21yrs old, implants coming very soon, 5'3'', 130lbs - Minneapolis, MN

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My Preop apt is on Tuesday and that's when we're...

My Preop apt is on Tuesday and that's when we're finalizing details like size and silicone vs. saline. I'm thinking anywhere from 340-425 cc based on what I've seen on this website. I will upload pics of my size now compared to my ideal size. Dr. Harrington said at my consult it doesn't matter with my anatomy if I choose silicone or saline. I'm leaning toward saline but we will discuss it further in a few days at the Preop apt!

Boobs that I like

Here's some boobs that I think look great.

Preop photos

Here are some photos of what I'm working with lol (not much) At the Preop apt I decided on saline. The doctor thinks somewhere in the 375-425 range is appropriate for my goals. I'm really still contemplating silicone vs saline although we officially decided on saline at my Preop appointment. I can't decide!!! Opinions welcome.

Switched to silicone-6 days til surgery

I decided to switch to silicone. I was worried about the feel of saline so I called- just had to pay 900$ more. I've attached Preop photos I'm so excited- the day is so near.

Surgery complete! Post op day one

So I had surgery yesterday. I ended up with 385cc sub muscular implants and I switched to natrelle inspira SRF-385 which is a silicone full profile implant. I have been taking my pain pills (Percocet) and muscle relaxer every four hours since the surgery. You can take 2 pills every four hours and that's what I've needed to manage the pain. Today I went in for my post op day 1 appointment and they unwrapped the ace bandage and checked my incisions. I put a tank top on and the rewrapped my bandage. I'm suprised how great they look already. The pain is pretty intense even with pain meds

Post-op day 5

So it's been 5 days since surgery. I just finished my antibiotics t

Day 6 post op

Day 6 is here- still having pain, mostly in my left boob. I'm occasionally taking a Percocet and muscle relaxer when I need it. Sleeping has gotten easier, I've been able to sleep on my side already if I'm positioned right. I'm suprised my boobs aren't higher- I feel I lucked out with my surgeon because I love them already. I'll attach some pics from the last few days

10 days post-op

It's been almost 2 weeks! Changes are they don't feel quite as heavy on my chest. They are both still numb and quite firm but they have softened from the boulders they were initially lol. I went back to work after 7 days and it was terrible. A word of advice- if you work in a hospital you're going to need more than a week. I work in the ER so light duty isn't an option. Here's some updated pic- I'm so happy with them.


I forgot to mention Dr. Harrington liposuction's your armpit fat as an added benefit to make your augmentation look even better - I didn't have much but it's completely gone now! That's what you bruising is from in the last photos

She is simply fabulous. I had a procedure done by her in the past and have nothing but great things to say about her.

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