34 Years Old - Tummy Tuck with Abdominal Stitching and Breast Augmentation (Silicone Under Muscle)

I have has 3 csection in the past 14 years....

I have has 3 csection in the past 14 years. Finally no more children and decided after 2-3 years of weightlifting, working out and eating right it was time to get my body back. No matter how much weight I lost or muscle I've gained I always had that little shelf. I must admit I'm scared as hell!! Especially the abdominal stitching and the recovery. My procedure is scheduled for 1/5/16 and I rely heavily on the RS community!! ??

6 weeks out ... diet.. goals.. thoughts

Countdown and nesting.. already? I'm also starting my carb cycling. I'm trying my best to lean out within these next 6 weeks. Currently at 128# goal for surgery is 124# losing body fat but gaining muscle mass. I'm only 5'1.25" (very petite) .. also I can't sleep cause I'm up reading your comments and reviews trying to find out everything to expect for surgery and recovery. And I must say pre SX I feel like we are one!! Every emotion I've read people go through, I've experienced! Thanks to this community of great people.

PS I've added some wish pics ????????
Saint Paul Plastic Surgeon

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