Have Skin Hypopigmentation Disorder---- Recently started NEW treatment!

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For over 10 years I have been suffering from a...

For over 10 years I have been suffering from a skin condition that Doctors have told me is called "Tinea Versicolor." I have tried everything in the book (medications, shampoos, lotions, diets, photo therapy etc.) and I currently only see my condition getting worse. My discoloration first began on my back and then spread all over my upper torso, most recently down my stomach and buttocks. My natural skin color is brown and my spots/patches are a pale whitish color. This condition has been a huge struggle to live with and has really taken a toll on me. I have seen hundreds of Doctors and nobody has been able to help me.

I was so happy to have come across Dr. Crutchfield website. I see that he is capable of helping many people with my skin color and with similar conditions to mine. He is a Black male, specializes in Black skin and clearly knows Black skin very well. I sent Dr. Crutchfield a email describing my situation similar to this post. Despite his busy schedule, he was nice enough to email me back! He looked at my pictures and said that I have "‚Äúprogressive (familial) macular (midline) hypomelanosis‚ÄĚ which is commonly confused with Tinea Versicolor. I thought it was amazing how he could simply look at my pictures and tell me this. Also, I have never heard of this disorder but after reading about it and looking at pictures this sounds like exactly what I have! This may be the missing piece to the puzzle. I thank God that I found Dr. Crutchfield.

Since I live all the way in MA, Dr. Crutchfield reccommended that I try the suggested treatment with a local doctor. I will be seeing the doctor in Feb. 2013 and hopefully be starting treatment right away! I am excited and I want to thank Dr. Crutchfield from the bottom of my heart. He did not have to take the time out of his busy schedule to help me via email but he did and I know he is my blessing from God. I will be posting my journey....

I have recently started the treatment recommended...

I have recently started the treatment recommended for Progressive Macular Hypomelanosis and I am doing a lot of research on this disorder. I believe this is what I have and I truly beleive I am on my way to beating this! I am currently using the Clindamycin Phosphate topical lotion 1% and Benzoyl Peroxide 10% acne wash (clean & clear) twice a day. I am applying it all over my upper body where my hypopigmentation is. I follow up with the Doctor in April. Thank you for reading and please pray with me that I am on my way to cure this skin disorder that I have been battling for 14 YEARS! :( God Bless! XOXO

Every day I am seeing more and more improvement! ...

Every day I am seeing more and more improvement! I feel so blessed!

The treatment worked!!! I am healed thank you GOD!!! Will be adding ew pics soon!

Will be adding new pics soon!!!
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