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I'm a 5'9", 145 lb woman who has been stuck with...

I'm a 5'9", 145 lb woman who has been stuck with 34B breasts since I was 18. I had children when I was 20 and 21; breastfeeding left my breasts hallow and not nearly as exciting as I wanted them to be. Recently, my husband and I have had some issues conceiving and it has left us both exhausted. I decided that it was time to put up or shut up and thought that some nice, big boobies would be a great distraction.

I met with two doctors in the Minneapolis area, Dr. Fasching and Dr. Tholen. Both great doctors who took plenty of time and care but it was Dr. Tholen's staff that made up my mind for me. It was reassuring that much of his staff was enhanced and freely spoke of their experiences.

Both consults were on the 23rd of October. On the 25th, we decided to call in and schedule. It just so happened that Dr. Tholen had a cancellation on October 31 so we went for it! I was elated that I wasn't going to have to wait.

The day of the surgery was pretty fantastic. I went into work for awhile then left for my 1:15 surgery time. During the surgery, he implanted 700 cc silicone implants under the muscle via an inframmary incision.

Five days post surgery update

Today marked my second day back at work and my first day of taking as little Tylenol as possible. For being five days post op, I feel so much better than I thought possible. There is very little bruising ( just a little above the incisions) and the swelling has gone down a lot in the last 48 hours. My boobs are still very high and tight and don't seem to have dropped at all the last few days. Kinda anxious for them to be pretty!

I looked up the Keller funnel that was used in my surgery and am so happy that my doctor used that method keeping my incision so tiny. If you don't know what it is, check it out on YouTube; super interesting.

Anxious for my check up on Friday even though everything has been fine. Also anxious for my boobies to stop gurgling!


Today was a little tough. I've been having some pain on my right side along the bottom edge of the implant. It's like a sharp, burning pain that has reoccurred since the surgery. Wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue? Since it is on my dominant side, I wonder if I over exerted myself or did my massages too aggressively. My doctor has recommended since the day after surgery that I use a strong, straight hand, place it on my breast parallel to the floor right below the areola and push toward my ribcage. I have to do this every three hours but it gets easier every day. Also having a lot of tightness- I need to be better about taking my muscle relaxers.

This weekend I will see some friends/ family that don't know about my 'enhancement.' Wonder what kind of reactions I will get :/

Back on the pain meds!

So after a few long and hard days, I had a bit of a breakdown last night. It could have been because my husband left for a week, I'm exhausted and sore from working all day and doing more than I should, not being able to clean or do laundry, or a combo of everything. It is frustrating as a mother and wife to do something for yourself and then be overwhelmed because you can't continue to overachieve. My husband has been so good and supportive but I seriously feel like I need to take my boobs on a vacation!

One week check up tomorrow. I'm anxious to talk to my doc about the pain on my right breast. Other than that spot, I'm pain free when I'm not moving :) My breasts have also moved down a bit since yesterday. They seem bigger now then they did 48 hours ago although I guess that is to be expected with 700cc.

One thing that I was wondering about- do any of you ice your breasts after augmentation? I don't recall my doc talking about it (although I may have just missed that part) and was curious if I should still be doing it? I did at first only because I thought it would help with the swelling.

A whole new me!

On Friday, I had my one-week checkup with Dr. Tholen. He said that I look good and reassured me about my concerns relative to the pain on my right side. He said that it is normal to have areas of pain and that it will subside. He also took the clear bandages off my incisions; I can't believe how much I have healed in just one week.

This weekend, my husband and children are gone so I am home alone. Today I did a lot of laundry and shopping then took a much needed nap. My pain is getting less and less every day.

Tomorrow I'm going to go back to the gym even if it means I hit the stair stepper for an hour because I can't run. I'm so anxious to get all sweaty again!

Life is good!

It seems like things are back to normal. I still can't use my arms to so a lot of lifting but have started wearing shirts that I can pull over my head. Being at work has been better this week than last and I am haven't even been taking Tylenol the past few days. I hated putting all of those drugs in my system so it feels good to be back to normal.

The twins are dropping slightly. I'm still wearing my band at night and doing my massages throughout the day. It feels like I'm a lot further out than 13 days post op. It's pretty amazing how well your body recovers from something like this.

I can't wait to buy some sexy new bras and nighties. That is my next big thing :) I've always worn a small or extra small shirts so they have all had to be replaced- which I love! For some reason, being a medium or large is so much more tolerable when it's because of beautiful breasts.

I hope that all of you ladies are doing well with your recoveries and upcoming surgeries. Xoxo

Sore today

For some reason, I have been having some consistent pain in my breasts. I stopped taking any painkillers about day 7 post op and have been fine. However, the past two days they've been very tense and sore. If I massage them, the pain goes away for awhile but subsequently returns. Anyone else experience this? I popped a Vicodin tonight even though I probably didn't need it :/

My breasts have hardly dropped at all and are still very high. I tried to find a bra today for a night out and soon discovered that a 34DD is too big in the band and the cup is too small- way too small! That kinda freaks me out considering I was just hoping to be a DD and since they haven't dropped, they're sure to be even bigger once they do.

I missed the gym so much and have gone a few days in the past week to sit on a bike or walk on the treadmill. Today I did 3.2 miles on the treadmill; it felt great but I am one tired gal tonight.

There are so many wonderful stories on this website and I have really enjoyed connecting with some new people :)

Back on the muscle relaxers

Things have been settling and falling into place pretty well. I figured out that the breast pain I was experiencing was simply tense muscles. Between work, family and starting another round of fertility meds, I haven't been putting much effort into recovery. Yesterday, I took the muscle relaxers ( 750 mg robaxin) prescribed by my doctor and it helped significantly. My three week checkup is on Saturday so I will check in with my doctor about it then. It's crazy because it seems like it has been so much longer than that!

The implants are falling slowly but surely. I've been aggressively massaging then up and down a few times a day and sleeping with the strap. Someone on here said that using the strap over your clothes helped and it really does make it much more bearable.

20 days post-op

Having some photo posting issues...

One month and two days PO

After reading about some of the BA experiences, I am feeling very blessed to not have had any complications. Since the operation, I worry about every twinge of pain or slightest difference in symmetry but everything has turned out fine. It seems like complications can occur regardless of how carefully you select a doctor, how much money you spend or what the size of your implant is. It really is kind of scary to think about.

For my scars, I've been applying mederma in the morning and massaging them with Vitamin E oil at night. There doesn't seem to be any real change in them so far but I assume it takes a little while.

There has been some more dropping and they are a little asymmetrical at this point. My doctor showed me how I can use the band on one breast and not the other to even them out. My right breast is also a little more rounded than my left so I have to massage my left side to my side- hopefully this will help.

Next checkup is in three weeks. I'm sending positive thoughts out to you ladies and hoping for the best with some of your issues.

One month PO

One month PO

I'm terrible with posting photos...sorry!

Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Love Dr. Tholen. During my initial consult, he and his staff made me feel very at ease. I was a little concerned that they were going to react negatively to my desire for such big breasts but they were very accommodating and encouraging. Dr. Tholen's assistant/ nurse (Amy or Amanda?) was the best; she was very informative and sweet and was a huge part of me choosing Dr. Tholen. They took so much time with me and answered every question I could possibly think of and so much more. Scheduling was a breeze and working with Sarah, who coordinates the surgeries, was an absolute pleasure. I was able to pay with my debit card right over the phone and she made sure I had what I needed to get my physical in on short notice. Darin, the nurse anesthetist, was great. Super down to earth and clearly had a lot of experience. We joked around before surgery and his casual confidence really put me at ease. One of the other staff members, Crystal, called and followed up with me the night of surgery and they also gave me Dr. Tholen's number in case there was an emergency. The surgery also went really well and at four days post-op, I am back to my office job and driving my kids to school. The bruising in minimal (just a little above the incisions) and he was very direct with the instructions that I need to follow. The recovery period has been far easier than I anticipated and I'm very happy with the results. De. Tholen's knowledge and comfort with his patients is unparalleled. I feel like he knows more about breast augmentation than most plastic surgeons could ever even pretend to know. He was honest about potential complications but also assured me that his stats are pretty impressive. Plus, he endured my not so lady-like talk as I was coming out of anesthesia with a smile and a nod.

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