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I have always loved and wanted nice perky big but...

I have always loved and wanted nice perky big but not too big breasts! In high school and before babies I had a nice full B cup. Smaller than I liked, but they could be pushed up nicely in bras, I felt feminine in swim suits. They obviously got huge with both pregnancies and I just loved it! They went back to normal size after my first daughter, she nursed for 9 months. After my second daughter who nursed for 18 months, I lost everything and had a super deflated A, if that! I couldn't get any cleavage even with the biggest push up bra:( I felt like a boy in sports bras and swim suits when I couldn't have my giant push up on. Every night I'd take my bra off to go to bed or get in the shower and look in the mirror straight on, then turn to the side and just complain. Pretty much daily. After a couple years of that, my husband said "why don't you just get implants, so you can be happy naked?' I said no. . . that's too big of a procedure and they can leak and I don't know, seems so extreme! So he did a bit of research and brought it to me. I was surprised by how far implants had come since I read about them and watched a surgery on tv when i was in high school. He had read many reviews and we decided that even though we like to get great deals, this was not one of those times. We didn't want to go to a "why pay more" Dr. Why pay more? Because I would rather pay 1-2,000 extra to have confidence about my decision without being terrified of complications, I'd rather have a smooth surgery with no hiccups, a great experience with staff that cares and implants the look natural and aren't wonky! So my husband chose Dr. Tholen. We scheduled a consult, I was nervous going in and as soon as I met Crystal and Dr. Tholen and we chatted and he shared his heart and his methods, I was not nervous at all, not one bit. We asked tons of questions and they were all answered with an experienced confidence from the staff and Dr. not just a pretend confidence. So we scheduled the surgery. They gave very detailed instruction on what to do and not do in the 2 weeks leading up to surgery. Of course on the way there I was nervous again, because, well it's surgery!! But I was greeted so sincerely by all the staff, the anesthesiologist was great! Chatted with Dr. Tholen more about the end result. Then it was time for surgery, I went to sleep and woke up with perfect boobs:) I felt sleepy, but awesome. I expected to feel nauseous and be in tons of pain. But I wasn't! My husband said I repeated myself a lot and that is was very hilarious. I took it super easy for a few days, just laying in bed watching movies and such. I stopped taking pain meds after the first day because those made me nauseous. And the pain was totally manageable. Dr. Tholen is so precise and so careful that I had very little swelling, no bleeding, and the tiniest bruise. I couldn't have dreamed it would have went this well! They were high and tight for a couple weeks then started getting softer day by day. I am over a month out now and they move when I move. I am very good about doing my exercises aka implant displacement to keep them mobile and natural looking. And I couldn't be happier. I go for check ups every once in a while, which are included in the surgery price. They are so helpful and kind at Minneapolis plastic surgery that I feel right at home. I love my implants and am VERY VERY happy with my decision to go with Dr. Tholen. This whole experience has been beyond wonderful!

Stats about me and the implants.

Hi, I've had a few comments and it seems left out some info.
I am 29, 5'4", about 100-105 lbs.
My implants are by natrelle, silicone, style 15, smooth shell, moderate plus profile. 371 cc on the left and 397 cc's on the right.
I completely spaced it and took no before pics, probably because I hated my boobs:) But the office took some, I'll see if I can track em down.

Before pics:/

I do not miss seeing these every time I get naked. Gosh I am so happy with my decision!!!!

Almost 5 months post op!

They are perfect and So soft! No pain anywhere. I think just a tad of numbness random places. Full feeling in both nipples. I feel myself up constantly even without knowing it:) I'm so happy! I'm not super pissed every time I get naked. I'm just smile and think yes, what a wonderful decision. And dr Tholen did absolutely amazing work!!

Bras are SO FUN!

I got my boobs right before Victoria's Secret had there huge semi annul sale or whatever! So I got so husband usually doesn't love when I spend money on unnecessary things. But he wasn't mad about my bra purchases:) Before I only wore one style of bra. Now as long as it's my size I can wear anything I want and they all look stunning!!

Swim suits!

I'm so excited to not feel like a skinny boy trying to wear a bikini this summer!!!!

Dr. Tholen is experienced, kind, thorough, personal and dedicated! I was absolutely blown away by his methods and knowledge about plastic surgery. His confidence in his work is very comforting and now after experiencing his work I know why he is so confident! I couldn't have hoped for a better Dr!!

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