Momma Makeover 5/1/11 Florida

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I have wanted to have my breasts fixed since I can...

I have wanted to have my breasts fixed since I can remember. I have never loved them. My left is smaller than my right and breastfeeding two kids completely destroyed them. My areolas spread and my skin stretched. I now wish I appreciated my boobs as the were pre-baby! But, what can you do.

I am scheduled for a tummy tuck and breast lift. I am now thinking I might want to add implants and not get the TT. I am most nervous about the TT. That was kind of a last minute decision and I'm not 100% sure I want it. I am kind of thinking of just doing the lift and implants and doing the TT at a later date. Anyone have advice on this? I am also thinking since I'm doing one surgery I might as well do the other. I guess the reason I'm not 100% on the TT is because the recovery is intense and surgery would be so much longer. I meet with my doc tomorrow and we will discuss all of this, but if anyone has an opinion either way that would be great! I am otherwise thrilled to be getting this done! I am anxious and ready to go! Is it just me, or is the waiting and anticipation the worst part?! I attached my before pics too! Thanks for reading!

Met with my doctor this morning. I decided last...

Met with my doctor this morning. I decided last night that implants aren't for me, so we didn't even talk about it today. It's hard to not want them though after seeing all of the beautiful ones on here! But really, I have plenty of breast to work with, and I am sure that the lift and tiny reduction of my right breast will be exactly what I want.

I decided that am going for the TT for sure as well. My only real concern about it, is lengthening my surgery and my recovery. I think it will be worth it though. It's easy to ignore my feelings about my tummy when it's hidden in my pants but I'd rather not have those feelings at all. So surgery is tomorrow and I am so freaking nervous I can barely stand it but I'm excited all the same! I'll keep you posted!

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