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I started this journey a month ago. I had a...

I started this journey a month ago. I had a consultation with a ps who said that I would be too small if I took out the 316 grams mandated by my insurance. He suggested writing my insurance and asking to take out 220 grams to make me a c cup. He wrote a letter to my insurance, but they declined the request. I went to see another ps on Monday to see if she would get me qualified for a surgery if I complied with the gram expectation. After examining me she said, "I will not do this surgery. You have large breast but they are not dense and they do not weigh much. They are long from nursing but not heavy. If I do this surgery you will end up with small b cups. Going from a dd to a b is too drastic and I will not do it." I was devastated. I have had my heart set on this procedure for quite some time. I talked to her for a while to plead my case. She agreed to submit the paperwork to my insurance if I agreed to go to a bra store to see and feel what a b cup looks like. If that is acceptable to me, she may do the surgery. That night I went to Victoria Secret with my husband to look at and feel a 32b bra. I put my monster bra next to a 32b and thought, "yep, this is what I want!" I called my ps the next day and told her that I wanted to proceed.
Yesterday, Wednesday, I received confirmation from my health insurance that they would cover the procedure and today I scheduled the appointment for July 26th. I cannot believe the speed of this whole process. I am totally excited but really nervous. I am a bit scared that I might end up on the small side, but I'd rather be too small than too big.

Before pics.

I forgot to add before pics.

Less than two weeks

Less than two weeks till surgery. Today I had pre op with my physician. Made me realize the physical aspect of the procedure. Emotionally I feel ready. I had some trepidation about being a b cup but now I'm really excited. Feeling nervous and ready.

Surgery day!

I had surgery today. It was the most comfortable surgery I've ever had! Fantastic staff. I am comfortable now, ten hours later. I have not seen my breasts yet. I am extremely nervous to see the results although my doctor said several time that she thought I'd be pleased.

First reveal.

Day after surgery. Just took off dressings and took a shower. A bit bigger than I was expecting which is good. So far I'm very pleased with the results.

3 days post.

Still feeling good but I have little energy. Haven't had a bm. Bought prune juice today.

One week post

I am healing well and I feel great. I am pleased with results although I think I would like to be a bit smaller. Last night I went to Victoria secrets and they measured me at a 32d. I had a bit of a melt down because I was thinking id be a b. My husband said, "who cares about a number and letter. Your breasts are perfect for your body." That was sweet but I still freaked out a bit. My three kids went to my mom's last night so it's just me and my new puppy for the week. I'm amazed by how tired I still am. I don't feel like I've gained weight this week even though I've been eating a lot and had quite a lot of chocolate. I don't worry about such things when I'm healing because it takes the body a lot of work to heal. Swelling and bruising have gone down. Overall happy just wondering if I should have gone smaller.

Braless dress what?!

Week 2!

Today marks two weeks since my surgery. Yesterday I had my two week post doctor appointment. Everything is healing great. I feel really good. I've walked four miles the last four days and biked nine miles last night. It felt good but it's not the same as running. I asked my ps when I can run and she said whenever it feels comfortable. I said, "won't I do any damage or break the incisions or sutures?" She said, "no, there is no danger of that." I was really surprised by that. I think I'm going to wait a week at least. I asked her why she didn't take off more grams. She said she thought it would compromise the shape. She also said that I won't know my true measurements until three to six months post surgery. I still get a little pain at the end of the incisions under my arm pits. Otherwise I feel good.

4 weeks

Today makes four weeks. I feel mostly good. I got really sore yesterday for some reason. Also, my right breast feels bigger than the left. I haven't run yet but Overall I feel good.

5 weeks

It's been 5 weeks. I feel mostly really good. I've been able to go for a few runs. They feel pretty good. My right breast still feels bigger than my left but I'm really glad I got the surgery. I feel happy with the results.
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