34 Years Old - Tummy Tuck with Abdominal Stitching and Breast Augmentation (Silicone Under Muscle)

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I have has 3 csection in the past 14 years....

I have has 3 csection in the past 14 years. Finally no more children and decided after 2-3 years of weightlifting, working out and eating right it was time to get my body back. No matter how much weight I lost or muscle I've gained I always had that little shelf. I must admit I'm scared as hell!! Especially the abdominal stitching and the recovery. My procedure is scheduled for 1/5/16 and I rely heavily on the RS community!! ??

6 weeks out ... diet.. goals.. thoughts

Countdown and nesting.. already? I'm also starting my carb cycling. I'm trying my best to lean out within these next 6 weeks. Currently at 128# goal for surgery is 124# losing body fat but gaining muscle mass. I'm only 5'1.25" (very petite) .. also I can't sleep cause I'm up reading your comments and reviews trying to find out everything to expect for surgery and recovery. And I must say pre SX I feel like we are one!! Every emotion I've read people go through, I've experienced! Thanks to this community of great people.

PS I've added some wish pics ????????

BA sizing

I went in for sizing on the 23rd and decided on 440cc high profile. Here are some photos with 405cc to show what it will look like with the 440 under the muscle. My diameter measures 14cm and the implant diameter is 13.5cm going with Natrelle silicone gel

2 more days

Boy am I more nervous than ever!! I think I'm more nervous of how my kids and hubby will be able to adjust with caring for me. I'm hoping for a fast recovery like some people that I follow here on real self. I finally told my mom... phew and she's pretty supportive. Doesn't think I need it but it's what I want. Thursday at 7 am.. the last 2 weeks came by so fast.

So an update on my diet and goals.. instead of carb cycling like I said I was going to. I actually went back to 80/20 paleo
I went from 128# to 124# bodyfat went from 24.8% to 21% I started incorporating some metcons after my weightlifting which probably helped!! Yesterday I did a wod called Fight gone bad which is 3 rounds of 5 moves for a minute each at maximal effort.. wasn't as bad as it sounded but that after burn... it was amazing.. I will miss that

Here are current pics of me post sx

9.5 hours left

So I have to be at the surgery center at 5:45am and surgery isn't till 7am. Surprisingly I am tired and ready for bed. Been trying not to think of the surgery today but it's been on my mind all day.

Went to the gym today a little early to beat the new year rush! It was a bitter sweet workout!

I'm going to miss it for awhile! Pray for me guys!! Pray that everything goes smoothly and safely!
I also have a discount code for barbellbabes.com use code obeastin15 for 15% off cute gear that empowers women! Just like all my real selfers

On the flat side

Well it's been 13 hours since I was under. I have been in and out of sleep all day. I am alternating ibuprofen and percocet every 2-4 hours .

Breast pain is more of a soreness just like everyone said. Like engorged after having a baby.

My stomach is numb still from the exparel but I can feel some pain in the pubic area incision.
As for the binder.. it is too big so it rubs up against my leg and chafe.
I have been trying to sit up and eat dinner in a chair/bar stool height almost.
I am also thankful I bought the urinal for a Peeing standing! Worth every $1!! I also have a patch behind me ear so no nausea!

I am draining about 20-30ml on my left side and about 5 ml on right every 3 hours.

My boobs look a lot bigger than they really are I hope they go down a little!!

Day 7

Was finally cleared to take a real shower!! Even though today is day 8 and I feel completely different from the past week which was a blur.. I'm standing straight and able to walk around.
I'm only sore late in the evening and early in the morning when everything is all stiff I can almost sleep flat on my back but still prefer a pillow or two under my knees.

These are some photos I took before my shower. And I must say that shower did not feel as good as everyone says it does it was literally a quick wash and shampoo then jump out. I was so cold I started shaking from the shivers (I'm from Minnesota and its dead winter here) it took me maybe 10 min to just get clothes on. After that I think I'll need a chair to shower in for the next few times.
I was told to massage my breast and my incision under the breast. The sides are pretty sore and at times I wish I went a little smaller.
Oh and I only got 1 drain removed and it burned like a mofo!! But I'm glad it's out because the part where the drain was coming out of bothered me more than any of my incisions.

2 weeks post

I have my 2 week appt today and finally get the last drain out!! Hallelujah!!!
I finally weighed myself and my pre surgery weight was 56.6 kg (124.5lbs I'm a weightlifter so everything is in kilos here) and now I'm 55.8 kg (122.7lbs) I know that's my muscle mass I'm losing :( can't wait to get the ok to gym.
Only complaint I can say I have is the tingly sensation in my breast from I hope nerve regeneration!! Oh and the drain incision!
Still drinking my aminos daily!!

2 week update

Here's some photos I didn't get updated 16 days post op
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