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I'm going to start this by saying I'm both passive...

I'm going to start this by saying I'm both passive aggressive and OCD and vain very vain and therefore my stomach which is less than impressive must be improved to whatever level of improvement can be done. My breasts are fine and perky but not a lot there 36 b and not very full. I was intending on a December surgery and after careful thought I figured man I'm way less busy in July but without help from the hubby.so because of this 7 month bump up I feel the need to start tracking my thoughts and asking you ladies for advice. I am Beyoncé nervous about the TT and scar and possibility of a vertical one along with choosing the wrong implant size. I'm 5'7" 144 and sorta in shape. I can't believe I'm going from it will be cold and Xmas time to hot and summer. Although I do need to call ps and verify this and see if there's availability. I'm very involved on school board and coach tball and my kids are involved in everything all of our stuff requires a drive of up to 30 min so mid July to mid august is our only (nothing zone) I wonder if I'm not thinking about something for this time period.

I hope some of u ladies can aid in some advice on size I'm debating between 450cc to 600cc I want to be full but not with them so big there in the way for sports ...thoughts

I have supplies for the most part arnica, sports bra, I have a giant recliner couch already, breakfast tray, arnica gel, hearing pad, gauze pads, stool softener still need toilet riser (necessary?) and !?! What else?!?



I forgot to add

I have 4 kids 11,8,5,4 and I'm pretty nervous about taking care of them after , I have family that will help my BFF and my hubby. He farms so this time a year he's busy winter was going to perfect but eh? I'm pretty jazzed about the tummy tuck obviously I'm a little in the fence on boobs only because I have great ones just little but then I picture myself in a swimsuit and I'm like omg I need them. I am very athletic broad build so I think bigger breasts would fit my build better . I'm planning on silicone mod + but not sure how bi between 450-600 I'm thinking somewhere in the middle maybe 500 but not sure .

Some pics

Summer weight

Not sure why I always eat junk in the summer and gain weight and in the winter lose but it's that time of year. This year I'm gonna try to be good. I think it's because in the winter I just chug coffee all day. Better start eating more healthy I'd say 99%of what I eat is packaged.:/so better curb this so I can be in good shape going into surgery in July. What's the most prime food groups besides fruits and veggies planning on a lot of protein bars bc hubby can't cook and I'll be mostly alone.

Too busy to think about it

I really haven't been thinking about my upcoming surgery..Too busy with summer stuff and coaching and running kids around. Then I get something ive ordered in the mail like my toilet seat riser, and vitamins. I really have a lot of stuff already and don't have any more purchases...I also started having a cleaning lady come once a week so that when I am recovering my house doesn't go to pot...my hubby will only be with me for the 1st 3 days then im alone with 4 kids granted they can help a little they are 11,8,5,4 I don't see them scrubbing toilets. That's a huge relief and so thankful that its something I won't have to worry about...still debating between sizes leaning towards 500cc...and hoping my scar line is thin..we shall see I guess..not nervous ...yet..mostly scared of the cost not being worth outcome..HOPE I LOVE THE RESULTS!!!

5 weeks to go

its exactly 5 weeks to go..i have my hotel booked apparently that went up to $229 a night which was $50 more a night than when I scheduled for dec... but oh well I love the hotel chain..also gotta call the coordinator and make sure post op appt. are set up for weekends because its about 4 hrs away so I only wanna go on Saturdays...so lucky my doc is awesome and will do weekends. at least I should be in better shape its pretty hot up ND and coaching for almost 3 hrs in this heat im sweating up a storm..today my moms 50 and I am so lucky to have the greatest supportive mom ever...when I told her about the surgery she said "you I think your beautiful, but it matters what you think..i love my mom she never cares about my tattoos or hair color she lets me be me without judgement I hope I can be that way with my kids...(doubt this, Im pretty judgmental) we are celebrating my moms bday and I am setting up the whole thing its gonna be a lot of work but a lot of fun out at the lake..i think the time is gonna fly by..ANY LADIES HAVING SURGERY AROUND THE SAME TIME???? I love my hubby I hope that he likes the post op me....any ladies hubbys NOT happy...we have been together for like 15 years and 11 of them has been with this post baby body so he is used to me this way...any info on this or what to expect during the first "go around" and any ackwardness...

its coming......less than a month...wow...

well were counting down..im on realself really resurching..BIGGEST DEBATE right now is high profile or mod +...also bad idea to look at not worth it reviews.....super scared of a offset, neurosised scar..:/ ugh oh well it will be here before I know it. and I cant wait to hopefully be looking a lot better come next summer.

18 days to go..buying stuff left and right

I bought all sorts of clothes he last two weeks that will suit the new me, I should quit that now. Also I think I officially have every recover item and med possibly needed. And some new awesome pillows for my new bed in the living room although honestly my couch is a huge sectional with recliners and we sleep there all the time already. I feel more confident and less nervous decided to do mod+. I'm pretty excited it will be here in no time I quit smoking a couple months ago not gonna lie when I'm having a couple drinks with friends in the heat I sure do wish I could smoke but then I think about my surgery and it's easy to pull it together. I mostly just smoke when I drank every now again when I was stressed but not a daily basis. Question ladies ---when could u make food again hubby can't cook?? So curious when I'll be able to stand long enough to make food

Paid and sent

Sent my check today for the $13,700 I got a cash discount of $433 so It was worth paying in Full since we have it but still it's even more real once I dropped it in I'm very calm about it I'm done stressed talked to patient coordinater and have my pre op physical the 2nd and I have all my after care shit so I'm good to go arrangements for kids for first few days are good (thank god for my mom) and now just gotta tell the oldest when time gets closer he's 7th grader super mature he will handle it well and little ones I'm not telling . The hubby is more anxious now that it's "real " think he thought I'd change my mind or something. I am ready Freddy !!!!

Pre Op and such..

Pre op next week Wednesday and last minute thinking of the size..debating on letting doc decide or just say go with the 500cc...SIZING is a BITCH..thoughts? im really wide shouldered...I have been crabby lately I think aunt flo is coming and im just feeling anxious which makes me snappy..im trying to get as much "action in the sack" as possible before im down..lol I have a house cleaner coming the day of surgery and so ill come home to a spick and span house plus I told her to disinfect too..thankful because im so busy that week I coach a tournament all day the day before my surgery and I have a board meeting so im gonna be busy with that and packing kids..i still need to make arrangements for my huskie "Bullet" i will miss going out and petting him that will be awhile hes an outside dog, and strong and is still a only 1 so occasionally jumps..

Questions for those post op???????????

Did anybody NOT swell?? I have heard how much it sucks and don't want this happen and feel like I might not happen to me never had an ounce of it during any of my 4 pregnancies...unrealistic..??, but hopeful.

Oleeva scar silicone sheets? EXPERIENCE?

I had a dream I had the surgery and they didn't do the boobs.lol anybody else have weird dreams..

can I really not drink gaterade after surgery??? I was counting on that..

maybe my coffee intake (2 pots a day) since its a diuretic will help with the swelling?

thank god im stocked up on magazines and episodes on Orange is the new Black...

Wonder when I should starting taking arnica or if I should wait till after?

also when do you shave I think I read somewhere no later than 2 days before surgery??

3 days 7hrs 8minutes

the countdown has commenced. I got a lot of stuff done this weekend but still not enough...cleaned and rearranged house..got my hotel stuff ready. Im in TOTAL NEST mode. I have a busy week and luckily will have some time to finish stuff tomorrow..i still need to pack the kids for 5 days at grandmas..and pick up my pills. I am so excited not nervous yet I can tell my mom and hubby are now because there asking a lot of questions.. I had great hemoglobin 13.8 so im feeling so good about that..Im taking my multivitamin and trying to eat a little nicer and limit my coffee to a degree..I can't wait to be other side..wahoo. Finishing my period so thankful I won't have that for a whole month..timed that good..for once in my life..feeling GREAT !!


I'm feeling pretty nervous now. Probably because my dad expressed concern for my boob job when I dropped kids off for the rest of the week. I was like dad it will be fine ugh parents gotta love them . On our way to minneapolis right now gonna eat then hit the hay gotta be there by 7am and I had such a long day.. I'm curious what people felt like when they first woke up from surgery??? Any idea what to expect ? Or how the first night will be we are staying in a hotel. Im nervous wish me luck!

Well the 1st day really sucks

It's true 1st day sucks . My stomach feels horrible my back feels horrible. I have heartburn and have been trying my best to eat fruit and some gaterade. Damn meds don't affect much either. But I'm tough and I will get through it and have the best hubby ever he fed me applesauce and dealt with my craziness not so sur this 4 hr drive home tomorrow ...well ttyl I'm tired

Oh yeah I got 535cc

I hope there big enough haven't looked in the mirror much. Doing a little better. It's true drains suck and I need to go to post op appt at 10. I'll post after that dr. Tholen and his staff were wonderful they called last night and were so great All very reassuring and confident in their position. Dr. Tholen did NOT have to do a vertical yay!! And did some LIpo on flanks I guess he sucked out 3/4 of a lb on each side. Wahoo for that ! I also was impressed with the scar line e drew on not sure if he was able to get it that low but even if it were an inch higher I'd be happy shit even 2. So far happy I'm done and on the flat side but let me tell you it's probably a lot worse than you even think but beauty is pain! :)

Post op day

Well feeling a little better making the 4 hr trip home from minneapolis can't wait to be home.

Wish there was a fast forward

Wish I could speed up this it's horrible to have to sit in one spot all day. My boobs hurt mostly just my left boob feels burning. Still very little output in drains. Horrible headache and really need to eat haven't taken made meds today.

Weird stuff

Well tmi yesterday morning I knew I was plugged up and am susceptible to hemeroids so I made sure to get it out sorry tmi but yes I pulled it out because I don't want to have get hemeroids or be backed up. I also laughed twice I'm never laughing again ouchie mama. I've been doing okay without hydrocodone. My hubby's been working so hard to keep me comfortable as possible. The kids are coming home this evening that's nerve wracking ah. I just don't know if I will be a lot better in a few days burnman I
hope so. Happy healing ladies

1000 sit-ups

That's what it feels like and it feels like my back might break BUT my tummy looks amazing and my boobs are looking bigger I have some shortness of breath which I think is normal. Still looking for that fast forwArd button. Today for the 24 hrs I had 10cc one side and 15 on the other so I think they'll get both removed post op day 7. Thank god

It took 20minutes but

I got up all by myself and walked to the bathroom haza!

Feeling aight

Well feeling pretty good. Did a load of laundry got up myself had coffee and watermelon. Some of the swelling on left boob is going down and drainage is only 5 cc and 10cc so that's awesome. Lots of burning on right side incision and binder still sucks but no swelling and nursing is so minimal.
why is it when you can't do something that's all you wanna do......laughing feels like I'm gonna die but I can't stop doing it. A. My kids are hilarious I think I laugh all the time just don't notice it. B. my husband and I laugh a lot also I usually don't notice it C. After I laugh I feel like I never need to work out again
Are mornings always thee hardest? I feel like I'm doing good the rest of the time. I'm netflixing like nobody's business. My hubby went back to work so hopefully I don't overdo it or my kids are little crappers.. Haha . poor little two are sick and using nebulizer I do not want that cough!

Couple pics

I had my binder off quick to do drains

Feeling good looking good

feel pretty good. I must heal really well because I have no bruising, no drainage, and can walk upright....I laugh a lot everyday and that still hurts but oddly I think laughing helps healing :)...mornings and nights are roughest MY BACK HURTS no sugar coating that. also my hubby rocks like really rocks ...my doc made my incision so damn thin THANK YOU DR> THOLEN bc I have seen some rough ones..the one small dog ear is gone basically body reabsorbed it...small part in the middle of incision has a small bubble thing...but if revision is necessary we can fix it..my boobs are getting softer but today feel extra heavy..left side of boob feels numb but nips are good ...tummy is awake except for a baby bit and bb looks great thus far....if I could ditch the binder and the drains id be rockstaring it up...and my armpits hurt???? um tomorrow is my post op 1 week 2 days 4 hr drive...POOP..but yay hopefully both drains pulled yeah baby.i put a tank under my binder that was amazing...I had to loosen my binder a bit because my ass and thighs went numb...no swelling.(yet)..all and all recovery is good. I could do more than sit my ass on the couch but I do get tired quick. I had hubby wash my hair and I shaved my legs ahhh...my hair feels so much better... I haven't wore makeup in a week that might be the longest ever...and I think the antibiotic makes my skin look awesome idk though...HAPPY WEEKEND LADIES


No bb sutures no drains I'm free. So happy doc said everything looks great boobs riding high so wear strap at night and keep pushing in to keep implant pushing up I guess armpit pain is nerves. Have to wear binder another week with foam but I can customize foam to cover LIpo areas. Boob incision bb and tummy tuck line all look thin I have one squiggly right in the middle of TT from a stretch mark that might need revision but that's neither here not there for now and wouldn't be discussed for 6-12 months.. I'm feeling sooooo good gonna go out to lunch with the hubby yes be jelly minneapolis has the best food! Feelings happy

Pics and update

Feeling great and often need to be reminded to cool my jets and take it easy hubby says I can't drive ugh. I will this weekend. He loves my new body we actually got frisky last night and did the deed no hanging from the rafters but great non the less. Here's some pics ladies another thing I wanted to say is mind over matter thing positive during healing with end goal insight it's very helpful haven't taking anything for pain for quite a few days and slewpingn in my bed.


still have this pain in the front of armpit sorta inside the goes down arm a little feels like armpits on fire..assuming nerves....HATE IT!! AM I ALONE IN THIS PAIN?? anybody with experience please help??


well haven't been on here since forever...and im either lucky, or amazing but I NEVER HAD REALLY ANY swelling to speak of...my armpit pain is gone but I do still have some sensory nerve issues there occasionally..I LOOK amazing ..my tits are jiggy and perfect so I feel so happy about that my stomach looks awesome I am gonna do some scar therapy though...I got free botox with my surgery when I went in for my checkup and holy cow it LOOKS AMAZING compared to last time and last time was pretty damn good..i really couldn't be any happier with the surgery and him...feeling confident and sexy...and boobs rock to have If you have never had them...:) hope you all are as happy as me with your outcome..

Finally went in for another post

The tummy still looks good although scar not as flat as I'd like. One boob is settling lower than other which is normal but mine were more balanced pre BA. I am thankful to have got this done and the strength in my core has literally cured my back from the agonizing pain is gone through for years

Tummy tuck tattoo

So decided to finally get the tattoo I had always planned on getting ????
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

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