I am 34 years old - 3 weeks PO - Minneapolis, MN

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Hello! I am 34 years old and like most of you have...

Hello! I am 34 years old and like most of you have been thinking about a getting a TT for years. I have one child who is 15 now, she was almost 10lbs when she was born which left me with a billion stretch marks and saggy skin. I have struggled with my weight ever since then, ranging from 150 to 200lbs. The last several years I have been right between 170 & 200. I can tone up and lose weight everywhere except for my belly. I have lost all motivation to try to get into shape cause nothing works! I don't like going out in public as I fear people are looking at my tummy and thinking "OMG, look at that gut..:. So, after many years and many thoughts of cutting off my stomache myself i've finally decided to get it done. I have my first consult on the 24th of this month and hope he eases all my fears of dying on the table, not getting the results I want etc... By the way, this site is SO very helpful, you ladies have made this decision easier on me and also make me not as afraid of the pain factor during recovery. Thanks!

Okay, so my first consultation is on Thursday the...

Okay, so my first consultation is on Thursday the 24th. I'm nervous and am having second thoughts about this. I mean how bad is the recovery, really? I think I have a high pain tolerance but I hear that the back ache is the worst part of it... and I have major lower back pain the way it is... mainly because of all the extra weight I carry in front of me, including my boobs!! lol. So maybe it won't be as bad since I'm used to it?? Who knows.... Another concern is that I can't afford to take more than a week off of work and in some cases I've read people aren't nearly ready to go back then. I have a desk job and have people availalbe to lift things for me etc. if needed and it's only a 7 min drive from my house. Any thoughts on this? All of you fellow TT'ers are very inspiring!! Any advise would be appreciative!! Thanks!

So I had my consultation appt. last Thursday. It...

So I had my consultation appt. last Thursday. It went VERY well! The doctor and his staff were very helpful. The PS even told me that I had a very slender waist line! WHAT?!?!?! I haven't seen that or my belly button in years! lol He will be doing a full tummy tuck, with lipo to the upper abdomen, and flanks. The price was more that I anticipated but it will be well worth it! I have to quit smoking for 6 weeks prior to surgery and I am leaving on vacation to the Bahamas in a week so my proposed quit date is Feb. 18th, so I'm looking at scheduling the TT early to Mid April. Can't wait!!!! I also posted "before Pics" ewwwwww gross.

I forgot to say that he will also be tightening my...

I forgot to say that he will also be tightening my muscles... YAY!!!

I have the date set for mid-May! I'm getting...

I have the date set for mid-May! I'm getting really nervous, but i'm sure all will go just fine. I will be spending the next few weeks getting the necessary items that I will need. Any advise on what was an absolute must for anyone out there? Any advise would help. Thanks!

One month away from TT, MR and Lipo! I'm getting...

One month away from TT, MR and Lipo! I'm getting VERY anxious for my procedure. I keep telling myself that everything will be okay and that it will be well worth it. My PS said I had to be smoke free for 6 weeks, which I was smoke free for 4 weeks and then smoked only a few each day for about 2 weeks as my job got very stressfull. So technically I will only be smoke free for 4 weeks prior to my surgery. I've read that some people only have to quit 2 weeks prior and they are just fine. Any advise on the smoking thing? Thanks!!!

Just curious as to when you quit smoking before...

Just curious as to when you quit smoking before your TT and if you had any complications? Please let me know, thanks! I am 3.5 weeks away!! AHAHAH scared and excited all at the same time! :)

Happy Tuesday! I have my pre-op this afternoon and...

Happy Tuesday! I have my pre-op this afternoon and am hoping that all comes back okay. I am making the final payments tomorrow. I'm still having second thoughts but I know that's normal and that I will be so happy that I did it once it's over. PS also said that it was okay to take arnica and bromelain after surgery as I heard that helps with swelling, bruising and the over all healing process. Has anyone else tried these or anything else that they would recommend? I'm mainly worried about the swelling, but it couldn't be any worse than I am now, right? lol

So I am 9 days away from my surgery and I am going...

So I am 9 days away from my surgery and I am going absolutely crazy with mixed emotions. I'm excited, nervous, and scared to death all at the same time! lol I received my arnica and bromelain products in the mail this weekend so I'm ready there... still need to pick up the other supplies like wipes, gauze, tanks, sweats, oversized udies etc. but will do that this weekend. I'll spend the first few days next week getting meals put together and stalking up on shakes, yogurt, jello, soup etc. OMG this is for real, I'm actually doing this... what if I don't wake up? what if I die afterwards from something else? I keep telling myself that I will be just fine and will laugh at myself later as to how nervous and worried I am lol

One week away until I'm on the flatside!!! Still...

One week away until I'm on the flatside!!! Still nervous but praying that everything goes well. I'll keep you all posted on my recovery!

days like today is a reminder of why i am doing this

So today i was going to attend a funeral but couldnt find anything to wear thay didnt make my glab stick out or look like i was 9 mths preggo.... gross. Nakes me not have second thots today!! Lol 3 days to go yay!!"

2 days away, my stomach is in knots I'm so nervous!!!

OMG, only two days away before the big day. I'm getting so nervous! I was fine yesterday which was wierd, and today my stomach is in knots, anxiety level is high, can't eat or sleep.... Any helpful tips to calm me down?

Tomorrow is the big day

Tomorrow is the big day! Yesterday I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw up and today I am doing much better... Thank god! I need to quit worrying about the potential complications and just think positive and know that my dad will be watching over me from Heaven to ensure all goes great! I'll keep you all posted If I am able to :) Keep me in your prayers!!!

on my way to the flatside

So far im pretty calm.... thirsty though! :) ill try to update later.

im on the flat side!!

So let me start by saying that i worked myself up & worried over nothing. It went very smoothly. I got a little panicked when i first woke up but that went away quickly. I got the tapblock so so far no pain, just uncomfortable tightness. Scared to get up thogh as i fear im going to open up or something LOL. I also have a bladder catheter in which is the most annoying right now. I tried getting up to walk around a bit which wasnt bad until i felt the right side of my back where mydrain has leaked & got a lil freaked out and got hot ans clammy so had to lay down agae


On my right side i leaked from my drain a little. Not a lot but enough to scare me, is this normal? Alsi depending on my drainage i may get them out tmrw already at my post op yay!!!!! Ttyl

po day 1

Things are goiing good! Not in any pain taking 2 vicodin every 4 hrs. Going to start taking only one every 4hrs. I went to my first post op & i had 2.5 in muscle separation. He removed a total of 15 lbs....wow. i have leakage by my dainage sites & its gross... is this bormal

cut me offf

Is the excess dtainage by the drqin sites normal & can i take my binder ofg to wash it and put new gauze over drain sites?

PO day 2

I can't update with my phone it always cuts me off so i apologize for my previous posts that dont make much sense. lol Po day two going good. Still no real pain, just tightness, and being uncompfortable. Back hurts bad when walking however. Has anyone taken their binder off to wash it before your PS takes it off? I'm scared to but would like to wash it cause of the leakage by my drain sites... it's gross!! :) Hope everyone lese is doing well!!

po day 3

Totally if Vicodin & just taking tylenol now. Pain has only been a 1 since day of surgeey :). Im swollen and walk hunched over but other than that doing great! . I will post post op pics once i c the big reveal at my nxt appt on tuesday.

Po day 5

I'm in swell hell but it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Almost standing 100%, had 2nd bm and that all went well thank god. I don't really need to take tylenol but am just in case. I'm hoping to get my drains out tmrw at my appt then headed into work for the first time since tt. Feeling better and better each day!!!

One week post op

Very swollen but feeling great!!! I would do it again in a heart beat.

2 weeks PO

Today I'm 2 PO. I'M feeling really good but am still swollen & achy a little bit from the bruising & healing of incision. I would do this again if I had to . The recovery was a lot easier than I thought it would be . The worst part of this whole experience was the worrying about what could go wrong before I even had the surgery . My advise is to not worry a about any "what ifs" as u will d drive yourself crazy lol. This surgery & recovery were a piece of cake !!!

3 Weeks PO

Hello, I was 3 weeks po yesterday. Wow time is flying by! I'm just getting over a cold and am thanking the lord that I didn't get it earlier as I would have been in excruciating pain from sneezing and coughing. Being 3 weeks out this cold didn't hurt a bit! ;) Other than my cold I am still feeling good. I'm still swollen but that is going down too as time goes on. I can't wait to see the final results and to start excersizing. I started my scar therapy yesterday, for my tt incision i'm using the silicon gel sheets that I ordered online, and for my belly button silicon gel sheets that I got from Target that are way cheaper but smaller. The tt gel sheets are over $100 so once that wears off i'm just going to use the ones for my belly button but use several obviously. My incision area is still hard and there is also hard areas around my tummy and hips but PS said I could start massaging them and I think that has been working some. Oh, and I don't have to wear my binder at night anymore so I am sleeping much more compfortably. I bought spanx now that I can wear during the day time too and that makes me look less swollen than I did in my binder, plus more comfortable too. I will post more pictures as soon as some more swelling goes down. Oh and just the one day of wearing the gel sheets I can barely see my scar!! WOO HOO!! Hope you all have an amazing day!

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