4 Month PO with Surgeon Review - Minneapolis, MN

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I am a 39 year old mom of 4 amazing kids (ages...

I am a 39 year old mom of 4 amazing kids (ages 18,14,13 and 3) and an amazing supportive husband. I weigh 125 lbs. I started researching mommy makeover before my 3 year old was born. After she was born I knew that the makeover was the only way to get rid of my "mommy tummy" The excess skin would never go away no matter how much I worked my core! My breasts are what I call a flat C. If it weren't for Victoria Secrets they would have very little shape. My husband and I met with my PS, and scheduled the appointment. I am now 16 days from surgery and I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!!! I will upload before pictures soon.

Hello Ladies!! Well by this time next week I will...

Hello Ladies!! Well by this time next week I will have made it to the other side!! I am really a mixed bag of emotions. I am excited, feeling a little guilt, worried...I love that I can read what you all have gone through and take comfort in knowing that what I am feeling is completely normal. I have also been going through a form of nesting!! I am doing everything from cleaning to meal planning to schedule management! I am a stay at home mom so I want things to go as smooth as possible for my husband. He will be home with me for a week and a half. I think it will be good for him for a few reasons, but most of all now he will actually get to see that I dont just sit at home eating bon bons and watching Ellen!
Still have to get pictures and post them....

WOW I cant believe in 4 days I will have a new...

WOW I cant believe in 4 days I will have a new me!! I did finally get some pictures taken. They are not great quality because I had to take them myself!
My goal is to have all of my home prep done this weekend. My hubby keeps telling me not to stress about it and honestly I think I am just trying to keep myself as busy as possible so that I don't sit and read Q&A and Reviews all weekend!! LOL I am obsessed. I think reading what you ladies have gone through helps to relieve some anxiety. Its that fear of the unknown that gets me. I know everyone heals differently but reading about your journeys has really helped me prepare for mine! Thank you all for sharing! Now to bite the bullet and upload my pictures! UGH!

Well 12 hours from now I will make the trek to the...

Well 12 hours from now I will make the trek to the PS office! I can't believe how fast this day went! I had a great day and tried not to think to much about tomorrow. I keep reading through all of my paperwork to make sure I have not forgotten anything. I have also been drinking water by the gallons this past week. Just want to be really hydrated before surgery.
Good luck to all you ladies who are going in for your surgery tomorrow too! See you on the flip side!!

I am home! PS said everything looks amazing....

I am home! PS said everything looks amazing. REST! REST!!
I will update tomorrow So far so good

Good Afternoon Ladies! I have been really bad...

Good Afternoon Ladies! I have been really bad about updating my progress. Honestly this is the first time since my surgery that I have opened my computer. So far my recovery has been really uneventful. My pain has been minimal, the only real issue I have had is with muscle spasm in my breasts. Nothing a little muscle relaxer can't handle. I went to my PS today for my first follow up visit. Was told that I am wearing my binder to high. Everything looks great. I am down to one drain. They weren't putting out much the most out of one was 10cc. Scheduled to have the other one removed on Thursday. So let me tell you a little about my drain removal. I wasnt sure what to expect. I highly recommend taking a little something prior to drain removal. Vicadin will be in my system for the next one. So as the nurse is getting ready to count down the removal she grabbed ahold of the tube (after removing the stitch) and pulled like she was starting a lawn mower!!! HOLY SHIT. I was not prepared for that feeling. It burned! I am glad she went fast as opposed to slowly prolonging the experience.
I am hoping to post some pictures soon!!! Happy Healing Girls!!

Good Morning Ladies! So I am at day 12 PO!! Still...

Good Morning Ladies! So I am at day 12 PO!! Still feeling good. My only issue is still having muscle spasms in my left breast at night. PS's nurse says its because I am a lefty and that is my dominate side. I am off all meds except muscle relaxer at night to help with spasms.
My in-laws were here over the weekend to "help out". I am really blessed to have them but sometimes "help" is more work for me. I am not the type to sit on my hands especially when there is company. I don't want to sound ungrateful but all I can do today is look around and see everything that now needs to be cleaned! I know a little has to do with me being a total control freak and I knew going into this that I would have to let go of that control and trust that my hubby can manage things. BUT just doing the dishes at night does not constitute a clean house. I am really trying to help out as much as possible with out overdoing it. Ok enough of the pitty party..this too shall pass....
Tomorrow I have an appointment with my PS (with my actual PS and not his nurse) and I will be driving for the first time since my surgery! I am a little nervous but I will be fine. Hopefully I can get some pictures tonight when I shower....
Thanks for listening and Happy Healing!!!

Hey Ladies, Hope you are all doing well! I am at...

Hey Ladies, Hope you are all doing well! I am at day 19 PO. I have been feeling really good. No tummy pain, but I have noticed some swelling for the past two days right at my incision site. I am sure it has to do with my increased activity per doc's ok. I also was given the go ahead to ditch the binder for shape wear!! WoooHooo! Of course that little freedom comes with a whole new set of issues! Like going to the bathroom. It is a lot harder to get the shape wear up and down. On the plus side I dont need help getting it on and off like I did with the binder.
"The Girls" the girls are swollen but getting better every day! I hope that the swelling goes down soon they are a little sore at times and I get little twinges of pain but it goes away (nerve regeneration I am guessing). I am at a 36DD right now!!!
Tomorrow I go in for my ultrasonic massage!
I took a few pics today. I think my scar is a little high but it is flat and thin.
Happy Healing!!!

1 Month PO!!! I am feeling really good. I went...

1 Month PO!!! I am feeling really good. I went in to my PS for my 1 month check and he is very pleased with my progress. He wants me to start to ween myself out of my shape wear and be completely out of it by the next time I go see him. I can start with some light work outs, I miss my runs.
I don't have to see him again until I am at 2 months.
The Girls are starting to soften and not feel as painful. I still have a lot of numbness on my left side. Hopefully that will get better.

Happy Healing All!!

Just a quick update- I had my first photo shoot...

Just a quick update- I had my first photo shoot since my surgery yesterday! I am really glad I took a month off to recover. I was so wiped out! Normally I have no problem keeping up with a 6 month old and a 3 year old! I was a little stiff this morning when I woke up but I am sure it was just because I was using muscles that I haven't used in a while! I have been doing some exercising but not like when I am in a photo shoot. All it well tonight!!

Happy Healing!!!

Good Morning all! I haven't updated in a while. ...

Good Morning all! I haven't updated in a while. Honestly there hasnt been much to report. I have really had a pretty uneventful recovery. I am back to my running and work out regimen. I was pretty apprehensive doing core work outs at first but it wasnt as bad at I thought. At my 4 month PO check there was some scaring around my belly button so my PS injected a steroid into the scar tissue and that softened up and is now flat!!
This is truly the best thing that I have ever done for myself. The way that it has changed the way that I view myself and the confidence that I have back is incredible!! I no longer cringe when I or my husband looks at me naked!!
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

From the moment that I met Dr. Gervais at my consultation I was immediately comfortable with him and his staff. They are all extremely professional and the bedside manor is amazing. When I had questions (which were a lot) or concerns they were always addressed with importance. Thank you Dr. Gervais for the amazing work that you do!! I absolutely love my new body!!

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