated 2.3 years, so a few summers of not wanting to show my legs (less than I do now, haha).He says after the cap of $6104 with the early payment discount added, if it's not gone, subsequent visits are free until it is gone. Sooo that a huge amount of money to remove a tattoo I just paid alot for (400) about 7 months ago. The consult was today and there are not a lot of better removal service providers in the area. I may schedule a consult other places but mostly they seem to be places that fade the tattoo and then do another cover-up, and I want it completely gone. I have red, white, black, blue, green and a little orange in my tattoo which adds to the price the Dr. said. My skin is very fair which I think may be helpful as there isn't much natural skin pigment to fade. If anyone has experience with this, I would love to hear it. I am thinking of going for it because it's the only body I will ever have and I miss feeling confident in skirts/shorts. Also, I am graduating in a couple years and transitioning into a more professional line of work and I am really depressed thinking that I won't feel as confident/professional with this ankle mess showing when I wear business-y or formal dresses or skirts. I will post pictures tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

First laser removal complete...

Well, I went ahead and began the process. I had my first laser treatment two days ago and am just posting because it was red and swollen until now. It isn't really blistering, which is nice; I was dreading that. I have been elevating and cleaning and moisturizing like crazy. So far, the most noticeable difference is in the red, especially the dark red lines that went through the flower. The shading seems a bit lighter too but is still a bit red so hard to say. I hear that it can keep changing for weeks or months after a treatment so I'm watching it. My next app't is 8 weeks out. The pain was pretty fierce but short and tolerable. Afterwards it hurt in a burning way but I was good to go to class a few hours later. I figure I will do at least a couple sessions to fade it and then hopefully will want to continue with the whole thing. My Dr. thinks it will be around 12 sessions at $90 a piece. I am going to Renewal Laser in Minneapolis which seems like a reputable spot so far. Numbing cream was $30 for a tube. The lasers used were 532 which targets green and the other one I forget the name of at the moment. I'll update after the next treatment in December! Thanks for the support everyone. :)
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