5'6" 125lb 30 Y.O. 400cc/425cc Mentor HP - Minneapolis, MN

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I have been a passive participant on this forum...

I have been a passive participant on this forum for the past 1-2 years. I have just scheduled consultations to continue my journey. I am certain I will pursue breast augmentation, but much less certain about additional help in my abdominal area. I hope the consultations will help me decide.

Some personal stats: Age: 30Height: 5'6"Weight: 125lbCurrent cup size: not sure, maybe A?Fitness Level: could be betterEthnicity: AsianKids: 3 (ages 5 and under) Breastfed: 4 yearsI've always been small chested, B or under, and was interested in augmentation. After nursing 3 kids for a total of 4 years, I can't stand my boobs and feel the sacrifice is ready to be paid in new boobs. Having 3 kids has left my abdomen less than desirable as well. I believe I could resign myself to a more aggressive diet/workout regimen to get better tone, but the stretch marks and what I believe is loose skin in the lower region is gross. I've told myself I'll never wear a swimsuit. I'm very averse to the TT scar and am concerned that I won't find the tradeoff acceptable. The additional downtime has me concerned as well. Lastly, looking at TT reviews has slightly frwaked me out. I'm really excited for the changes to come and my husband is so supportive already.

Here are some wish Pics for the BA. I hope to find out how attainable these options are for my body type during consultation. 

I've looked at so many pictures of boobs! I like a little bit of side boob action which I think all of these pics have. My frame is somewhat slender, but I have wide hips I'm hoping to balance out.

Lower abdomen pics

Here are some before pics of my abdomen with stretch marks, some loose skin, and fat. Not sure what I should do to improve this area. Maybe a mini TT could help, but I don't think I could deal with a full TT scar. Anyone else with similar before that had some type of treatment? What worked?

Impatient...call as soon as you think you might be interested

I called for a consultation with Dr. Tholen and found out they are booked out until March 2017 for a consult! I scheduled one and will have to try to manage my impatience since I really have felt good about everything I've read on him.

I also scheduled an appointment with Dr. Joe Gryskiewicz for October 13th, 2016. I feel really excited about this too!!! His office said we may be able to schedule surgery 2 weeks after the consult...that would be so awesome!

The girls before

Well here are the sad girls before augmentation. I think the previous comment is right that once I have them done I will obsess about my stomach less. I just feel so self conscious right now that it all seems terrible.

Oops hit post too soon

Here's a side view...all nipple.

Under arm or breast fold incision?

I'm really torn between the two options? Can I hear from others how you decided?

Finished Consult

I had a consult with Dr. G today and thought it went well. I have a petite frame (12.3-12.5) was the measurement that led me to understand what limitations I have for size options.

As of right now I have settled on under arm incision, 400cc in my left and 425cc in my right, mentor silicone implants.

I also really like upper pole fullness so they suggested a high pocket to achieve this. I'm just not sure how much I want that look up top. Anyone else have a high pocket created?

I was also considering 425cc (left) and 450cc (right), but PS didn't recommend since it would be larger. Than the pocket he could possibly make.
Decisions decisions.


Well I had my first consult today and while I feel comfortable with the PS I think I should wait and try to decide between incision sites and further consider the possibility of complications and would I be able to deal with them without regretting the surgery. I have a 2nd consult scheduled in March 2017 and I'd like to see how that compares with what I was told today.
Today I was told 400cc (left) and 425cc (right) high profile silicone mentor implant (bdw is 12.5cm). I really liked the look of the 425cc and 450cc but PS advised it would be pushing the limits of the pocket he could create. I am still unsure if I want under the breast fold or under arm incision. If he did the under the breast fold he would do a dual plane augmentation which sounds like it would lift things a bit. I'm mostly interested in that because my nipples seem low on my breast. However, I scar terribly and that makes me want to do underarm. If I have to get a revision though I'd have to get an incision under the breast and left with two scars. So torn on this!

More wish boobs

I have found my realistic wish boobs. The pictures I posted earlier appear bigger than what I'll be able to accomplish.

Moderate Plus vs High Profile

I was pretty comfortable with the high profile implants discussed at my last consultation, but I'm doubting if that's what I want or if it will achieve my look. I do NOT want a wide gap between my breasts nor do I want the bolt on look even though I do want some more upper pole fullness. I'm scheduling a 2nd consult, anyone else struggle with this decision? I have narrow bwd measurements around 12-12.5" which is why I think he suggested the high profile to achieve the 400/425cc volume. I'm just worried it's going to look funny and that I need to concede and get smaller volume for a wider implant to avoid the GAP!

Surgery Scheduled for January 4th, 2017

I finally scheduled surgery and it's about a month away. I am feeling guilty about spending the money on this, the hubs will have to help more than he already does, and what if I have a bad outcome?! He's super supportive, but I just worry. I'm excited too...here's hoping.

As of right now I'm still going with Mentor HP 425cc and 400cc with axillary incision. This doc is super experienced with this incision so I feel good about that.

Surgery Rescheduled

I've been so sick so I had to push out my surgery day to January 24th.

While I've been sick I've been reading and questioning whether I want to move forward knowing the risks. Have any of you read some of the explant stories or implant survivor stories? I'm not sure what to do, scary stuff.

Life with large breasts?

I've been going back and forth whether I want to move forward with surgery. What will life be like after? I hear side and tummy sleeping may be difficult. I will probably need to wear a night time bra and extra firm support when exercising. All things I never have to think about now. At least my breasts are perky although small right now. Not sure if I just have some jitters or if I'm not ready for this. How have others adjusted to life after surgery?

Pre-Op Complete...Count Down Begins

I completed my pre-op today. I am still planning on the axillary incision since the doc had extensive experience with this incision. I kept going back and forth on incision cite because there is so much information talking about the inframammary incision and less objective information on axillary. I am confident that if a surgeon has extensive success and technical skill in this incision the outcomes are great in straight forward cases such as mine.

Now I'm unsure about size. Thinking I should go down to 375cc and 400cc instead of 400 and 425cc so I'm not enormous. I'm just not sure. It's hard to tell when the final result can really vary woman to woman despite similar body stats. Any help from the ladies out there?

It was nice seeing the surgeon again today, I continue to feel more at ease.


I'm up late fretting about whether I want to call and get a refund before it's too late. I have a gut feeling I won't be happy with big boobs. I feel overwhelmed thinking about how I will have to change my lifestyle all because of boobs. Don't do certain exercises, wear support night/day, massage regularly, reconsider sleeping position, reconsider clothing, constantly worrying if I look too "sexy" with boobs. I gather implants aren't a one and done sort of deal and I'm not sure I can justify putting this much money, time, and effort for boobs. Not sure if this is real doubt or devils advocate surgery jitters. I'm also worried they will always feel foreign to me and I won't adjust. The hubby is so supportive and seems excited for the change. I know I'm very flat and don't feel sexy, but at least I'm sone what symmetrical and somewhat perky as is. I'm rambling...I don't know what to do.

Post-Op Day 1

Hi all! I made it! Yesterday wentrsmoothly, but I didn't feel good at all. I arrived at the surgery center early and prep went smoothly. When I woke up from surgery my pain level was a 7 and they immediayely gave me additional pain relief. My husband had to run some errands afterwards so I napped in the car for a few hours. I left the surgery center at 12:30pm, but didn't arrive home until 5:00pm. I think if I would've went home right away I wouldn't have felt so terrible. I was so nauseated and for a moment just freaked out. I had some crackers and fruit so I could take more pain meds and Zofran (nausea). I got settled into bed (upright) with an ice pack and started to feel much better. I was in and out of sleep until 10pm; each time I woke up I did my arm stretches and laid on the floor with a pillow under my breasts for 15min. That didn't feel good, but doctor's orders.
I am fortunate to have a very supportive husband, but he was worried that the size I chose would look too big and obvious. When my doctor came into the room prior to surgery he made a comment about me going "big" and thought it was a good decision. If course this caused my husband anxiety and then I started to worry too. However, I'm happy to report that this girls are not nearly as strange or big as I had anticipated, which is good. I had told myself I didn't even want to look at them the first week, but I have and I'm so surprised how well they are looking at this stage. Of course they are high and tight,but I think they will settle in wonderfully. They look about the size I was when I nursed my babes. I slept like a rock last night other than some unusual potty breaks (my body must have a bunch of excess fluid it is expelling, I don't normally have to go at night). I woke up feeling okay, not really in pain, but uncomfortable, tight, and a mix of numbness and slight burning twinges. I decided to just take the muscle relaxer and hope that will be enough. No need for nausea meds today either. I have been tired today and need to stretch more often. I can feel a tightness and range of motion limitation. My check-up is tomorrow afternoon and will hopefully be more energetic tomorrow. I did manage to wash dishes, do laundry, dress and feed the kids this morning without much problem, but I am definitely uncomfortable, it's just not debilitating. I cannot open jars I found out this morning haha. Thanks for the support and if you have any questions let me know!

Post op day 1

Spoke too soon...

I started feeling pretty uncomfortable this evening. Some women compared their discomfort to when their milk just came in and they were emgorged. I find it to be much more intense than that. I have a distinct burning sensation on the outside of my boobs which is my main discomfort. I had to take my pain meds tonight, we will see how tomorrow goes.

Post-Op Day 7

What a difference a week makes! I am feeling pretty okay at this point. My breasts don't really hurt, but if I massage they do feel a bit tender in spots. The main thing I'll have to deal with now are my incision sites (underarms) and getting my full range of motion back in my arms. I didn't anticipate how much my arms would be affected, but I can't put my arms down flat by my sides when I walk and I look a bit odd. My incision sites and the swelling there along with my limited range of motion are the only thing I have to complain about. I'm quite happy with how the girls look at this stage, just hoping they do soften as I find them too firm for intimacy at this point. I do want to mention that I think a full week away from work and general responsibilities would've been best for me. I underestimated how I'd feel in the first week and made myself more miserable than needed. I know some ladies are good to go much sooner based on reviews I've seen, but I was not that person. Happy so far, but will likely keep as "not sure" until I'm a bit further along.

Post-Op Day 10

Well, I'm feeling quite wonderful. My cold has subsided after months and my breasts while tender in spots feel pretty normal. They do not feel foreign or separate from my body. I know some women mention that experience, but I didnt have it. As of right now I am wearing a 34DD. As mentioned in one of my comments I had always hade the notion that D cups would be huge and DD cups would be like round enormous Baywatch boobs. However, if I let go of that notion I am not at all uncomfortable or self conscious of my current size. Despite being slender, I feel it balances my figure nicely and when wearing everyday business casual clothing it isn't jaw dropping my any means. I did try on a couple cocktail dresses and I looked augmented in those, but I love that look for that type of night out. I say I looked augmented because of the roundness in the upper pole (which I expressed my likeness for to my surgeon) and just overall boobage and cleavage. It was so delightful to see. My incisions are somewhat distracting at this stage, itchy and my right side has a slight cord like feeling which limits my motion, but it has improved greatly over the past few days. Honestly, by summer I can't imagine I'll even be thinking about any of this because I anticipate healing and softening well since things have been going good so far. For Minnesotan's, I recommend this surgery in the winter/ fall. I'm so glad I will be healed up for spring/summer and swimsuit season. I should mention I have complete normal sensations and feelings in my left breast, but am experiencing numbness and reduced nipple sensation in my right. I had some numbness in left earlier in my recovery and that has subsided. I really really hope the numbness on my breast goes away as that is weird to me, especially when massaging them. If it doesnt resolve, this is still worth it. I'll probably post a picture update after my stitches are out this Friday.

Oh the itchiness...

My incisions itch like mad! I guess the positive part is that they are healing well and I realize this is part of that process. However, I'm hoping it will subside soon as it's driving me mad. Ice packs and benadryl for now I guess. Any other relief?
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Before children I had small (B cup), but symmetrical and shapely breasts. I had considered breast augmentation at this stage, but decided I wasn't bothered enough to undergo surgery. After having 3 kids within 5 years and nursing each for 1-2 years all that changed. I lost nearly all breast volume, had fluctuating assymetry, and was left self conscious and using avoidance measures to prevent my husband from seeing them. It was my husband who prompted me one day after avoiding being naked in front of him, "if you are that unhappy, then know it's okay to so this for yourself". That's exactly what I needed to hear, because frankly I couldn't bring myself to initiate this journey without being plagued with the guilt that the money should be used differently, the additional burden my husband would have to take on caring for kids, the time off work, etc. Next day I started my fervent research to find the best doctor for me and ultimately Dr. Joe best met my extensive criteria. The consultations and pre-op with him and his staff were great and they were warm even when I kept emailing and calling with follow-up questions and rescheduled because I kept getting sick. Surgery day prep was great and Dr. Joe kept reassuring my husband and I which we needed that day. Now, post-op the 1st week is where I had the most challenges perdonald as I had read so many reviews for this procedure and doctor where women were getting back to their normal schedule and feeling 2 days after or feeling pretty great day of surgery. Every experience is unique and for me I felt pretty uncomfortable and run down for a full week. However, I believe the following may have contributed outside of the surgeons technique. I had been sick for about 2 months a few weeks prior to surgery and still had a lingering cold, definitely wasn't 100% normal going into it. Dr. Joe mentioned to me that surgery took longer than normal on me, I can't remember exact reason, but I believe it was my tissues were unusually "tough". After surgery my husband had to take care of an emergency work task so this means I spent 4 hours in the car until I was able to be at home in bed. All this to say, I don't want the fact I felt my immediate recovery was more difficult than many others have shared or how the office speaks about the surgery to be a deterrent. I really think it was unique to me, but want people to realize that maybe you won't be that person back at if in 2 days. Also, I had no idea how painful the incision site would be and how initially limiting my range of motion was with the axillary incision. I've been so worried about my incisions amd whether they're normal, the staff has been great about me emailing pics for professional feedback to put me at ease. Lastly, the new additions look exactly how I want them to and are actually taking a pleasing non snoopy shape much sooner than I expected. I feel confident I will have beautiful long term results and that Dr. Joe helped guide me on the best selection for my body, desires, and constraints of my own anatomy. I will be going back for any future procedures (thinking about my tummy) and will recommend to anyone looking for this. I searched so many reviews specifically for this doctor after I had decided on him because I had some jitters of, is this the right choice? Ladies, he's the right choice! I've already fretted like you may be now, maybe people will start calling him the "Boob God", lol. He has a great bedside manner and quirky humor that I enjoy.

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