Who Doesn't Want To Live With "Droopies" Anymore? Me!! 29 Yr. 1 Child, Very Active. Dancer - Minneapolis, MN

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Where do I begin. I haven't been a fan of my boobs...

Where do I begin. I haven't been a fan of my boobs for a very long time. I ate healthier after graduation, which led to a near 30 lb. natural weight shed, on top of having a little girl at 21, and apparently naturally high skin elasticity,which;although awesome for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy, also seems to mean your skin sags more than some others. I know we all nitpick and critique our bodies maybe even a tad more harshly than others, but I am intrigued with the female physique and the nuances between different shapes. As a dancer, I see women of all variety and do think natural is very beautiful.. just not on my frame. I know what I want to look at, touch, and feel. My boobs just don't fit my body shape. I am more of a naturalist and very aware this is an elective surgery and there are all kinds of complications, maintenance, and risk that can/ will factor in with improving these breasts... but I've done my research, contemplation, and preparation. I initially went to a PS in Bismarck,ND a year and a half ago... but wasn't comfortable with the practice, the answers I received, and was pretty discouraged I would have to have augmentations AND a lift. This is not only more expensive, but usually means two different procedures, and two separate healing times spaced out at least 3 months between. Who wants that?!

I found Dr.Tholen here on RealSelf after more consideration. I believe most people that have done the browsing and research on different doctors are impressed when they read reviews on Dr.Tholen and the entire staff at MPS. I was even further interested when I saw his membership on National Boards, his constant response in the forum area, the number and variety of procedures he has performed, and his length of practice. I had my consultation on March 23rd, and Dr.Tholen explained why most PS were unwilling or unable to combine the procedures into one. He assured me that he does so very often, with little to no complication. I was ecstatic, and decided the procedure was worthwhile despite the extra cost. I want to be 100% satisfied with the results. This is my body after all, we only get one!

My BA/BL is scheduled for Tuesday July 11th. I'm both nervous and anxious to get it going! I am scheduling my pre-op physical tomorrow morning, payment is due in 2 weeks. I am really excited to get the ball rolling and spend the rest of my summer with some fabulous new accessories :0)
I will be sure to post updates as the date nears and after surgery as well! Good luck to in your endeavors~

4 Days Post-Op Update..p.s. Constipation Sucks!

It's been a couple days.. I was hoping to post the day of/after surgery... but I really was in no mood to be typing out long paragraphs at the time. The surgery went very smoothly, no complications. I was out like a light on the table. I awoke 5 hours later groggy, but alive and functioning! My left ankle must have got a little banged up while I was out... it was really sore and tingly after the surgery but the pain went away by the next day. I mostly slept the first day, because of the anesthesia. My boyfriend kept the alarm set and woke me every 4 hours to eat and take the pain meds and antibiotics prescribed. By day 2 I was uncomfortable but slightly more mobile. I went to my follow up and Dr. Tholen told me everything looked well, a small bit of bleeding, but red blood is a healthy sign of functioning cells. He showed me how to massage the implants and open the pockets they sit in. It did hurt at first. Against my boyfriends orders I actually drove my car home from the Dr's after my first follow-up. It wasn't fun, but it wasn't an entirely horrible experience...considering I've heard how painful driving can be for the first week or two. Days 3 and 4; I saw even more mobility in moving my arms. My breasts are still sitting high and there is bruising. I've been popping arnica left and right to help with that as much as possible. By far THE WORST for me has been the bloating and constipation from the Vicodin ! I Ate bland soups the first day and full meals with fiber day two and popped a total of 10 stool softeners over 3 days... still NOTHING. I ended up having to take magnesium citrate laxative, which sucks!! Stools are watery, stomach churned all night, and I still have bloating and irregularity even though I stopped taking the Vicodin by day 3. I'm hoping it subsides soon. I'm sure it takes a few days to get out of your system. I have been relying on my muscle relaxers and Arthritis Slow-Release Tylenol. I also have a lot of lower back pain from hunching over.... I like my breasts out in the air, just feels better, but I really feel I need the support of the wrap at times. These girls are heavy! I can already see an improvement in their shape. The bruising is getting darker so it should leave soon enough. And only a slight bit of draining from my right breast. All in all. I'm satisfied thus far, and realize it takes a few weeks to heal and see the potential of the mastopexy and augmentation. I have full confidence I will look wonderful, as I already see an improvement in my breast appearance despite the sutures and bruising!
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