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I can't believe it, but I am now scheduled for my...

I can't believe it, but I am now scheduled for my breast lift with augmentation for July 9! I have been thinking about it for the past year, and needed to convince my hubby that this was something I really wanted as he didn't think it was necessary. I knew I couldn't go ahead with it w/o his support, as he is the only person that knows about it. Unfortunately I cannot share this with my family, as I know they wouldn't be supportive. He told me if it was really important to me, to go ahead with it. The only thing is, we won't know if he can take the time off from work to travel to the PS office until just a few days before my surgery, as we will be staying overnight nearby so that I can return the next morning for my post-op checkup. If he cannot go with, I will need to hire a nurse to stay with me that first night. I have been reading everyone's reviews, and they are very helpful to calm my nerves, but I still get periods of panic. It doesn't last for long, as I just go to realself for some inspiration, and i always feel much better! I am wondering if anyone else has stayed the first night w/o a family member or friend, and had to stay with just a nurse or recovery center staff? I want to thank everyone for sharing their stories, as this site has been my inspriation for actually following through with it, and making the decision that I am worth it! I often get feelings of guilt, due to the fact that I will be spending a large amount of $ on myself. But I can see that everyone is so happy that they've done this for themselves. I know I will be too. Any comments, suggestions, or prayers will be greatly appreciated!

Things are starting to fall in place... I mailed...

Things are starting to fall in place... I mailed my payment check to the PS office last week; this week I had my pre-op physical... Everything went well, which I knew it would, but I was a little nervous something unexpected might pop up and I'd be told I couldn't have surgery or would have to wait. From other reviews I've read, this nervous feeling/ and slight anxiety is a normal part of this process. But I can definitely say that my excitement for the surgery is much stronger than any anxiety I'm experiencing. Just knowing that soon I will be able to wear the kind of tops that I want to wear, and knowing I won't have to be self-conscious about the way I look anymore, keeps me from getting myself too worried about it all. I know it's all gonna be worth it in the end. Just the fact that I will be able to wear cute clothing that doesn't require extra material to hide a large push-up bra with big straps, is so exciting. It's always been so hard to shop, looking at tops or dresses I'd LOVE to wear, but having to put it back on the rack because it would require a strapless bra, which is impossible to wear with saggy breasts! Each day I get closer to my surgery, it seems more difficult to wait! Down to 11 days left.... looks like it's time to start cleaning like crazy and getting all my shopping done beforehand. I need to restock my freezer and pantry with easy to make items... any suggestions out there for what any of you did to prep for easy meals? I'll be back with an update next week, hopefully with some before pics too... until then, I'll be thinking of all of you, sending up prayers for safe surgeries and quick healing!

I'm down to 2 days left until surgery! ...

I'm down to 2 days left until surgery! Experiencing lots of emotions, from feeling completely calm about it to "I can't believe I"m actually going to go through with this"!!! I'm even starting to get a knot in my stomache... ughh! Guess I'll just have to get back to doing things to keep myself busy, and my mind occupied, after writing this post. Some good news is that my husband is now able to go with me, as we originally weren't sure if he could take the time off from work. So that means not having to hire a nurse to stay with me the first night! That in itself has brought some relief, just knowing he'll be there for me after my surgery. Thankfully I have that to comfort me, as there are many other minor worries that I have right now... mostly stemming from the fact that I'm choosing not to tell anyone except my hubby. Lots of "what if's" are popping in my head, wondering how I'm going to deal with them!... things like: possible complications, will anyone notice, family coming to visit 5 days after my surgery, etc... My husband keeps reminding me that I can't worry about things that haven't happened yet. Anyone else out there experience this before their surgery??

Today is day 2 post-op. Details of how surgery...

Today is day 2 post-op. Details of how surgery day went: Went to PS office around 11:00 am, waited for a bit, then went back to take my before photos. After photos, I got my IV put in, then PS came in to discuss final size and what I wanted. Then he made markings, and shortly later I was brought back to the OR. After climbing onto table, my IV was hooked up and I was out within what seemed to be a few seconds. I vaguely remember waking in recovery room, my husband and nurse helping me get dressed. Then hubby drove me to hotel, I took a nap for a couple hours. I don't remember much until then. In fact yesterday and today are still a bit foggy due to the pain meds, so I'm really looking forward to getting off of them.
Day after surgery I went back for my first post-op checkup, and PS said all looks very well and as expected. I go back in a week for next checkup. I was also very surprised when he told me that he used 420 cc implants on each side, as he orginally was thinking around 350, but I really trust his expertise and judgement as he knew I wanted to end up with a full D or DD.
Breasts today are sore, high, and very tight. Also looking kinda square shaped. But I know that it takes several months to get to the end result, so now I'll just have to wait it out! It's strange not to have saggy breasts hanging anymore. But all looks good, and I'm looking forward to when my implants drop and move with a natural look and bounce! I wonder how long that takes? I guess it's different for everyone, so only time will tell.

Day 7 post op: Yesterday was the first day I felt...

Day 7 post op: Yesterday was the first day I felt somewhat back to normal. I've been feeling extremely tired, probably a combination from the meds and my body needing time to heal. My chest feels very heavy, like I'm carrying a ton of bricks! lol! My upper back is sore from trying to adjust to the pressure/pain/weight of new implants. I'm starting to get the "zingers" that I've read about on others' posts. But I think things are starting to finally improve. My breasts are starting to round out, but still sitting high. From what I've read, it sounds like that may take a while before they drop. Otherwise bruising is starting to fade, scars are healing and getting smaller, and I'm getting some of my energy back. I go in for my 1 week post op appt tomorrow, so hopefully all looks good and well to PS. My only concern right now is that they are still swollen, tight, and high. But I'm assuming this is completely normal, so my road to recovery is looking good, thank God!

My 1 week post-op appt. went very well. PS said...

My 1 week post-op appt. went very well. PS said they look great, and I have to agree, I am very very pleased with how they turned out. In fact, after the first post-surgery reveal, initially I wasn't so sure.... as I was in so much pain and they looked kinda scary all cut up and sewn back together. But one week of healing did wonders, and they have truly blossomed into what I was hoping for. But back to the appt.... I had brought a long list of questions which the nurse started to answer before my dr. came in. Everything I'm experiencing is completely normal, so I'm very relieved that all is going well. I had questions about the burning/itching/tingling sensations, the chest and back pain, etc.etc. Bruising and scars are continuing to heal and fade, breasts are rounding out and dropping, and I can truly say that I LOVE my new breasts! Just being able to wear tops and not having to constantly be tugging my shirt up, just so it doesn't reveal any saggy cleavage, gives me so much peace and comfort. And the best part is that I've not told anyone except my hubby, and I don't think anyone will even notice the change (well... underneath clothing, that is). I still look the same size D as I did before, as I always wore a push-up bra. I'm so excited with my new look. Now just waiting to get my energy back to 100% , and looking forward to getting back to my exercise routine. I go back in another 2 weeks for my next post-op appt, so i will update again soon after. Until then, I will be thinking of all of you who have recently gone through this, who inspired me to go for it, and also those of you who have yours in the near future. Prayers to you all!

I'm 4 weeks post-op and will soon go back for my...

i'm 4 weeks post-op and will soon go back for my 2nd post-op visit. I was scheduled to go beginning of last week, but couldn't make the travel to get there. I'm now scheduled to go in a few days. I'm not worried, as everything has gone very smoothly, and things are looking great!

As for post-op healing, each week gets a lot better than the week before.

The first week challenges were the intense pain (I have a LOW tolerance for pain), and the need to sleep almost all day. Implants were also very high then, and it frightened me a bit to see my breasts all cut up, sewn back together, and looking so high and squarish shaped.

2nd week was better but really much of the same except pain less intense. i still needed to sleep a LOT! But on the bright side, my breasts had really started to take shape, round out, and implants beginning to drop. After one week, they looked great!

3rd week: most of the incisions were healing, but breasts were really itchy/burning/tingly on the sides. But that subsided after a week. (I'm hardly feeling that anymore). Implants dropped even more and started to look exactly like what I was hoping for.... this gave them the appearance of getting larger, as they were moving into place, taking on a more natural shape and bounce too!

4th week: i've really felt almost back to normal now. hardly any pain, except if I lift something a little too heavy or stretch too far. but, i'm still careful as my dr. reminded me at my post-op visit that there is still a risk for bleeding as we get close to 1 month, so not to overdo it. I've been sleeping on my side now for about a week and a half, and hopefully soon i can sleep on my front side (always been my favorite).

5th week: as i am now in my 5th week of healing, i'm so thankful that all has gone well, and soon life will be completely back to normal. i'm mostly looking forward to getting back into my workout routine. i've started with walking this week, and will build up from there. it's so hard not to jump right back where i left off, but i'm also listening to my body, and although i know i'm close to being ready, i'm not quite there yet; so i have no problem waiting for just a couple more weeks to heal.

As for how I look now... i'm so happy with my results! i LOVE being able to wear stretchy tube bras (almost like an athletic bra) and that being enough support. I'm not embarassed of accidentally exposing my saggy cleavage anymore. It's so nice to NOT be continuously tugging my shirt up. I'm also very pleased because I really do not look like I got a fakey boob job. My breasts look real and natural, and pretty much the same size that i had before. Now i just have upper fullness and perkiness instead of sagging skin filling up my bra.

I hope my review will be helpful to anyone considering this surgery. I think the most important part of doing this, was finding a surgeon who has extensive expertise and experience in this surgery. I would much rather pay more for a dr. that does an excellent job, than to save money on someone who doesn't have as much experience and knowledge in the field. Do your research and check credentials!!!
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Tholen (with Minneapolis Plastic Surgery) through the RealSelf website. After searching the internet for reviews & before/after pics on plastic surgeons in the Minnesota area, Dr. Tholen had many positive reviews, in addition to his credentials and numerous years of experience. Dr. Tholen also has answered many of the questions submitted on this website, which show his expertise and knowledge. After my consultation, I felt very comfortable with Dr. Tholen and Mpls Plastic Surgery. They have been very professional with every step of this journey, from the initial phone call with the receptionist, my consultation appt, and setting up surgery in the days following my appt. All staff at this clinic have been very professional, kind, caring, and patient with my questions and concerns. This was the greatest help to my choosing this clinic & Dr. Now that I am post-surgery, I can say with confindence that I would definitely recommend Dr. Tholen and his staff to anyone. My surgery day expectations were all met. Everyone I came in contact with on my "day" was so kind and caring, making sure that I was completely comfortable and at ease. I can't imagine having a more positive experience anywhere else!

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