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Backstory: I have had large breasts since I was 15...

Backstory: I have had large breasts since I was 15. I started out with small ones prior to that- slower growing than the other girls around me. I was in 7th grade and one of several girls with the smallest chest... I was made fun of mercilessly for my small chest. That quickly ended when my breasts came in with a vengeance and ended up around 38 DD- this is my estimate without having ever been professionally measured. I've always been insecure about them- they hurt my back and neck, made me feel awkward and insecure (more attention than I wanted and people eventually asking me if they were fake), made it difficult to be active, and I hated the way they looked. Most of you will know what all of this is like. I tried to hide my chest from even my boyfriends as I got older. I walked around with my hands over my chest- I hated the breasts I was born with. It felt like a curse and I was envious beyond all belief of my girlfriends with their perky well shaped breasts that empowered them- didn't hurt and humiliate them like mine did.

My Breast Reduction Experience- THE BEGINNING:
Over the years, I was turned down/asked to jump though hoops by 3 insurance company's while seeking reduction. I felt like I would have to pay for this myself which wasn't going to happen because I'm not as financially endowed as I am physically endowed ;) Finally, approx 5 weeks ago at the age of 26 I was approved by my current insurance and scheduled the surgery for 4 weeks later- I couldn't get this done soon enough. My surgeon was highly recommended by my family doctor and while interviewing her I discovered she uses a favorable "superior pedical" method that a minority of surgeons use. It's known for creating more fullness and longer lasting resulting with a more pleasing shape for women who are good candidates. Lajore uses a "superior pedical" method for example, though its not the same as the one I had done though similar. I think it differs in the cut used. I have the T cut. The other methods are referred to as "inferior method". I believe its a good idea to RESEARCH THE METHODS AND FIND OUT WHICH ONE YOUR SURGEON WILL USE- this is very important and will largely determine your outcome. Seek more than one opinion on this because I've been told 80% of surgeons use the inferior method which is known for "bottoming out" (a deflated appearance after a couple years) though it can be a good option for some women.

02/15/2013 **DAY OF SUGERY-
I went in early around 7:00AM with my husband. I was nervous and scared but the staff was AMAZING and walked me through it. I asked the anesthesiologist for anti-nasea meds which was a VERY good choice. Things moved fast after my surgeon came in and marked me up- it only took her a minute or two which surprised me. Things happened very quickly after this. They walked me into the OR, strapped my arms onto the surgery table and within under 5 minutes from that point I was out cold. Up until this point the nurse and anesthesiologist tech struck up conversation with me and were very compassionate and reassuring. I did my best to avoid thinking about the surgery and being scared which was wise because before I knew it, it was all over and suddenly I was awake with my husband by my side. I don't remember dreaming or being aware of the passage of time during surgery. My surgery took 2 1/2 hours at most. I was drowsy and out of it and in some pain- I let them know and they gave me a muscle relaxer and more pain meds.

That was that. They did NOT put drains in and did not instruct me to wear a compression bra. I was instructed to unwrap myself the next day, shower, and apply aquaphore to the wounds. They did NOT send me home with a surgical bra either.They sent me home with percoset and some anti-nasea pills that dissolve on the tongue since prescription pain meds make me feel queasy. The pills work very well.

!!BEWARE!! Percoset is notorious for causing constipation which I learned the hard way. Take proactive steps to avoid this from happening such as taking over the counter stool softeners. I was plugged up and in a lot of pain. It ended up being more painful than the surgery with how bad I was cramping and I was actually almost throwing up. :(

My husband helped me into the shower. I was scared to see my breasts but he helped me through it. He was prepared for this as he and I looked at many before and after photos online and generally knew what the fresh wounds would look like. I'm not sure if it was from the surgery, or seeing my breasts for the first time, or both- but I was light headed. My breasts look smaller and foreign to me.

The next two days are a blur. I slept A LOT and my husband made my food and helped me to the bathroom and such throughout this time. There did not seem to be much difference in the appearance of my chest up until day four though I noticed some buzzing and tingling feelings around the sutures. Shooting pains from time to time though nothing unbearable.

02/19/2013 **FOUR DAYS POST OP
I am currently 4 days post op and my breasts are beginning to bruise and appear swollen- it's hard to tell if they are much more swollen than the second day. I hope the swelling is adding about another cup size because at this rate they would still be close to a D and I started out at a DD ;) My husband assures me they look a LOT smaller than before however I wouldnt mind a large B/Small C. It's possible I could still end up at this size and my surgeon mentioned it was a goal to reach a small C. My left nipple is more above the surface of the skin, puffy. It almost looks like it could just fall off though the appearance has gotten a bit better since day 2. The right one is more even with the surface of the breast and seems to react to cold at this time. My left breast appears to be a cone type shape and the right more boxy and swollen. As you can see by my photos, my surgeon needed to attempt to correct asymmetry. I have not been on pain meds since the morning of day 3- ibuprofen is cutting it for me. I started to ice my chest today and put on a sports bra to cold keep them in place. Though I was told I did not need a compression bra, it is OK for me to wear one if I felt better and I found that without my breasts moving that much, there is less pain when I get out of bed. My movement is still restricted and my husband is helping me out a lot through today I feel a bit more energized and even went to the grocery store with my husband. I found that being on my feet for longer than 10 minutes or so causes my breasts to ache so I may have overdone it here. I'm not sure how they will come out looking- but I can already tell this was a great thing that I've done for myself.

I will post an update and photos on Friday which is my 1 week.

DAY 10- **UPDATE** Photo posted. I'm looking...

DAY 10- **UPDATE**

Photo posted. I'm looking pretty uneven and that one nipple is still pretty puffy. Can anyone else share experiences in this area? I know I'm only 10 days in but I'm still nervous- I admit, I cried a bit today. I suppose I'm getting anxious? Please let me know if you've been down this road- I could use some comfort :(

As for everything else- Right nipple has feeling, left nipple does not. Noticing my back is still a bit sore as well though doesnt seem as bad. Really enjoying how I look in clothing. Definitely looks like I've lost weight!

1 Month in and I'm starting to feel that they are...

1 Month in and I'm starting to feel that they are settling in. They are becoming more congruent, I've been able to start to sleep on my side, and I began the scar treatment around 16 days in. I'm very happy with them, and look forward to how they will improve over the next couple months. The left nipple still does not have feeling and appears to be quit swollen. I massage them gently every night and I rub scar treatment into them. I'm worried that I'm very happy with them now and in two months they will just droop? I always find something to worry about it seems, though the last time I really broke down was the last time I posted and added photos. I hope it's all up from here- and I hope the rest of you are doing very well. I measured myself last night and I'm down from 36C (5 days after SX) to a 34B now!!! I can't believe it. She took almost 2 pounds off together (approx 830 grams total). One breast could have been a cup bigger judging by the photos and the fact she got me to a B with only 1.8 something pounds.
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