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I have had stubborn fat and live handles after...

I have had stubborn fat and live handles after losing weight and two large babies delivered c-section. I finally decided to treat myself and try coolsculpting.

I had my lower abs and love handles done today. Lower abs they used the large device for one hour. Each flank was done separately with a smaller vacuum for one hour sessions each side. Total was three hours.

Lower abs were the worst, but not painful. The initial suction felt wired and was stronger than I had imagined. Felt at first as if my Fallopian tubes and ovaries were getting sucked out. But after a few. Minutes ingot used to it. I only had a little trouble breathing and had to remind myself to breath thru my chest and not my stomach. It was cold but not unbearable after they gave me a blanket.

The massage after the hour was over was just wired but not painful. It reminded me of how my csection scar felt after the pain subsided. Very numb but not painful.

The flanks were a piece of cake compared to lower abs. It is now about six hours post procedure and I just feel numb in the area. No pain....yet. Hopefully that will continue. I have redness where the vacuums were. Nothing more. I have taken a couple of Tylonal to stay ahead of pain. Not sure they were necessary.

Plan to do a workout tomorrow.

Day three is over. No pain. Mild itching but not...

Day three is over. No pain. Mild itching but not bad at all. So far so good. Still numb and feeling thick due to swelling. Have been doing Ripped in Thirty everyday without issue. I have been wearing Spanx religiously.

I have had the nasty cold/flu virus that has been...

I have had the nasty cold/flu virus that has been going around for the past week - I have done some exercising, but mostly resting and drinking a lot of liquids. I did go out for New Year's Eve (pushed myself because I hadn't been out in a few days)...not good, ate and drank too much and spent January 1st on the couch - lazy and eating bad foods to calm my stomach. UGH.

The good news is, I still do not fee any pain. I have some extreme mild pin like sensation - but nothing in the way the others are describing on this board. The itching is minimal as well. My procedure was done on the 26th and today is Jan 2nd. I feel like if it was going to hurt - I have passed that point.

I feel heavy - but, could be from bad eating/drinking and being a couch potato due to this nasty cold/flu. I will be doing the Insanity workout beginning January 24th - March 24th - as we leave for Mexico on March 26th and I want to be RIPPED. I did this last year, same time and I looked great - but my tummy was not as good as the rest of my body - so hopefully the combo of cool sculpting and Insanity will put me where I want to be for a wonderful Spring Break with family and friends in Mexico - and keep me motivated into the remainder of the year. Until January 24th - I am just prepping my body with Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 5-6 times a week and good diet and exercise. Trying to not drink alcohol until Mexico in March. That is always my downfall!!

I did take before photos - but will wait to post them until I have the after in a month or so.

Zero pain or itching. Feeling good. Protein powder...

Zero pain or itching. Feeling good. Protein powder arrived yesterday and starting the two month Insanity program very soon. Swelling is gone. Not seeing ant major change yet. I am remaining hopeful!
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