34 Year Old with One 4yr Old and 2yr Old Twins - Minneapolis, MN

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I've been researching BA for just over a year. I...

I've been researching BA for just over a year. I was a full 34 A which was fitting for my stature 5'9" 130lbs, active. After breastfeeding my twins I do not even fit into a 34AA. I've really been struggling with my appearance. In clothes no one can tell but I know. I insist on having a shirt on when intimate with my husband and attempt to have the lights off. I would like to feel sexy in my skin again. Among many concerns I want to address one, for now. The others I have found a good amount of reviews on but this one in particular I'd like to get some feedback. I am determined to move up within my company. Keep in mind it is 90% male. I am concerned about negative attention. I dress conservative/professional. Are there others who can share their experience afterwards?

I’ve thought about implants for years, now after b...

I’ve thought about implants for years, now after breastfeeding 3 kids I want them more than ever. I am consumed by research, reading good and bad. I want to know what to expect all be it the best or worst. People I have met that have had a BA have said they do not regret it. A big setback at this point is the “foreign object” feeling. I know they will never feel 100% natural but how does it feel 1, 2 or 3 years into it? 

I find myself really taking the time to notice how comfortable some things are to me and I wonder how much that will change. First, I am a stomach sleeper; does the shift while on your stomach make it feel terribly awkward? Second, my kids sit on my lap and lean back into my chest (there currently are no pillows for their tiny heads to rest), are they going to get in the way?
I loved the size of my chest while I was breast feeding, my husband did too ? problem, it was the ultimate NO TOUCH zone, ouch! Because they don’t feel natural do you find yourself not wanting them touched?
There appear to be a handful of people who had an after surgery moment where they wish they would have listened to their concerns before pulling the trigger. Of the “love them” ladies out there, did you have similar concerns and if so, what are your feelings about those concerns now? I so badly want this but I am afraid I will have regrets… I want them to not only look good but feel good.
Just in case this information makes a difference I am 5’9” 130lbs and size 34AA.

5'8" 133lbs Going with 286cc Under Muscle. Stomach Sleeper

Any feedback would be much appreciated, worried about the implants feeling foreign. Also worried about that sleeping on my stomach will feel creepy, I'd miss it terribly. 9months of pregnancy was a struggle, all I wanted was to sleep on my stomach. Honest opinions both good and bad appreciated.

Been researching for just over two years, the good the bad and the ugly. How to handle the uncertainty???

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